3D Printing News Briefs, March 25, 2023: Software Launch, Dental Ceramics, & More


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We’re starting off with software in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, as Desktop Metal launched its Live Suite for generative AI solutions for additive manufacturing 2.0. Then it’s on to medical news, as A.D.A.M. Bioprinting signed a letter of intent with Mount Sinai Health System, Lithoz premiered its new dental material at IDS 2023, and Invibio launched an implantable PEEK 3D printing filament. We’ll end on a fun note, with news of a successful Kickstarter campaign for 3D printing miniature animals wearing wizard hats for Dungeons and Dragons!

Desktop Metal Launches Live Suite Software Hub

Desktop Metal Live Suite™ is a new package of powerful software programs that allows users of Desktop Metal, Desktop Health, ETEC and ExOne 3D printing systems to seamlessly manage their build preparation, printers, accessories, and processes with success in one cloud-based location.

First up, Desktop Metal (NYSE: DM) announced the launch of its new Live Suite package of software applications, which offers generative AI solutions and new functionality for users of its Additive Manufacturing 2.0 systems. It enables the seamless management of build preparation, printers, accessories, and processes, in a single cloud-based location, across all Team DM brands, including ETEC, ExOne, and Desktop Health. Live Suite builds on Desktop Metal’s successful Live Sinter software, which uses an advanced GPU-based, multi-physics approach to simulate the end-to-end printing and sintering process, and machine learning to calibrate the simulation to match real-world results. Other powerful tools included in Live Suite are Live Platform, a new cloud-based administration hub for all Live Suite applications and services; Live Studio, a cloud-based build preparation software that replaces and upgrades Fabricate; Live Build MFG, a desktop-based build preparation software for all binder jet 3D printing of metal, wood, ceramic, and sand designs; and Live Build DLP, a desktop-based build preparation software for Desktop Health and ETEC DLP printers for photopolymer, elastomer, and foam. Live Suite will come standard with most new hardware this year, and customers can watch a Get Started video in the Academy.

“AM 2.0 is a digital manufacturing process that is ultimately powered by software, and we believe Live Suite offers the most intuitive and powerful AM software on the market. Live Suite is the culmination of six years of development by our talented global software team to make AM technology easy to use and ensure it delivers the highest quality results with the most intelligent approaches. As a result, the high level of success that users of our binder jet and DLP technology experience today is simply unmatched,” said Ric Fulop, Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal.

“Our strategy remains focused on keeping digital manufacturing accessible, so our users have the tools they want and don’t pay for expensive features they don’t need.”

A.D.A.M. Bioprinting Signs Letter of Intent with Mount Sinai

Founded in 2018 by 3D printing company Kwambio and WeFund Ventures in Ukraine, A.D.A.M. Bioprinting developed an on-demand personalized implantable human bone manufacturing infrastructure. The startup shared some exciting news recently—it signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Mount Sinai Health System, which, according to an email sent to 3DPrint.com, “outlines a path to collaboration and potential establishment of a Point-of-Care (POC) Medical Device Production System for bone implants in New York City.” This on-demand POC system for 3D printed bone implants could potentially disrupt the way the industry produces and distributes implantable medical devices.

“We’re thrilled to be among the Mount Sinai Innovation Partner’s Elementa Labs’ portfolio companies! A.D.A.M. is dedicated to advancing regenerative medicine and personalized medical devices, and we’re proud to be part of a community of game-changing organizations,” the startup wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Lithoz Premieres 3D Printed Lithium Disilicate for Dental 3D Printing

3D printed jaw implant of bioresorbable LithaBone HA480

At the recent International Dental Show (IDS) 2023, Lithoz GmbH, a leader in high-performance ceramic 3D printers and materials, premiered its new lithium disilicate material for dental 3D printing. Jointly developed with Ivoclar, one of the top manufacturers of integrated solutions for high-quality, aesthetic dental applications, the material is based on IPS e.max lithium disilicate powder, which opens up applications for serial production of patient-specific, high-quality, all-ceramic dental restorations.

When paired with its high-precision resolution LCM 3D printing process, and the CeraFab System S65 developed specifically for the dental and medical sectors, Lithoz’s new material should be able to fabricate lithium disilicate dental restorations with veneers as thin as 0.3 mm and highly detailed crowns with natural translucency, great aesthetics, and ultra-fine, complex structures. The first market that will make the new lithium disilicate products by Lithoz available to customers is the U.S.

Invibio Launches Implantable PEEK-OPTIMA Filament for Medical Devices

This month, Invibio Biomaterial Solutions, part of Victrex plc, launched its new implantable PEEK-OPTIMA polymer, optimized for FFF 3D printing of medical devices. This latest addition to the company’s biocompatible polymer range, presented at the recent American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting, is a 1.75 mm monofilament, available worldwide directly from Invibio. The material makes it possible for hospital facilities to make custom PEEK devices in-house, at the point of care, which is especially helpful for specialties like craniomaxillofacial (CMF), which requires fast manufacturing and design precision. Invibio can help support OEMs working to navigate regulatory pathways for medical devices 3D printed out of PEEK-OPTIMA.

Dr John Devine, Medical Business Director at Invibio, said, “Invibio’s new PEEK-OPTIMA™ AM filament has been launched to support medical device manufacturers as they assess the FFF/FDM route of additive manufacturing to help support the next generation of devices for a variety of demanding medical applications, such as CMF devices, spinal and orthopaedic implants.

“We are excited to be able to offer the industry a 3D-printable form of PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymer – a material that has already been implanted into more than 15 million patients worldwide. As 3D printing becomes a realistic option for developing medical devices and implants for a growing number of medical device manufacturers and hospitals, the industry must now select high quality, high-performance biomaterials to enable commercialization of the next generation of medical devices.”

3D Printed Animals Wearing Wizard Hats for D&D

As a recent Dungeons & Dragons convert (I’m currently playing a forest gnome bard who rocks a mean harmonica), I was excited to hear about a recent campaign on MyMiniFactory—3D printed animal models clad in fantasy gear for tabletop D&D adventures! Independent design team Cast n Play, which makes monthly miniature packs and fantasy-themed model campaigns, created the ‘Cornelia’s Magnificent Account of Companions’ campaign. With over 100 fantasy-themed animals, this campaign features everything from dogs in wizard hats and red panda rogues to turtle pirates and Persian cats with steampunk gear. It ended earlier this week, and raised nearly $89,000. The Starter Set includes 120 Core models and bases for Dogs, Cats, and Wild Animals, and most of the classic RPG classes, like rogues and wizards, are featured.

“This project features a collection of 3D-printable miniatures that features all kinds of animals. In this campaign, players will find everything they need to know about all the wonderful and mysterious creatures Cornelia has found on her many adventures. This is the ultimate companion campaign,” Cast n Play Co-Founder and Project Lead Mariana Luna told GamesRadar+.

“As every companion has its own personality, we couldn’t portray a complete personality in just one miniature, so each animal includes 4 to 6 different poses and a couple of skins and outfits to show a little bit better who they are.

“We are not including just miniatures, though; we decided to give every one of them their own story, so we are also giving character cards and background lore PDFs for you to know them better.”

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