Dixit Systems Launches Innovana3D to Transform Manufacturing Quote Generation and Order Management – AMS Speaker Spotlight


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To create value and enable digital transformation in line with Industry 4.0, Dixit Systems has launched “Innovana3D- A Reimagined Quoting, Order Management, and Sales Platform for Manufacturing Service Providers”. The Software as a Service (SaaS) system can be easily integrated with the manufacturing service provider’s website and transform the quote generation and order management process.

Innovana3D’s team has been closely observing the challenges faced by manufacturing service providers and its customers to get RFQs and overall part ordering process and developed Innovana3D to address those pain-points. For example, Innovana3D can transform the time taken for quote generation from 2-3 business days to minutes. It offers a very intuitive and visually rich user interface for ordering parts instead of dull RFQ forms on the website followed by back and forth of multiple emails to complete the order.

Regarding the launch, Prasad Dixit, CEO of Dixit Systems shared – “In today’s e-commerce environment, manufacturing landscape is changing rapidly and there is no going back. Your customers are used to instant and transparent pricing and 2-day delivery. Manufacturing Service Providers needs to be mindful that if your competitors are winning in timing and ease of ordering parts, you are at best coming in at second. And in sales, second is the last place.”

He added – “Your customers need you to be present to solve complex problems for them and you should be available for them to resolve those complex issues. However, your customers don’t want to talk to you to get a quote, to make a payment, to see the pricing, material, color, and finish options you have, or to track their packages. They want to be able to access those services on their own, any time, on any device available at their fingertips. And that is the prime motivation behind developing Innovana3D.”

This short video explains what Innovana3D is and why Contract Manufacturing Service Providers are choosing Innovana3D as their go-to solution for Quoting and Order management.

Founded in 2016, Dixit Systems has rich experience providing solutions to CAD/CAM/CAE and the manufacturing industry. The company has track record of developing multiple commercially released software solutions for its clients that exhibit high quality and reliability. Innvoana3D is one of the solutions developed by the team of Dixit Systems to provide a comprehensive solution for quote generation and order management. Currently the focus is on Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing service providers. However, support for other manufacturing processes will be introduced iteratively.

The conventional process that is followed by manufacturing service providers is divided into many steps which are clunky and cumbersome. It starts with receiving the CAD model and requirements from the customer through RFQ form or emails. Following this, the internal team shares the details with the production team and the finalized quote is shared with the customer. With this process, the customer must wait 2-3 business days to receive the quote and for the internal teams, there are challenges related to communication and payment.

To resolve this issue, Dixit Systems have developed the Innovana3D solution which can be integrated with the manufacturing service provider’s website. Through Innovana3D, the customer can upload the CAD file, select the materials, and get an instant quote using its geometric quoting engine. (If the service providers prefer not to provide instant quotes, then Innovana3D can be configured that way as well.)  Additionally, your customers can also make multiple orders and make payments easily. For the internal team, the information is readily shared with the production and management teams as soon as the order is received, removing the mismanagement and miscommunications issues.

When users click on “Get a Quote” button on your manufacturing services website, they are presented with this file upload dialog.

Your customers can easily view and configure their orders from different material, color, and finish options available from your service.

Innnovana3D’s built in cloud-based 3D viewer allows you and your customers to view CAD files without the need to download the file and opening in an external application.

The Innovana3D system is also focusing on high-quality data security features to prevent critical information and enhance safety. It has a rich library of materials, colors, and post-processing solutions which can be customized according to the needs of the manufacturing service providers. The feature of post-procession solutions provides better customer service and improves the scope for business development for the manufacturing service providers.

A quick sneak-peek video demonstrating ordering workflow with Innovana3D.

Manufacturing service providers can schedule live demos and one-to-one session with the Innovana3D team and the Innvoana3D beta version is available at a discounted rate for early access. Additionally, the Innovana3D team will be present with live demonstrations of the software at the event Additive Manufacturing Strategies on Feb 7-9,2023, in New York.  You can also reach them directly by writing to hello@innovana3d.com.

About Innovana3D

Innovana3D is a SaaS (Software as a service) based solution for the manufacturing industry for quote generation and order management process. The young, new-age solution is a cloud-based solution offered by the Dixit System, reflecting engineering excellence. Innvoana3D has a wide range of customization to increase sales and customer satisfaction.


Website: https://www.innovana3d.com/

For Free Demo, schedule an appointment at: https://calendly.com/dixit-systems/innovana3d-demo

Email: hello@innovana3d.com

About Dixit Systems

Dixit Systems is an engineering and 3D software startup with an office in Forest Hills, New York. The company offers services in 3D Visualization, Computational geometry, Cloud computing, Cross-platform application development, CAD development and customization, Interactive 3D visualization, CAD data exchange, Robotics, and IoT.

Dixit Systems have offered quality solutions to challenging engineering solutions and worked with Industry leaders in CAM/CAM/CAE and the manufacturing industry.


Website: https://www.dixitsystems.com/

Email: hello@dixitsystems.com

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