Tritone Brings Novel Bound Metal 3D Printing to U.S. with New Subsidiary


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Israeli additive manufacturing (AM) startup Tritone Technologies continues its expansion in North America. After five years of thriving locally, the developer of industrial metal and ceramic AM technology will cater to the continent’s growing demand. As part of its growth strategy, Tritone has created a US-based subsidiary named Tritone Technologies North America and chosen the cities of Boston and Miami to establish its offices.

Following Tritone’s participation at this year’s Rapid + TCT 3D printing event in Detroit, Michigan, USA, the company said there was an increased demand for its systems and technology in the region, which led to a decision to open the new subsidiary. At the show, Tritone demonstrated its Dominant and DIM AM machines, featuring Tritone’s MoldJet technology, which blends jetting and extrusion in a six-stage carousel-based process with independent trays.

Unique MoldJet 3D Printing Tech

Tritone stealthily developed its new MoldJet process for metal materials and went public with its solution at the Formnext 2019 trade show. The centerpiece of its machine prototype was the horizontally rotating carousel that delivers a working platform to stations with different functions.

Enabling parallel workflow and the multi-processing of parts, MoldJet technology uses high-resolution print heads that jet an ultra-thin layer of soluble mold. This is then followed by extruding a metal-filed paste into the cavity. The proprietary slurry is dried before the process continues with the next layer. Layer by layer, that process is repeated until, finally, the mold is dissolved after printing, and the parts are debound and sintered, becoming fully functional.

Tritone Technologies' Dominant system. Tritone Technologies’ Dominant system. Image courtesy of Tritone Technologies.

Advantages of MoldJet

Compared to other technologies in the market, MoldJet technology has a few unique advantages, according to Tritone. For example, the environment is meant to be safer due to the fact the process is powder-free, relying on metal or ceramic pastes in sealed cartridges as a feedstock. The wide range of materials can be easily changed between jobs in less than 15 minutes. Even more, Tritone’s MoldJet parts can withstand significant handling in their green state. Additionally, each layer is inspected using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms during the build process, so if a fault is detected, the layer is removed and re-printed.

As for the Dominant metal 3D printer, it can produce large batches in a record amount of time, states the company. This is because the printer actually boasts six different 40-cm-long build plates and relies on the MoldJet mix of material jetting and metal paste deposition to create 3D metal objects (stainless steel, copper, and titanium). The jetting, spreading, and inspection processes are incorporated into three different stations within the printer, which spins its six build platforms under each platform, one by one, at an industrial speed rate.

Growing Presence

Since its foundation in 2017, the company has planned to create innovative technology to enable the industrial throughput of accurate parts with a range of metal and ceramic materials suitable for the automotive, aerospace, medical, and consumer electronics industries.

In October 2022, one of Tritone’s Dominant systems was installed at metal forming technology provider Alpha Precision Group (APG). A Nicholas Portland company, APG is now offering production on their Dominant system from its Ridgway, Pennsylvania facility to a diverse customer base with a range of high-performance AM applications.

The launch of Tritone Technologies North America Inc. is a key step for Tritone, which has an effective growth plan in the US market and customer base during 2023. At the new US offices, Tritone has appointed Gal Barak as general manager at Tritone’s America division. Barak will join Ben Arnold, the VP of business development for the region.

In his role, Barak will lead Tritone Technologies North America’s operation, addressing the company’s expanding global presence and helping to ensure customers in the region benefit from its services. Based in Florida, Barak is an accomplished executive with experience at multinational companies like HP and its subsidiary Scitex Vision. From 2013 through 2017, he helped build the Latin America division for Stratasys, which was unfortunately dismantled during the first year of Covid. After his time at Stratasys, Barak worked for digital imaging specialist EFI and then PlayerMaker.

Tritone’s powder-free MoldJet technology can be used on the Dominant and Dim systems for M2 high-speed steel and 4340 low alloy steel. Images courtesy of Tritone Technologies.

This highly anticipated move by Tritone will help to achieve the company’s goals and reach its objectives, says CEO Ofer Ben-Zur. “I wish Gal tremendous success in his mission to make Tritone a household name when seeking additive manufacturing solutions in the North America region.”

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