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Roboze Announces PRO Series of 3D Printers for PEKK and CF

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Roboze, manufacturer of end-to-end additive manufacturing (AM) platforms, has announced the release of its latest machines, the One PRO and Plus PRO. Roboze made the announcement at this year’s AM Forum in Berlin.

Founded in Italy, Roboze also has an American headquarters, in Houston. The company’s high temperature extrusion printers are optimized for working with polymers such as PEEK, which allows users to quickly produce plastic components with the strength of metals, but at much lighter weights.

In a press release, the company’s founder and CEO, Alessio Lorusso, said, “With the Roboze PRO Series, production becomes stronger, faster, and less expensive….[We have created it] with the sole aim of providing a performance-oriented solution for manufacturing companies…We believe the quality of the systems, of the printing process and of the finished components can help companies limit risks, increase the safety of the supply chain and continue to keep their production alive and competitive.”

Along with the new printers, Roboze also announced the release of two new materials: Roboze PEKK (polyetherketonketone), and ToolingX CF (carbon fiber). As Roboze points out in the press release, these materials are already widely-used in the industry. The notable aspect is that, with the release of the PRO Series, the company has given its customers the ability to use PEKK and CF materials on Roboze platforms.

Both materials are ideal for meeting the industrial requirements of the major sectors Roboze provides equipment for, especially aerospace and oil and gas. More broadly, both the materials and the platforms are suited for any sector making metal components for mass industrial processes, which obviously covers a lot of markets. For instance, Roboze provided the example of one customer who used the Plus PRO and ToolingX CF material to replace aluminum in the manufacture of molds for paper pulp products. Among other advantages, this yielded the customer a cost savings of over 60 percent.

The other major upgrade to the new hardware is its improved integration with Roboze’s Prometheus software, by comparison with previous Roboze machinery. Along with a more reliable printing process, this could allow customers to cut print times by as much as half.

Roboze’s focus on the entire picture puts it in a perfect position to continue growing with the AM sector, as a whole. The company’s comprehensive outlook extends not just to the production process, but to the total supply chain. Moreover, its Houston headquarters give it a real asset in its ability to benefit from rising energy costs, which is leading to increasing activity in the oil and gas sector.

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