Fast and Affordable Metal 3D Printing Service Company: IN3DTEC


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Shanghai-based 3D printing service manufacturer IN3DTEC often makes the headlines for its affordable and industrial-grade 3D printing service. Today, IN3DTEC is becoming one of APAC’s biggest metal 3D printing service companies.

Metal printed engine model.

“It is great that the 3D printing market is snowballing. Four years ago, when we delivered the first metal oil tube to our customers in Europe, we were greatly encouraged by the customers’  compliment for our quality. Meanwhile, more customers came to us with many confusions about this manufacturing method. Most of these are some basic factors that can stop their use of metal printing. So we use three years to solve the fundamental issues, such as helping the customer save the printing cost by optimizing the structure, re-machining the prints to achieve higher tolerance; strength and chemical test; multiple surface requirements, etc. All small issues were put on the table during that time. Now it seems that the small things we did make big changes. At present, we shipped parts to over 65 countries worldwide, cooperating thousands of big names such as Leica, Danfoss, MIT, etc., with a high customer review of 4.8/5,” said Lukas Wang, the COO of IN3DTEC.

Now, IN3DTEC operates several manufacturing facilities in China, offering 6+ metals and 10+ surface finishes. With ISO standard quality insurance on metal prints, IN3DTEC provides multiple solutions for many applications, such as implants and dental from medical; housing, and gears for automotive; tubes for oil & gas; impellers and lattice structures for transportation, and aerospace.

The company launched a new business plan named “startups metal prints,” which aims to help more small and medium-sized enterprises accelerate the R & D process and new products introduced to the market quickly and reasonably.

Lukas Wang, said, “3D Printing can’t be bypassed when talking about industry 4.0. It has already become an unstoppable trend for making prototypes and low-volume production. In the past four years, our 3D printing business has grown at an annual rate of 50%, making it a powerful growing section of our one-stop manufacturing services. And we are happy to hear more customers say that our printing quality is excellent, and helping them increase their business.”

IN3DTEC has become one of the most professional Chinese 3D printing companies for making functional & high-end parts.

“You know, when talking about metal 3D Printing, many people think it is still far away from the business, mainly because the current metal 3D Printing service in the market is quite expensive, and it usually takes 2 weeks to get a parts metal printed. So IN3DTEC keep investing in a new process in cutting the lead time to 3-4 days,” Lukas  Said.

Ti64-Medical for dental.

The metal printing specifications from IN3DTEC as below,

IN3DTEC metal materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel316L, Titanium, Ti64-Medical, Maraging steel, Nickel Alloy.

Surface finishes: Sandblasting, Glass bead blasting, Satin polishing, Glossy polishing, Oxidation, Plating, Powder coating, Heat treatment and more.

Layer thickness:0.03mm

Tolerance:+/-0.2mm (as printed), compatible with IN3DTEC’s in-house CNC machining capability, can achieve +/-0.03mm with re-machined.

Print volume: 400x350x350mm

Assembly: Yes

Lead time:3-5 working days

Shipping: DHL, Express, as fast as two days

Aluminum prints with sandblasting surface

When talking about the ambitions of IN3DTEC’s future version, the company claimed that IN3DTEC stands for industrial 3D printing. IN3DTEC offers the latest additive manufacturing process, including SLM, FDM, SLS, Vapor chemical smoothing, MJF, SLA, DLP, which can provide an overall 70+ functional plastics and metals.

The company also offering CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Vacuum Casting, and more advance manufacturing services. Whether you need prototypes or scaled productions, please visit IN3DTEC to get a fast response.

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