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3D Printed Hypercar to Be Distributed by Czinger Vehicles Global Dealer Network

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Having raised $160 million just this April, 2022 is the year that Divergent 3D and Czinger Vehicles truly ventured into the public eye. Beginning with the lead up to AMUG 2022, CEO and founder Kevin Czinger has revealed an increasing amount of information about the plans and partners for his unique blend of 3D printing and automation technology. The latest is the establishment of the Czinger Vehicles Global Dealer Network, a group of approved merchants for the sale and service of Czinger Vehicles.

KUKA robots used in DAPS located at the Divergent 3D factory. Image courtesy of Marc Weisberg.

The Divergent Adaptive Production System (DAPS) that powers Czinger Vehicle’s manufacturing is an end-to-end workflow that begins with generative design to optimize parts that are then fabricated on 12-laser metal 3D printers from SLM Solutions and assembled by a robotic cell. The first vehicle to be released by Czinger is the 21C, an impressive hypercar made up of numerous 3D printed metal parts that will be rolled out in a lot of over 80 units. The company will then release a luxury coupe and SUV made with Divergent’s DAPS workflow.

The Czinger 21C 3D printed hypercar. Image courtesy of @iamted7.

Now, these vehicles will have a network through which they can be delivered and maintained. The first in the group is Czinger Beverly Hills, which was followed by a long list of dealers around the world: Czinger Tokyo (Sky Group), Czinger Greenwich (Miller Motorcars), Czinger Miami (Prestige Imports), Czinger Dallas (Boardwalk Group), Czinger Frankfurt (Doerr Group), Czinger London (H.R. Owen), Czinger Canada (Pfaff Automotive Partners), Czinger San Diego (O’Gara Coach Company), Czinger Los Gatos (Los Gatos Luxury Cars), Czinger Chicago (Mouse Motors), Czinger Barcelona (Spirits of Speed), and Czinger Saudi Arabia.

“We are extremely happy to be working with such a sought-after group of dealerships,” said Czinger Founder and CEO Kevin Czinger. “These are auto groups that have shown time and again through their proven track records that they are in the vanguard of the automotive world. We could not be more pleased to be working with partners that recognize the promise and possibilities that our innovative design and sustainable manufacturing systems bring to the table. We also feel that our partners are positioned in key markets around the world that will strategically grow the brand, while ably servicing a very discerning clientele.”

Czinger Beverly Hills provided the following statement in a press release: “We were thrilled to be the first dealership in the United States to partner with Czinger.  Czinger is re-defining the future of high-performance cars as well as making leaps forward in digital automotive manufacturing.  How can you not love a hypercar inspired by the ‘fastest air breathing manned aircraft?’  We look forward to working with Kevin and Lukas Czinger and their talented team as they pioneer changing the way cars will be designed and manufactured for generations to come. Czinger Beverly Hills will lead the nation in deliveries and create the best experience for Czinger clients.”

Kevin Czinger has said that his firm, Divergent 3D, which produces the vehicles for Czinger Vehicles, has partnerships with eight of the leading original equipment manufacturers in automotive. However, he hasn’t revealed which ones. Previously, the company was working with Stellantis’s PSA Group. More recently, the CEO posted on social media about a trip to visit Mercedes in Germany. The first official partnership will be revealed this September.

If all goes as planned, DAPS microfactories could do the globe and revolutionize the way auto manufacturing is done. Until then, we will have to wait and see.

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