3D Printing News Briefs, March 19, 2022: Business, Education, & More


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We’re starting out with plenty of business in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs. Sinterit has has expanded its executive team in the US, while Additive Manufacturing Austria is looking for strategic partnerships in the United Arab Emirates. 3DEO hosted a hybrid press conference from its newly expanded facility, and Fusion3 has announced the availability of its latest 3D printer. On to education, as students from the University of Barcelona are 3D printing the future of sustainable architecture with WASP technology. Finally, Kennametal introduced a lightweight design of its electric vehicle tooling solution.

Sinterit Announces VP of Sales and Marketing for the US

Tim Sheehan

SLS 3D printer producer Sinterit announced that it has expanded its activity in the United States by hiring Tim Sheehan as its VP of Sales and Marketing in the country. Sheehan, formerly VP of Global Sales for Nano Dimension, will lead Sinterit’s continued expansion in the US and help to build up its reseller network here as well. The company’s CEO, Maxime Polesello, explained that Sheehan knows the market, as well as what clients need, which is why he’s the right person for the job.

We have been listening to our many great clients across the United States that have been successfully using Lisa and Lisa Pro, our first compact SLS 3D printers.  Today we are happy to share their request for SPEED, SIZE and MATERIALS has arrived,” Sheehan said. “Our recent introduction of Lisa X, the fastest compact SLS 3D printer in our offering, and NILS 480, our first industrial model, meet the growing expectations of clients.”

AM-Austria and UAE Looking at Strategic Partnerships

AM-Austria, the country’s non-profit additive manufacturing technology platform, met with several important stakeholders from the United Arab Emirates to talk about possible strategic partnerships between Austria and the UAE. Late last year, AM-Austria’s President, Dr. Johannes Homa, took a business tour to Dubai to meet representatives from technology, research, and industry, and at the time discussed the possibility of the two regions collaborating in the future, as part of Austria’s continuing internationalization strategy.

The tour was arranged by Network Development Hub GmbH (NDH), which helps technology startups and scale-ups commercialize and grow their businesses. Dr. Homa presented to the top management of multiple organizations, such as Mubadala Aerospace, the Dubai Future Foundation, Khalifa University, and more. Both Austria and the UAE are considered leaders in additive manufacturing innovation, and the two plan to discuss specific strategies to undertake in order to quickly begin a collaboration.

3DEO Held Hybrid Press Conference at Expanded Facility

Matt Sand

During National Engineers Week, high-volume metal 3D printing company 3DEO celebrated by hosting a hybrid press conference from its newly expanded 80,000 square foot facility in Torrance, California. After opening remarks from Mayor Patrick Furey, 3DEO’s President and Co-Founder Matt Sand explained the company’s origin story, before unveiling its next-generation 3D printer and technology and reviewing this year’s goals. 3DEO has more than 20 issued or pending patents in automation, 3D printing, software, and robotics, and its digital end-to-end platform, the Manufacturing Cloud, was built on these, while its new proprietary Saffron 3D printing system—in development for the last five years—is a testament to mass production.

“Until now, we have revealed very little about our patented technology, and for good reason–we felt we had a tiger by the tail and wanted to gain as much advantage as possible. But when our CTO [Payman Torabi] and his team put the final touches on our next generation printer, we looked around the table and agreed it was time to show the world what we are building,” Sand said.

“Simultaneously working hand-in-hand with production customers, we learned very quickly that the printer is actually only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to mass production. In fact, everything up and down the production line affects our ability to win in the marketplace. So we gradually expanded scope from being focused only on the metal 3D printing technology to innovating up and down the entire production line.”

Fusion3 Launches EDGE 3D Printer

3D printer manufacturer Fusion3 announced the launch of its new professional 3D printer, the $6,999 EDGE. The durable printer has a large, enclosed, heated print area, and claims best-in-class speed, ease of use, and great surface quality. Other features of the 3D printer include mesh probe bed leveling, patent-pending ANVIL print head system, the F-Series platform with upgraded motion control components, V3 extruder with a new belt drive system and upgraded filament detection monitor, separate interface controller for remote management, and increased security for companies, military, and government with strict guidelines for sensitive information. The EDGE 3D printer also promises tight tolerances when printing high-temperature materials, a new interlock feature that pauses prints if the door is opened, optional air filters, and a two-year warranty, in addition to complimentary lifetime phone and email support.

“EDGE encapsulates Fusion3’s nine years of industry experience, accumulated feedback from customers, and our vision for the changes needed to drive mainstream, commercial adoption of FDM 3D printing. With EDGE, we achieve astounding levels of speed, print quality, and durability through the upgrade of our F-Series Motion Control system with high-quality linear rails, the development of a new patent-pending print head system for greater performance and customer serviceability, and the design and implementation of new control systems to create better user experiences and ensure successful print outcomes,” said Kate Padgett, the Founder and CTO of Fusion3.

WASP & IAAC Students 3D Print Sustainable Architecture 

Four years ago, WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) and Barcelona’s IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) began an extended AM research collaboration centered around sustainable architecture. Now, the partnership will grow even stronger with IAAC’s addition of a Crane WASP architectural 3D printer, which will allow the university students to take an even more practical approach to their studies.

WASP, which uses 3D printing to respond to human needs, often collaborates with research centers and universities because it believes that young people are the key to a sustainable future. IAAC’s post-graduate 3D printing architecture (3dPA) program used the Crane WASP in 2019 to 3D print the first earth wall with an embedded staircase, and recently, the program’s first housing prototype 3D printed in raw earth with the Crane WASP was inaugurated at Valladura Labs in Spain.

Kennametal’s Lightweight Version of EV Tooling Solution

The 3D printed stator bore tool with carbon fiber body weighs 7.3kg.

Finally, Kennametal has introduced its next-generation, lightweight 3D printed stator bore tool. This new version is used to machine aluminum engine housings for electric vehicles (EV), and has a larger carbon fiber center tube, new arm structure, and at just 7.3 kg, weighs 20% less than the original design. The tool has complex airfoil-shaped inner arms for coolant supply and can accurately machine three diameters in a single operation, which saves automotive component manufacturers set-up and machining time. Kennametal’s redesigned stator bore tool won MM MaschinenMarkt’s Best of Industry Award in the Production and Manufacturing category.

“As our automotive customers expand their offerings of hybrid and electric vehicles, we continue to respond to their need for lighter weight tooling solutions,” said Ingo Grillenberger, Product Manager, Kennametal. “By leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques like 3D printing, we’ve reduced weight a further 20 percent over the first-generation tool, while improving chip control and increasing tool rigidity—innovations that help our customers machine faster and more efficiently.”

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