3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: November 7, 2021


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Things are slowing down a little bit in the week before Formnext returns to an in-person event in Germany. Topics covered in our roundup this week include a new Markforged 3D printer, how to leverage AM for motorsports, slicing software, 3D printed robotic end of arm tools, and more; read on for the details!

TÜV SÜD Continues Virtual Training Series

First up, TÜV SÜD is continuing its training series this week with “Specification of Additive Manufacturing (AM) parts for purchase,” which will be held from 3-7 AM EST on Monday, November 8th and again on Tuesday, November 9th. There’s a high level of information exchange throughout the process chain when it comes to procuring 3D printed components, and purchasers are often uncertain as to the necessary requirements in getting a good result. Attendees will learn whether “make” or “buy” is the right option for their particular parts, situation, and company situation, as well as information and background knowledge to make those decisions themselves in the future.

“This paid course highlights situations in which efficient communication is indispensable. The procurement of additively manufactured (3D printed) components requires a high level of information exchange along the entire process chain. Particularly when purchasing AM components, there is often a great deal of uncertainty regarding the requirements and information necessary to achieve a good result without the need for further complex coordination.”

You can register for the course here.

On the Road with The Forged Tour

This fall, Markforged is hitting the road, and bringing its Metal Xpo Forged Tour to multiple cities and states! This week, the company is taking the tour with its local partner Hawk Ridge Systems, and event attendees will be eligible to receive a free Mark Two 3D printer, and two seats of Markforged University Virtual Metal Certification, with the purchase of Markforged Metal X 3D printer; you’ll have to purchase a three-year success plan, and have purchase orders submitted by December 17th, 2021, to get the discount.

“Food and beverages will be provided — join us to interface directly with additive manufacturing experts to learn more about Metal 3D printing or see it in action. Metal 3D printing has changed, and is continuing to change the landscape of manufacturing: Markforged and our partners are hitting the road to show you how.”

This week, the tour will be in Columbus, OH from 2-5 pm EST on the 8th; in Cincinnati, OH from 2-5 pm EST and Costa Mesa, CA from 5-8 pm EST on the 9th; and in Post Falls, ID from 5-8 pm EST and Detroit, MI from 2-5 pm EST on the 10th. Other locations will be visited later, and if you can’t make any dates in-person, register for a virtual ticket for the live stream Metal Xpo event.

Markforged Introduces the FX20

At 10 am EST on Tuesday the 9th, Markforged will also hold a webinar “Introducing the FX20,” its most recent printer. Application Engineers Ross Adams and Nate Sampson, along with Tom Muscolo, Director of Product for the FX20, will hold an exclusive product discussion and Q&A on the company’s fastest, largest, most production-ready printer. They will discuss why the printer was developed, how the company’s CFR technology was adapted to a new hardware platform, provide an overview of features, materials, and applications, and more.

“Come see the biggest, fastest, and most sophisticated 3D printer Markforged has ever built. The FX20 is capable of printing high-temperature thermoplastic parts with continuous carbon fiber for high-strength, aerospace-grade parts at the click of a button. And it delivers improved performance and consistency to unlock the most demanding manufacturing and end-use applications.”

You can register for the webinar here.

3D Systems: Leveraging AM for Motorsports

A little later in the morning on the 9th, 3D Systems is holding a webinar at 10:30 am EST, called “Leveraging Additive Manufacturing to Advance Energy and Fluid Dynamics in Motorsports.” Attendees will learn how to push the performance of fluid and energy management components for motorsports from Pat Warner, Advanced Digital Manufacturing Manager at Alpine F1 Team; Kevin Baughey, Segment Leader for Transportation and Motorsports at 3D Systems; and Niels Holmstock, Application Development Manager in 3D Systems’ Application Innovation Group (AIG). Discussion will include how to optimize constrained packaging space with custom 3D printed parts, how to quickly iterate for rapid design changes, and more.

“Achieving optimized parts for fluid and energy management is a challenge. You need the right design, the right materials, and the right production method to yield strong, corrosion-resistant parts that can withstand exposure to various automotive fluids, high temperatures, and harsh conditions, all while fitting within the constrained space of your vehicle.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Webinar for America Makes Members

Members of America Makes are invited to an additive manufacturing webinar from 1-2 pm EST on Tuesday the 9th called “Moving from Capability to Capacity,” with a focus on the Altair Inspire product and how it can help teams slash AM and product development costs by reducing material usage, print times, and post-processing. Inspire Print3D makes it easy to identify and correct potential delamination, deformation, and excessive heating problems before a part is even built.

“Altair® Inspire™ Print3D provides a fast and accurate toolset for the design and process simulation of selective laser melting (SLM) parts. By capturing behavior independent of the printer type, designers can evaluate and easily modify critical process variables.”

You can register for the webinar here.

America Makes on Computational Modeling in Metal AM

The organization is also holding a webinar at 2 pm EST on Wednesday, November 10th, called “Computational Modeling as an Aid in Metal AM Qualification and Certification.” Part of the TRX series and presented by VEXTEC, the webinar is focused on qualification and certification (Q&C), a major challenge in widespread adoption of metal AM in critical industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical devices. Emmanuel De Leon from the USAF Life Cycle Management Center will join VEXTEC’s Michael Oja, Animesh Dey, and Robert Tryon in presenting the webinar.

“As AM technology matures and more complex components are built, there is a greater emphasis on developing rapid Q&C methods to be able to unlock the full potential of AM. Computational modeling, such as VEXTEC’s ICME-based VPS-MICRO® Software, can provide valuable information to decision makers when it comes to Q&C considerations in additive manufacturing.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Quinly Beta Testing Livestream

3DQue is looking for beta testers for its Quinly automation solution, specifically for the Sidewinder X1/X2, CR-10/S/V2/V3, CR-10S Pro V2, and CR-6 SE printers, among others. To learn more about 3DQue’s beta testing process, and helping the company build the future of 3D printer automation, join the 3DQUe livestream on Wednesday, November 10th at 7:30 pm EST.

“Join Mateo & Steven as they take you behind-the-scenes developing automation for Ender 3, Prusa, CR-10, CR-6SE, Sidewinder X1 + X2, and Ultimaker S5. Find out what it means to be a beta tester and how to be a beta tester for YOUR printer.”

Set your notifications for the livestream here, and sign up to be a Quinly beta tester here.

2021 BICO Partnership Conference

From Thursday the 11th through Friday the 12th, join the 2021 BICO Partnership Conference, which BICO calls the “ultimate life science event of the year.” There will be 33 sessions, presented by 26 speakers, in addition to ten exhibitors at the virtual conference, which welcomes opinion leaders and industry experts to “celebrate, inspire and create the future of health.”

“Our conference will offer participants the opportunity to learn about new applications, technologies and workflows, and to showcase groundbreaking discoveries.”

You can register for the conference here.

SmartSlice for BCN3D Stratos Webinars

Teton Simulation is holding two webinars on Thursday the 11th on SmartSlice for BCN3D Stratos, and how to optimize high-performance parts to reduce print time and material with the software tool. The first session is from 9-10 am EST, and the second one is from 2:30-3:30 pm EST. Attendees will learn how BCN3D Stratos can improve their current AM workflow, and reduce print time by 30% or more while ensuring parts meet performance requirements, from Eric Pallarés, Co-Founder and CTO at BCN3D Technologies, and Rick Dalgarno, Director of Alliances and Operations at Teton Simulation.

“SmartSlice for BCN3D Stratos helps make smart decisions determining print parameters, optimizing them for performance demands and manufacturing efficiency to reduce print time and material use. In just seconds, SmartSlice can validate the as-printed performance of your part, allowing you to evaluate whether it is under or over-designed by comparing simulated part deflection and safety factors to limits you define.”

You can register for the webinars here.

3D Printed Robotic End-of-Arm Tools by HP

The final webinar of the week, presented by HP and featuring Savage Automation, is “Tips & Tricks for Designing Additively Manufactured Robotic End-of-Arm Tools,” held at 2 pm EST on the 11th. During the 30-minute webinar, attendees will learn why 3D printing makes sense for end-of-arm tools (EOAT), the benefits and limitations of the technology, how to combine AM with off-the-shelf components, and more.

“The use of additive manufacturing (AM) in the robotics and industrial automation industry is becoming more prevalent every day. Material handling solutions are highly customized to the end user and AM can be used to complement and address many of the shortcomings of traditional manufacturing methods like machining and pre-fab framing. End-of-arm tooling (EOAT) is just one of the many applications that can benefit greatly from AM through lightweighting, part consolidation, customization, cost reduction, and time to market.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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