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Start 3D Printing Pro with BuildBee’s Slicing Software

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The new era of digital globalization has sparked all sorts of innovative design, especially in 3D printing, where the production of geometries that were expensive to produce or simply not possible with traditional technologies has led to its widespread use. From universities to makerspaces and schools, the dynamic duo of 3D printing and slicing software is igniting creative design

When it comes to slicing software, Australian company BuildBee is driving demand in various industries, like healthcare, automotive, fashion, gaming, and others. What started as 3D software focused on delivering the transformative power of 3D printing to Australian education has turned into an international business with over 50,000 customers that offers an online, secure, and easy-to-use platform that can be accessed from a mobile device just as easily as a laptop. This 3D slicer software for 3D printers extends excellent features that allow users to upload and access 3D models from any device, has a simplified 3D printing workflow by creating filament and model presets, and supports an extensive range of 3D printers, including Prusa, Creality, Wanhao, Makerbot, and Artillery.

BuildBee supports an extensive range of 3D printers across all operating systems.

BuildBee supports an extensive range of 3D printers across all operating systems. Image courtesy of BuildBee.

Like many competing software firms, BuildBee offers a Starter plan for the 3D printing community that includes plenty of features to get users and their 3D printers up and running. With BuildBee, even the free version is actually compelling 3D printing software, but its workhorse is the Pro plan, which starts at just $6 per month, and during November, it comes with a 90-day free trial (usually 30-days only) that unlocks a variety of premium features. Additionally, for $15 per month per printer, companies can unlock the
Enterprise plan, which enables unlimited users to securely access the printers and queues.

Starter, Pro, and Enterprise are all tools geared for making 3D printing accessible to everyone by breaking down the barriers to entry, aiding in education, and accelerating the future of additive manufacturing. BuildBee’s cloud app streamlines the 3D printing process, adding a structured workflow to ensure fewer mistakes are made. Compatible with most 3D printers, BuildBee can help 3D enthusiasts manage printers, protect files, assign user permissions, and access analytics from a single platform to leverage an entire 3D printer fleet.

BuildBee video monitoring allows 24/5 monitoring of projects wherever you are.

BuildBee video monitoring allows 24/5 monitoring of projects wherever you are. Image courtesy of BuildBee.

Many schools and universities across Australia, including renowned institution the University of Wollongong, have adopted BuildBee to manage the 3D printers in their maker space remotely by utilizing grouping, permissions, and queuing while gathering valuable enterprise analytics on how their 3D printers are used.

While competing software brands often have dedicated software suits designed to serve SMEs, enterprises, architects, and designers, BuildBee’s all-in-one 3D printing slicing software is easy to use, secure and fun for any user at any level. Best of all, it works with all operating systems, so you don’t need to worry if you’re with Macintosh, Microsoft, Linux, or others.

With the philosophy of making 3D printing fun and accessible to everyone, the BuildBee team understands that the sooner kids can experiment with printers, the sooner they can foster creativity. As such, BuildBee has turned into one of the most straightforward solutions to managing 3D printing in schools, maker spaces, universities, offices, and at home.

BuildBee is specially optimized to start prints on the go without ever worrying about the designs being accessed without the user’s consent. As the middleman between the 3D model and the printer, the company’s slicer software essentially allows users to queue all the parts to multiple printers, go remote and add Wi-Fi to any platform using BuildBee CloudDock. With Pro, users will get to connect up to five printers and manage them from only one account to maximize productivity. For example, a company in Norway can hire a design engineer in Toronto to create a specific part for a concept car. With BuildBee, the engineer can 3D print the part in any interconnected maker space devices close to the company and just send it.

Any Pro user can also save up to 100 3D models to the BuildBee account, so they are ready to slice and print to any 3D printer. The service also allows tracking big projects with queuing. This will provide a time, cost, and filament use estimate, so users know exactly what to expect. Recently, BuildBee has enabled tweaks to presets so users can apply minor adjustments to the presets, like turning off support or making something a high detail model.

BuildBee’s printing presets allow users to set up and their preferences

BuildBee’s printing presets allow users to set up and their preferences. Image courtesy of BuildBee.

Since it’s BuildBee’s third Birthday, the company is celebrating by giving ALL new customers a three-month free trial of the premium Pro Plan. Users can sign up at to find out more.

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