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Infinity3D: Deformable Belt 3D Printer, An Intelligent Machine on Kickstarter

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Recently, a Chinese 3D printer company with a group of young, passionate, and creative 3D printing enthusiasts unveiled a new belt-based 3D printer, Infinity3D, on Kickstarter. It features a unique design, continuous printing, and stability. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the details of this machine.

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Modifiable Design & Large Building Volume

Compared to traditional belt printers, Infinity3D has a 2-in-1 modifiable design that makes Infinity3D more practical and exciting. It supports 45-degree and 90-degree angled printing, so users can quickly change Infinity3D to the preferred mode that immediately allows for the realization of unique ideas.

Infinity3D features a build volume of 250 x 220 x 323mm at 90 degrees and 250 x 215 x (theoretically) infinite millimeters at 45 degrees. The hot end has a maximum temperature of 280ºC, with claims that it can print with materials such as TPU and PETG.

As such, it’s primarily aimed at designers, SMEs, education, healthcare, architecture, business, or hobbyists, and anyone else looking to replace their print farms with a hands-free continuous printing engine.

High Stability

Consistent, stable printing is quite essential for batch printing. Infinity3D comes packaged in four separate parts – the base, front, rear, and control panel. And It is compact with a high-strength fiber woven conveyor belt, which allows the model to stick firmly and automatically peel off when the model is transferred to the end.

Looking underneath the belt, there is an aluminum print bed capable of a maximum temperature of 110ºC, providing excellent adhesion for the polymer parts above. In addition, the bed assembly as a whole can be re-leveled using a series of top-mounted knobs lining the outer edges of the conveyor belt.

User Friendly Operation

Infinity3D can slice a model of any length, and it can also slice multiple models in a line for a series build. To provide efficient and convenient printing, Infinity3D also offers a brand new slicing software explicitly designed for the machine, optimized the slicing function to be user-friendly, and added a continuous printing typesetting plug-in based on the high-speed Cura slicing engine.

Plus, the control panel is a 3.5-inch full-color touch screen, so users can check the printing status, switch functions, and set up parameters at a glance. Furthermore, Infinity3D is compatible with U disk and SD card offline printing. So, overall, even a beginner won’t feel too much difficulty when playing with the Infinity3D.

Silent Printing

It comes with a high-performance, 32-bit mainboard, equipped with silent stepper motor driver chips TMC2209. Users can enjoy a quiet printing environment that lets you concentrate on your work and keeps noise from disturbing you. Compared with low-end 3D printers with rollers and an A4988 driver, TMC2209 provides higher printing accuracy, longer life, smoother movement, and lower working noise.

Industrial Grade-Linear Rail

Whoever said that small-scale makers and DIYers need to stick to amateur equipment couldn’t be more mistaken. Infinity3D is built with industrial-grade parts—such as the X-axis linear rail—to deliver smoother performance with less friction and higher precision.

Resume Printing & Filament Sensor

Infinity3D is equipped with a filament detector with a print resume function. With a resume function, users can resume their print from the last layer anytime later, and with a filament runout sensor, the printer beeps when your filament runs out to allow you to change the filament and avoid a failed print.

Awesome Price

Pledges for the machine begin at a discounted rate of $499 at a super early bird price for the first 100 backers. You won’t get any price lower than this to get a belt printer with such great features on the market, and if you miss the first 100 spots, don’t worry. The second-tier early bird price is only $549, which is a fantastic deal as well.

Back the project here:

Technical specifications

Below are the technical specifications for Infinity3D:

45 degree machine size: 715x440x445mm

90 degree machine size: 715x440x585mm

45 degree building Volume: 250x215xInfinity

90 degree building volume: 250x220x323mm

Frame Material: Sheet Metal & Aluminum Alloy

Connectivity: USB Cable, USB Flash Drive, SD Card

Touch Screen: 3.5 inch Full color

Step Motor Driver: TMC2209

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm


Nozzle Diameter: Default: 0.4mm, support size: 0.2mm,0.4mm,0.6mm,0.8mm

Nozzle Temperature: up to 280 degree

Layer Height: 0.05-0.3mm

Printing Speed: up to 150mm/s

Heat bed Temperature: up to 110 degree

Slicer: Infinity3D Cura

Operating System: Windows & Mac

Firmware: Marlin

Input:100-240v 6.8A max , 50/60 HZ

Output: DC 24V, 14.6A 2DC 24V, 14.6A 4V, 14.6A

Power Consumption: 350W max


There is no perfect solution for everyone. To answer this question, we need first to decide the purpose for which this printer is purchased.

If you are a prop maker, who will print a lot of swords or long objects, then yes, the printer is excellent for this purpose. You will be able to print your models in fewer pieces, with minor post-processing.

If you are a person who needs to batch print a lot of smaller items, then you need to consider whether your particular models can be printed well at a 45-degree angle. Sure, you can start the print, and the printer will continuously produce the model.

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