Dyze Design to Introduce Its New Pro Series Extruder and Hotend at the TCT Show


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Montreal-based company Dyze Design has been in the 3D printing industry since 2015 developing and manufacturing cutting-edge high performance, reliable, and innovative extrusion systems and 3D printers components. As of today, many 3D printer manufacturers have chosen their hotends, extruders, and nozzles as OEM parts for their industrial or high-end printers.

The Canadian company is known for its DyzeXtruder-GT, a lightweight high performance and high pushing force 3D printer extruder, and for its DyzEnd-X hotend, a fast print, fast heating and high temperature hot end that enables precise readings up to 500°C. As a result, you can use any thermoplastics with the DyzEnd-X and DyzeXtruder-GT combo.

However, in the last few years, Dyze’s crusade to achieve the highest performance in terms of 3D printing quality did not stop there. The company will be presenting its new Pro Series at this year’s TCT Show, which is taking place from September 25th to 27th in Birmingham, England.

The Pro Series, which includes the DyzEnd Pro hotend and the DyzeXtruder Pro extruder, boasts increased performance compared to its predecessors.

“Our motivations in developing this new product line comes first and foremost from the feedback of our clients and how they used our products. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in high performance 3D printer hardware. So, we were able to take all this knowledge and push the boundaries of high performance even further to design a product like never before,” says Maxence Gelinas-Guy, Dyze Design’s Chief Operating Officer and co-designer of the Pro Series.

The DyzEnd Pro has a really small form factor making it one of the smallest hotends on the market. It is designed with a new high temperature heat block, a new ceramic coated transition tube, vibration dampening feature, reinforced sealing properties, and smaller vibration resistant connectors that are better suited for 3D printers in closed environment.

The Pro SeriesDyzEnd Pro hotend

Moreover, the DyzEnd Pro comes equipped with Dyze Design’s new ultra wear resistance tungsten carbide nozzle, which was launched last year on Kickstarter. The high thermal performance of the tungsten carbide keeps the nozzle tip hot, thus allowing faster printing speed without sacrificing the quality. Tungsten carbide has exceptional wear resistance due to its high hardness.

As for the DyzeXtruder Pro, the all-metal extruder is very lightweight (around 300g) and also has one of the smallest form factors on the market: it is not larger than the NEMA 17 it uses, making it very space efficient on a multiple extruder configuration. Besides, the extruder is stronger than ever. With the improved teeth and new bearings types, the DyzeXtruder Pro is able to push as much as 10 kg (22 pounds) of force. This is more than necessary for all 3D printing applications. Finally, the new backblock has cooling fins for increased heat spreading in room environments. and the DyzeXtruder Pro comes with a connector and a cable for its motor so you can easily maintain it.

The Pro Series, DyzEnd Pro Feeder

Here are some of the DyzEnd Pro and DyzeXtruder Pro’s main features.

DyzEnd Pro

  • New High Temperature Heat Block: Steel will keep its strength at high temperatures much better than copper or aluminum. The new block shape reduces losses by breaking the sharp edges. The coating is very slippery and easier to clean.
  • New Ceramic Coated Transition Tube: The DyzEnd Pro is made from a ceramic coated titanium transition tube. The hard coating increases wear resistance and reduces friction, enabling easier retraction and better flow.
  • Fan sound/vibration dampening: The small rubber spacer absorbs the vibrations generated from the fan and reduce the noise. The higher quality fans have ball bearings, increasing life span, and further vibration reduction.
  • Cold Swappable Nozzles: By using a very special high-temperature sealing washer and a very strong M10 nozzle, the DyzEnd Pro is able to switch nozzles at room temperature. No leaks, no burning hazard.
  • Inconel® sealing washer: Inconel alloys are heat-resistant and can be used in extreme environments. The sealing washer easily keep its sealing properties, even at 500°C.
  • Any Temperature Sensor: Choose between a 300°C Thermistor, a 500°C Thermistor, a 500°C PT100, or a 500°C Type K thermocouple sensor.
  • Liquid Cooling Ready: The DyzEnd Pro can be easily converted to a liquid cooled setup with Dyze Design’s specialized cooling blocks.

DyzeXtruder Pro

  • Toolless HotEnd Removal: Take your hotend off of your extruder in just a few seconds with the thumb screw. This will loosen the groove mount and free your hotend.
  • Multiple Mounting Possibilities : The side mounting threads make it very easy to assemble; two M3 screws are included to fit the DyzeXtruder Pro on a printer, bracketless. You can also mount the extruder on a panel.
  • Guided Filament: The guides conduct the filament out of the extruder. They follow the teeth shape, allowing no other exits for the filament. The whole part has a low friction coating, increasing the pushing efficiency.
  • Completely Redesigned Teeth: 35% more pushing force with rigid filaments. 25% more pushing for with flexible filaments. Also, the filament remains round, even after 100+ passages.
  • Metal Reduction Gears: The DyzeXtruder Pro has a 5.65 : 1 gear ratio. This ratio has been chosen to use the full potential of a very small motor while, enabling very high pushing forces. The gears are custom made from high strength hardened steel. This combination allows low friction operations and a longer life. The gears and bearings are designed to last for hundreds of kilograms in extreme conditions.
  • Dual-pinch drive system: The dual-pinch system allows a higher pushing force with a lower filament pressure. It reduces the risk of flattening the filament when highly detailed prints require a lot of retractions.
  • Constant pressure: The custom spring has been redesigned to provide the optimal pressure at the filament with the new teeth. You’ll always get the same output flow, reducing the variations involved in changing filaments.
  • Matched included motor: The included motor is chosen to match the maximum torque tolerated by filaments. The motor won’t grind your filament and will prevent any damage inside the extruder.

The Pro Series is now on pre-order sale directly on Dyze Design’s website and will be officially released in early November.

Typhoon: a new prototype to also be showcased by Dyze Design during TCT

The Typhoon Extrusion System

During TCT this week, Dyze Design will not only be presenting its Pro Series, but also a new prototype, the Typhoon, that should be released later in 2019.

Typhoon is described as a high flow all-in-one extrusion system specifically designed for industrial large-scale 3d printers. This product will include a pressure sensor and filament monitoring directly on the product. It will be compatible with standard firmware and will be capable of outputting a flow around 200mm³/s ( Dyze hotend can output around  25mm³/s ).

If you’ll be attending the TCT Show this week, you can visit Dyze Design at booth F16, Hall 3 and learn more about these new products. You can check out their website here

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