Voodoo Manufacturing Launches New Manufacturing and Fulfillment Service for 3D Printing Entrepreneurs


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A few weeks ago, creative and innovative 3D printing service bureau Voodoo Manufacturing launched its first home-grown brand, Zooheads, which sells a variety of exotic 3D printed animal shower heads, from dragons and dinosaurs to eagles and elephants. For just $29.95 and free shipping, you get your choice of 3D printed animal shower head in one of 20 colors, including glow in the dark. The eco-friendly Zooheads are also available on Amazon and Etsy.

Not long before starting Voodoo, the company’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Jonathan Schwartz, designed a popular 3D printable T-Rex skull that fit over a shower head – the first Zoohead.

“The idea originated when I created a now famous t-rex skull shower head. In 2014, I designed this shower head and posted it to the Thingiverse, the popular 3D printing file sharing site,” Schwartz said. “Quickly after posting the design it went viral, so we thought, why not make this a business? We’re super stoked to make cool shower heads and look forward to creating new lines around pop-culture!”

Schwartz and Voodoo decided to expand on the popularity of that first design by launching the brand…but that’s not the whole story.

Brooklyn-based Voodoo, which is one of the world’s largest high-volume 3D printing factories, also launched Zooheads to show what’s possible with Fulfilled by Voodoo (FBV), its new full-stack manufacturing and fulfillment service for 3D printing entrepreneurs. The service, which just launched today, will allow anyone to start an online business selling 3D printed products.

“For anyone designing and selling a physical good, getting that item manufactured can be the most challenging part of the process. Often, these entrepreneurs have to take several trips overseas, going back and forth with multiple vendors,” said Voodoo Manufacturing CEO Max Friefeld. “Due to this time-consuming process, manufacturing has become a bottleneck in bringing new products to market. We launched Fulfilled by Voodoo to make manufacturing more accessible, and we’re excited to see what creators do with FBV.”

The goal behind Voodoo’s newest service is to help entrepreneurs take advantage of the flexibility digital manufacturing provides by fulfilling and scaling production for their 3D printed products. Users can outsource the manufacturing, quality control, assembly, packaging, and shipping for their products to the company’s robotic 3D printing factory through FBV’s plug-and-play shopfront integrations with popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify. This allows the companies to spend more time focusing on product development, growth, and scalability.

Voodoo’s overall mission as a company is to put the power of manufacturing in everyone’s hands, and its new FBV service, complete with a fully functional API, will help do just that. Fulfilled by Voodoo will allow entrepreneurs to bring their new products to market faster than ever now. You can even upload your files to the service so Voodoo can have a better understanding of your product.

“Multi-million dollar businesses have been built on top of outsourced production for T-Shirts, coffee mugs, and stickers. Plastic products are the next step in the new era of open and accessible manufacturing. Our sellers have the power to compete directly with companies like ThinkGeek and Toys-R-Us,” Friefeld told 3DPrint.com.

Businesses can use this new FBV service for just-in-time manufacturing, which is when individual orders are routed to the production company (in this case, Voodoo) as soon as they are placed online. This lets businesses order exactly what they need in order to meet customer demands, without having to purchase inventory in bulk and attempting to predict their sales numbers in advance of sales actually being made. Just-in-time manufacturing allows entrepreneurs and businesses to continue iterating their products, while being able to react much more quickly to any changes in demand.

“The companies and businesses that we are enabling have never been possible before,” Friefeld continued. “When an order is placed with one of our sellers, it immediately routes into our factory and is programmatically assigned to a machine for production. This is the ultimate dream of just-in-time manufacturing, finally realized.”

Developers for sites and apps with custom integration needs can use the service’s API to route orders automatically to Voodoo’s factory. Then, once the product is 3D printed, it can be easily drop-shipped from Voodoo to the customer.

In anticipation of the launch of its new FBV service, Voodoo launched its Zooheads brand last month. In addition, the company has already onboarded a few early customers leading up to this important launch.

Ten Talents Trading is a company that designs and sells unique, fun sets of 3D printed game pieces for the popular Settlers of Catan game, and it uses Voodoo’s FBV service for outsourced, scalable manufacturing.

In a similar fashion, the Cookie Cutter Kingdom company, which sells more than 20,000 unique 3D printed cookie cuttings through Amazon and its own site, has been using the FBV service in order to route its orders to the Voodoo factory in Brooklyn for on-demand production and drop-shipping.

“Our sellers are launching physical products without the burden of setup, inventory, and over-production costs,” Friefeld told us. “They can move from a product idea to having it for sale in as little as 24 hours. This is the future of how consumer products should be made, it’s incredible.”

The new Fulfilled by Voodoo service just launched today. So if you’re a 3D printing entrepreneur looking for a better way to start an online business for your 3D printed products, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

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[Images provided by Voodoo Manufacturing]

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