Luxexcel and Roboze Announce Expansions of 3D Printing Businesses Into New Territories

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It’s a new year, and with it comes new beginnings for many companies in the 3D printing industry. Those new beginnings include expansions into new territories, as is the case for Netherlands-based company Luxexcel, which specializes in 3D printed ophthalmic lenses. Luxexcel announced today that it will be opening its new United States headquarters in Alpharetta, GA, in the Atlanta area. Chief Commercial Officer Guido Groet has relocated to Alpharetta to lead the operations there.

“We are building our US team in all front-end areas, sales/marketing, business development and service alike,” said Groet. “Luxexcel has a tradition of hiring employees with the attitude of making the impossible, possible. We have installed our first VisionPlatforms in the US and follow-up ambitions are high. The US market is a market which is open for innovation and opportunity and this goes hand in hand with our mission to revolutionize the eyewear industry and offer smart eyewear to the world.”

[Image: Luxexcel]

Luxexcel’s VisionPlatforms include a 3D printer, resin, and support and software, which are available to ophthalmic labs and can be integrated into their workflows. The company’s technology allows for the creation of lenses without any need for polishing, which can be perfectly customized. Recently, Luxexcel also stepped into the augmented reality industry through a partnership with Vuzix. It will provide prescription lenses for the AR company’s headsets.

“Luxexcel is pushing a new lens-manufacturing paradigm with great opportunities for innovators in the ophthalmic and consumer-electronics industries,” said Luxexcel CEO Hans Streng. “Our market is taking off and we are expanding rapidly, with the first VisionPlatform solutions installed in the field. It is great to see our customers producing 3D-printed prescription lenses for ophthalmic and augmented-reality applications. It is a great next step for Luxexcel to open its US headquarters to ramp our business activities.”

Also expanding is Roboze, known for its Roboze One, Roboze One +400 and Argo 500 3D printers. The Italian company is a fast-growing one, frequently expanding its reach and its distributor network, and now it has announced that it is further expanding its presence in the EMEA region through partnerships with three companies in Germany, Scandinavia and Turkey.

German company Rauch CNC Manufaktur specializes in the processing of thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics. In 2013, it opened an additive manufacturing division, utilizing Selective Laser Sintering technology with high-performance materials such as PEEK and now PEKK and PPS.

“Today, the Roboze filament solutions are available, more reliable, and certainly the most accurate in the world in their technology,” said Bernd Rauch, owner of Rauch CNC Manufaktur. “For us, this is a ideal complement to our SLS systems. Fast, affordable and with a wide range of available materials.”

In Scandinavia, Roboze has partnered with CADsys, which offers customers its expertise in CAD/CAM systems. The company has 10 years of experience in manufacturing software, and is consistently working to offer faster solutions.

“After collecting the needs of our current customers, we wanted to complete our offering with a 3D printing system for the production of finished parts with materials suitable for industry,” said Ricco Busk, CEO of CADsys. “Roboze was our natural choice.”

Ricco Busk and Alessio Lorusso

Roboze has already has a presence in Turkey but has now formed a partnership with another Turkish company, 3D-Model, part of the Galtek Kimya Group. 3D-Model offers 3D printing for rapid and functional prototyping services, and was looking for a supplier for the production of finished parts in high-performance, high-quality plastic materials.

Atamer Özalp

“With a solution like Roboze One + 400 we will better meet the needs of aerospace, automotive and manufacturing sectors, with the highest quality available today for PEEK printing with FFF systems,” said Atamer Özalp, 3D-Model GM assistant.

Roboze plans to continue to expand in order to bring its technology to as many people around the world as possible, and it already has some new plans, as well.

“Our technology is our drive. Resellers around the world choose our machines and decide to distribute Roboze because their final customers request them,” said Alessio Lorusso, Roboze Founder and CEO. “The users create the demand, and we reply with the most accurate FFF 3D printers in the world for technopolymers. We are currently evaluating possible candidates for the role of VP Sales EMEA, but we continue to win new business every week, reflecting the fact that beyond the significant commercial figures, it is the technology we offer to be the real driver of our growth. We are delighted to have strengthened some European channels that we thought were strategic, and that I took care of personally. We are now embarking on a new endeavor that will shape the dynamics of the 3D printing market at a global level. By bringing our technology closer to customers all over the world, they will be able to access our technology and technopolymers and receive their parts in hours, a few miles from their offices or companies. We will soon share the new details.”

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[Images: Roboze unless otherwise noted]


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