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Cappasity Announces Development of ARToken-Powered Blockchain Ecosystem for Quick and Easy AR/VR/3D Content Creation

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Cappasity, founded in 2013, is on a mission: to make 3D digitizing as simple as photography. The startup is known for its in-store browsing experience, with interactive 3D images, to online retail, and introduced its Easy 3D Scan software in 2015; it was released a year later. Cappasity aims to develop an easy, scalable platform for creation, embedding, and analysis of 3D, AR, and VR content, and since 2014, has raised $1.8 million from VC funds and angel investors to make the platform a reality.

A beta version of the Cappasity platform was released in January, and this week, the startup announced that it’s developing an AR/VR blockchain ecosystem, powered by ARToken (ART), that’s designed to allow quick and easy AR/VR/3D content creation. The ecosystem itself is made up of blockchain and storage infrastructure and a marketplace, with a ‘sandbox’ testing environment for the unique AR/VR/3D content in practice.

According to the ARToken by Cappasity website, “We believe the AR/VR revolution will be driven by content creators. That’s why we are introducing the first platform that leverages blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content. This approach ensures decentralized and trustless copyright storage and content exchange within the AR/VR ecosystem.”

ART is a virtual currency that’s used to trade the content inside the ecosystem, and will be available with Cappasity’s $50 million token crowdsale, which will be launched next month.

“Top luxury retailers who have implemented our 3D imaging integrations are showing conversion increases of as much as 30-40%. We are excited to bring innovative content creators the opportunity to participate in the AR/VR content revolution with the utility ARToken (ART) to power the whole ecosystem,” said Kosta Popov, the founder and CEO of Cappasity

As 3D content becomes more important in many verticals, such as education, art, retail, entertainment, health, and gaming, Cappasity’s new ecosystem will leverage the blockchain, which is the underlying technology of Bitcoin, in an effort to be the most favored AR/VR/3D content exchange platform in the world for businesses, developers, and users who can benefit from creating, trading, and embedding 3D image creation. Blockchain is a chain of blocks (records) that contain transactional data, and within the data set, financial information, like recipient details and the amount of transactions, are stored. Blockchain has been used in the 3D printing world in a military testing capacity, and to store data of 3D printed aircraft parts.

3D content creators and distributors will be able to use the platform to monetize and share their results through a tokenized ecosystem, which includes compatibility with AR/VR devices, high quality production of AR/VR and 3D content through SDK and plugins, tools that enable 3D content to be embedded into mobile apps and web stores, and powerful Cappasity AI analytics that will handle customer interactions with 3D by creating a heatmap for every digitized product.

The decentralized billing system for ART can handle many microtransactions, and will be secured by smart contracts. ARTs can be used to buy or rent 3D/AR/VR content on the platform and subscribe to the 3D content base, and are earned by creating, renting and selling, and moderating the unique content. 70% of ARTs will be delivered to crowdsale participants, and the rest will be set aside for early contributors and founders’ long-term endowment. The month-long ARToken crowdsale will begin on September 27th.

According to Cappasity, AR has the potential to become a major element of e-commerce, and Goldman Sachs expects the AR/VR software market to attain $35 billion by the year 2025, with 60% of the revenue driven by consumers. Discuss in the Cappasity forum at 3DPB.com.

[All Images: Cappasity]


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