3D Printing News Briefs: May 19, 2017

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Happy Friday! In this week’s second edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, Metalysis joins an international alloy technology partnership and CRP USA is exhibiting its WINDFORM 3D printing materials at SOMSA for the first time. DeskArtes, Thor3D, and EOS are all rolling out new software suites, while Sculpteo announces a new material. Make: has released a new eBook collection with Humble Bundle, and the UNYQ scoliosis brace is on display in the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum.

Metalysis Signs Joint R&D Program with International Partner

Together with an unnamed international partner, Metalysis has signed a joint research and development program, with the goal of co-creating a high value aluminum-scandium alloy. There is an increasing demand for these strong types of alloys for the aerospace and automotive industries, because they possess light-weighting characteristics. Unfortunately, adding expensive scandium to an alloy can triple the manufacturing cost, so the R&D program will investigate using Metalysis’ disruptive, electrochemical technology in order to offer a scandium-rich feedstock addition and support master alloy production. Its process can produce a variety of alloys and metals at a lower cost, and lower environmental footprint, than conventional melting processes.

“We are very pleased to welcome another international partner to our R&D project portfolio, and look forward to commencing a particularly exciting work programme together,” said Dion Vaughan, CEO of Metalysis. “Aluminium-scandium alloys are a huge subject of interest to Metalysis, and while their cost implications are well-known, so are their highly beneficial characteristics. The ‘unknown’ element of this picture is how disruptive technologies will traverse historic barriers to manufacturing these alloys, and this is exactly what we will address. We will use Metalysis’ process to explore opportunities to materially improve their cost setting and deliver a high-demand, high-spec product. Achieving this would pose truly revolutionary results and create an important area of potential growth for both parties.”

The R&D program will be conducted in phases at the company’s Materials Discovery Centre in South Yorkshire’s Advanced Manufacturing Park Innovation District.

CRP USA Exhibiting at SOMSA For the First Time

Jeff Ryan prosthetic leg and foot

For the very first time, CRP USA, partnered with CRP Group in Italy, will be attending and exhibiting at the Special Operations Medicine Scientific Assembly (SOMSA) exhibition. This year’s event, held at the Charlotte Convention Center in North Carolina, begins on Sunday, May 21, and runs through May 25. This is the largest gathering of SOF medical providers in the world, and CRP USA will be demonstrating how its laser sintering, high performance WINDFORM materials, originally developed for the motorsports industry, can also be used for other industries.

SOMSA 2017 co-chairs Lieutenant Colonel Will Smith, MD, Paramedic, and Lieutenant Colonel Cord Cunningham, MD, MPH, said, “The 2017 theme is Back to the Future: Gaining New Ground and Preserving Lessons Learned; it highlights the juxtaposition of developing new knowledge and approaches to Special Operation Forces medicine while not losing any lessons paid for in blood, lives, and the great personal cost of so many. SOMA is the only medical association in the world that brings together the unique blend of pre-hospital, tactical, wilderness, austere, disaster and deployed medicine. SOMSA provides the opportunity for military and civilian medical providers, academia and industry partners from around the world to meet and exchange ideas.”

CRP USA will be displaying its latest 3D printed solutions for the defense and medical sectors, like custom orthotics and prosthetics and Jeff Ryan’s (JRI Shocks, MSI Defense) knee brace, at booth #1208.

DeskArtes Releases Expert Series 11.0 Software

Several months ago, Finland-based DeskArtes, which provides design and data preparation software, released version 10.3 of its Expert Series; yesterday, it released version 11.0 of the web-enabled solution for 3D color printing and additive manufacturing and simulation data preparation. The Expert Series 11.0 allows customers to offer Internet-based additive manufacturing services with DeskArtes AM technology; the modular software suite is targeted towards hobbyists just as much as it is to additive manufacturing and simulation professionals. This version includes a new, user-friendly graphical user interface, and offers a selected set of commands for Internet-based applications, from Repair and Reduce to Support generation for DLP, metal, and stereolithography systems.

DeskArtes CEO Ismo Mäkelä explained, “DeskArtes 3Data Expert 11.0 offers a unique set of tools for cloud based AM applications. DeskArtes is actively developing and offering support generation, repair and model decimation tools available over the Internet with its customers and partners.”

The Expert Series 11.0 also includes View Expert, Dimensions Expert, Sim Expert, 3Data Expert, and 3Data Expert Lite modules, which offer an increased selection of 3D model preparation commands.

Thor3D Announces Latest Software Version

This week, Thor3D released the newest version of its award-winning editing software. Thor3D Suite 2.0 encompasses sophisticated tools with a user-friendly feel so that all Thor3D scanner users can get the results they’re looking for. Thor3D Suite 2.0 is already available for download, and is a big, symbolic step forward for the company. One exciting new feature, which was requested by advanced users numerous times, was to be given a choice between automatic data post-processing, or an independent step-by-step process. This latest software version has several other innovative new features, including:

  • A Preset function to save your settings, 6 interface languages, and comes with a comprehensive manual
  • New Preliminary Cleaning feature filters the noise of difficult data that could potentially interfere with optimal final results; this is best illustrated when scanning objects with many gaps and crevices
  • Helpful new tools, like a Lasso brush for easy selection and a full installer
  • Optimized for both the Drake and Thor3D scanners with all three modules; the software automatically recognizes which scanner was last used to capture data and applies appropriate settings and algorithms for the best post-processing results

EOS Introduces New CAM Software for Industrial 3D Printing

EOSPRINT 2.0: New generation of job and process management software

Leading technology provider for industrial 3D metal and polymer printing EOS has released EOSPRINT 2.0, the latest version of its additive manufacturing CAM environment. Using this new version of the job and process management software, industrial engineers will now be able to easily optimize CAD data for EOS systems. This new EOS software, which is available for metal systems EOS M 290 and EOS M 400, allows for easier part optimization, offers an intuitive user interface, and gives customers more freedom in application-specific parameter optimization. Future versions will include support for the company’s current metal 3D printers and any future polymer systems. EOSPRINT 2.0 offers:

  • Workflow-based design for ease of use
  • Increased productivity by new plane segmentation
  • Increased freedom for expert users with open ParameterEditor module
  • New exposure patterns for high part quality
  • Integration into current and future software environments

“We advanced EOSPRINT in accordance with market needs, particularly in the fields of ease of use, higher part quality and increased productivity. EOSPRINT 2.0 makes the initial steps of the actual AM build process easier and the comprehensive AM CAM environment enables engineers to reach higher quality and lower cost than ever before,” said Gerd Denninger, Software Product Manager at EOS.

Sculpteo Announces Newest 3D Printing Material

Online 3D printing service Sculpteo just launched its newest material, CarbonMide. Objects 3D printed with the lightweight, flexible CarbonMide material are similar to objects 3D printed using polyamide. The fine, black plastic polyamide powder (PA12), reinforced with carbon fiber, has high strength, resistance, and stiffness when used with the SLS 3D printing process. The material has many applications, ranging from electrical and mechanical and to medical and ornamental, and is a good choice for printing aerodynamic components.

CarbonMide has two finishing options: Polished, which means the surface will be smoother but layers will still be visible, and Raw, where the object is sandblasted and comes with a rough surface. The material can be shipped anywhere in the world within 16 days, but it’s important to note that the finishing option chosen, and the current volume of orders, could extend shipping time by one to two days on average. If you are designing a model and want to 3D print using CarbonMide material, before you upload your 3D file, make sure to set the maximum size at 600 x 335 x 335 mm for a raw finish, and 180 x 150 x 150 mm for a polished finish. The material’s layer thickness is 150 µm, though this can change depending on how thick your model is.

Make: Teams Up with Humble Bundle for New eBook Collection

To celebrate this weekend’s 12th annual Maker Faire Bay Area, publishing brand Make: has launched a brand new eBook collection with Humble Bundle. The bundle runs through May 31, and features titles for every maker of every age on lots of topics, including digital fabrication, 3D printing, drones, open source computing, the Internet of Things, woodworking, and even toy-making and history. Several brand new releases are available, including Electricity for Young Makers and Linux for Makers, and readers can pay whatever price they want to, starting at just $1, to unlock up to $400 worth of Make: eBooks. The bundle also includes a good deal on Make: magazine subscriptions: if you purchase a bundle at average price, or higher, you can get $5 off a digital subscription.

Publisher Roger Stewart said, “I’m excited to be able to offer these new ‘toon-illustrated woodworking and electricity books for kids, as well as a Linux guide for Raspberry Pi (and other SBC) users who want to take their projects to a higher level. Linux for Makers is the only book aimed specifically at Makers that really demystifies and deepens their understanding of the operating system that controls most boards. I’m also delighted to be able to offer all three volumes of William Gurstelle’s remarkable ReMaking History series in one spot. History really comes to life when you are able to recreate the great inventions of the past in your own workspace. This collection of ebooks runs the gamut of exciting projects for beginning to experienced Makers.”
 UNYQ Align Brace Chosen for Permanent Museum Display

The original UNYQ Align brace is now on permanent display at NYC’s Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum [Image: PRNewsfoto/UNYQ]

 In September, we heard about the 3D printed Align scoliosis brace, by UNYQ and Studio Bitonti. Now, just in time for National Scoliosis Awareness Month in June, the UNYQ Align scoliosis brace has been selected to go on permanent display at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City. According to the National Scoliosis Foundation, about 7 million children and adults in the US live with irregular curvature of the spine, and the UNYQ Align brace, available June 1 in select pilot centers around the US, allows for the seamless scanning, modeling, and 3D printing of a custom brace that’s also fashionable.
“With UNYQ Align, we removed what used to be a cumbersome hand-molding fabrication process and replaced it with topographic anatomical analysis and 3D printing capabilities,” said Francis Bitonti, CEO of Bitonti Studios. “This significantly changes the brace fit, function and wearability. It is wonderful to have the minimal UNYQ Align brace on display to showcase such an important integration of fashion, technology and design.”

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