3D Printing News Briefs: May 9, 2017


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I’m calling today’s edition of 3D Printing News Briefs the RAPID + TCT version, as all of the companies we’re covering today are attending the event in Pittsburgh. XJet will be displaying its metal and ceramic inkjet 3D printing expertise, while GeonX is launching its Virfac iAM software, Arcam EBM is presenting its Arcam Q10plus and Arcam Q20plus EBM systems, and Sigma Labs introduces its PrintRite3D INSPECT V.2.0 software. EnvisionTEC is now selling a Field-Stretchable Assembly product for its 3SP line of 3D printers, and Ultimaker is developing a Print Cluster Management Software solution.

XJet Displaying Metal and Ceramic Inkjet 3D Printing Expertise at RAPID + TCT

Israeli additive manufacturing company XJet Ltd., which is pioneering NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ) technology to redefine the metal and ceramics AM industry, will be displaying sample 3D printed parts, and sharing its metal and ceramic 3D printing expertise, at the RAPID + TCT 2017 event in Pittsburgh this week. Dror Danai, the company’s CBO, will be presenting on NPJ technology at 3 pm tomorrow, May 10, in Room 317/318 during a New Processes Power-Up. Danai will discuss the “three dimensions of innovation” that XJet’s technology offers in ceramic 3D printing, including stochastic nanoparticles, XJet’s soluble support material, and single-step sintering.

Hanan Gothait, CEO and founder of XJet, said, “Described as a ‘game-changer’ in metal 3D printing, our NPJ technology empowers super-fine details and the design of parts with virtually any geometry. Following our recent announcement of our ability to also print ceramic parts, we are excited to demonstrate both our ceramic and metal expertise at RAPID + TCT 2017 and other leading industry events.”

XJet has also announced that it has added two important executives to its management team: CTO Igal Zeitun, the former Senior VP R&D at Stratasys, and CFO Yaron Hermeche. You can visit XJet at RAPID this week at booth #2236.

GeonX Holds Official Launch of Virfac iAM Software During RAPID + TCT

For about five years, GeonX has been developing quality scientific software, which is used for simulating virtual manufacturing processes in machining, welding, heat treatment, additive manufacturing, and damage tolerance. Its Virfac software combines a powerful, parallel non-linear finite element thermo-mechanical-metallurgy solver with an intuitive CAD-based user interface. Today, at RAPID + TCT 2017, the company is releasing its new Virfac iAM software, which offers users a disruptive technology that’s connected to the new Barracuda solver engine – it’s entirely dedicated to AM modeling, and doesn’t share the spotlight with other manufacturing processes.

GeonX developed the powerful new generation solver, which runs on GPGPU processors and demonstrates incredibly fast speed-up factors, when compared to the traditional finite element solvers. The goal of the Virfac iAM module, which will shore up the company’s market position, is “to become the true virtual manufacturing simulator side by side to the manufacturing machine.”

To see a live demo of its new Virfac iAM additive manufacturing simulation tool, visit the founders of GeonX at RAPID this week at booth #2137.

Arcam Exhibiting Metal Powders, Q10plus and Q20plus, Best Practices at RAPID + TCT

At RAPID + TCT 2017 this week, Arcam AB is presenting its full range of products under its new identity, Arcam EBM.

Arcam CEO Magnus René said, “Arcam is determined to serve the industry through cost efficient solutions thus converting traditional manufacturing into Additive Manufacturing. Bringing together our offerings in industrial additive manufacturing systems through Arcam EBM, metal powders through AP&C and contract manufacturing through DTI under one common brand structure makes it easier for us to serve our customers. With the endorsement from GE Additive we have power behind us and the solutions we provide customers.”

Arcam EBM will be presenting its industrial EBM additive manufacturing systems, the Arcam Q10plus and the Arcam Q20plus; a Q10plus will be operated during the event so visitors can have a hands-on experience. The company’s powder manufacturer, AP&C, will be presenting its titanium and Inconel powders, which have the highest flowability that’s just right for additive manufacturing and other advanced applications like coatings and MIM. Arcam offers implant contract manufacturing through DTI (DiSanto), and its best practice team will be at RAPID, helping customers reach their production goals and offering its methodology for validating EBM implant manufacturing. Visit Arcam this week at booth #2115.

Sigma Labs Unveiling Latest PrintRite3D Software During RAPID + TCT

Quality assurance software provider Sigma Labs announced that it will unveil the latest version of its PrintRite3D software, INSPECT V.2.0, at RAPID + TCT 2017 in Pittsburgh this week. The company’s commercial alliance 3D printing partner, Morf3D, and Honeywell Aerospace will be receiving the first installations of the new software.

“We are delighted to unveil our advanced PrintRite3D INSPECT V.2.0 solution at the Rapid 2017 event, which is the perfect forum to introduce its advanced capabilities to a captive 3D manufacturing audience. This release marks our product evolution with an offering that provides Web and IoT-based integration, enabling groundbreaking advancements in process control and quality assurance for Additive Manufacturing,” said Mark Cola, President and CEO of Sigma Labs.

The PrintRite3D INSPECT V.2.0 system pairs the multi-sensors and hardware of SENSORPAK with the software modules of INSPECT, CONTOUR, and ANALYTICS, to offer users comprehensive management of all additive manufacturing processes. The V.2.0 release is also web and IoT-enabled, with statistical process control and visualization, so users can get a real-time look at the whole process, get part-by-part multivariate analysis, and enjoy machine floor to cloud data communication, with intregration of multiple machine systems. You can visit Sigma Labs at RAPID this week at booth #1026.

EnvisionTEC Offering Consumable Product Line for Large-Frame 3D Printers

Users of EnvisionTEC 3SP models with a Pre-Stretched Assembly (PSA) can now purchase a Field-Stretchable Assembly Kit (FSA) that allows users to replace films on their own, saving time and money. [Image: Business Wire]

3D printer and materials manufacturer EnvisionTEC has introduced a new consumable product that will reduce downtime and save about 75% in operating costs for users of its 3SP line of large-frame 3D printers: an affordable Field-Stretchable Assembly (FSA), along with a value pack of high-quality FSA films that will work with some of the 3SP printers, like the Ultra and 3Dent that used to ship with a Pre-Stretched Assembly (PSA).

These assemblies are an important part of the company’s material tray, which is itself critical for accurate 3D printing. Each FSA or PSA has several layers of film, which haze over or wear out after repeated resin exposure and use. Until now, EnvisionTEC provided expert PSA replacement, but 3SP production users said they wanted to manage these replacements on their own. The FSA delivers, letting users quickly replace films on their own.

EnvisionTEC CEO Al Siblani said, “Our new FSA system demonstrates how EnvisionTEC continues to work closely with production users of our 3D printers to save time and money. Our new value-pack of FSA film contains four stretchable and four release films that were custom designed and are not like other Teflon-style FEP and PFA films on the market.”

EnvisionTEC is at RAPID this week and has already introduced several new products; you can visit the company at booth #1813.

Ultimaker Developing Print Cluster Management Software

Professional desktop 3D printing leader Ultimaker announced that it is currently developing a seamless workflow, the Print Cluster Management software solution, to work in combination with its Ultimaker 3 desktop printer and its Cura print slicing software. The software solution will allow educational and professional markets to easily and efficiently manage 3D printer clusters in a fully integrated environment directly from Cura. The software will work with any Ultimaker 3 printer, and users in professional environments will be able to select printers and monitor the prints, receive notifications, and queue jobs, as well as oversee small-scale production, prototyping, and tooling across an entire organization.

Paul Heiden, SVP of Product Management at Ultimaker, said, “At Ultimaker, we continuously listen to our customers and their needs are what spurs the improvement and development of our solutions. With the Ultimaker 3, desktop 3D printing with industrial-grade materials became a reality. Demand for clusters of multiple 3D printers has grown and so has the need to better manage and control them. That’s where our new Print Cluster Management software comes in.”

Ultimaker will be at RAPID this week, in booth #829.

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