3D Printing at Easter: Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Hopping Down the… 3D Printed Trail

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The other day, we heard about Belgium-based La Miam Factory, and its 3D printed chocolate Easter confections, and beer bottles, and Easter has been on my brain ever since. There are all sorts of 3D printable Easter designs out there as 3D printing makes its mark on another holiday.

On Pinshape, you can find this 3D printed Easternest by user 3d-graph to decorate your table, and a 3D printed Easter bunny napkin ring by Bajmb. Cults 3D user oogime offers this free downloadable Easter egg cookie cutter model, and of course, there are 3D printable Easter eggs galore; check out this pretty Easter Egg 1 by Shapeways user HJ, and Easter Egg design on Thingiverse by user Shira. Also, what would Easter be without bunnies? You’ll never have to find out with this sweet, simple Bunny for Easter STL Printable by Shapeways user SmartCgArt, or this Stanford Easter Bunny from Thingiverse, 3D printed with a Voronoi pattern by user virtox.

Bre & Co. Spiral Vases

We always love to see what beautiful, heirloom-quality items New York-based accessory and giftware company Bre & Co. is making. Some of the new items currently available on the site can even be personalized for Mother’s Day gifts (order by April 28 for this service), but they’re so pretty and spring-like, I think they would work for Easter as well (maybe for next year). The limited edition Spiral Vase, which costs $149, is manufactured with the help of a ceramic 3D printer, and then fired in a large wood kiln, creating colors ranging from light pink to deep blue. You can request a specific color preference, but there are only 30 available, so order quickly. If you’re looking for a less expensive vase, the 3D printed ceramic Folded Bud Vase is only $49, and available in white or blue.

Bre & Co. Fora Pendant

The $180 Fora Pendant is inspired by Italian glass-blowing techniques and manufactured with multi-material 3D printing and post-processing craftwork. The lovely Cameo Pendant, for $180, has a photopolymer lithophane image is manufactured using a combination of lost wax casting and high resolution 3D printing. Either one of these necklaces would look great with any Easter ensemble, and both can be laser-engraved with up to three characters.

This week’s Featured Design on Thingiverse is this cute, functional Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny, by muzz64. This flip-top Easter bunny, with a built-in hinge, can be loaded with mini chocolate Easter Eggs, thanks to an internal channel and a small ridge at the bottom, to keep the eggs from continuously rolling out.

muzz64 says that you need to load the eggs in sideways, and can either put them in through the top or push them up from the bottom. Maybe it’s just me, but while I concur that this bunny egg dispenser is cute, I also find it just a little creepy as well. I think it’s the flip-top head: it’s like when kids see theme park characters with their heads off.

Speaking of creepy Easter 3D prints, I am a little bit in love with this Easter Alien by Shapeways user Reaper Media (maybe that’s weird, and I accept that). While certainly not many people would call it cute, you should note the Easter Alien’s fluffy tail and smiling (snarling?) face as it holds a tiny Easter egg in a death grip. I think the best part about this model is the product description:

“The Easter Alien loves to hide eggs. She’s probably hidden some in your house already. I suggest you get a flame thrower.”

Reaper Media also has a stand design for the Easter Alien, available on Pinterest.

Continuing down the creepy Easter trail, Cults 3D user EMBE85 designed this Easter Monster Egg model using CATIA V5. It looks like something Jack Skellington would have as a decoration if he ever decides to take over Easter, instead of Halloween and Christmas. EMBE85 also designed this Easter Aliens Egg with CATIA V5.

If you’re hosting children for your Easter dinner, perhaps you’ll want to keep your 3D printed Easter decorations on the more conventional side. This cute 3D printed Bunny puzzle, designed by Chris Knowlton and available on Pinshape, will keep the kids engaged and out of the kitchen. For some messier fun, you can also send them outside to play with the awesome 3D printed Easter Eggs Crasher: Crash Site, or the Easter Eggs Crasher: Swing, both available on Pinshape from 3d-graph.

For the adults, this two-piece 3D printed Bunny is a perfectly adorable way to save your wine corks from Easter dinner. Cults 3D user Ugly explains that the PLA printable design can work with most wine corks, and that no supports are needed to print the pieces.

Everyone here at 3DPrint.com wishes you a happy Easter, and as always, happy 3D printing!


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