Weekly Roundup: Ten Last-Minute 3D Printable Halloween Costumes

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3dp_ten3dp_halloweencostumes_bannerThere is nothing more annoying than trying to come up with a last-minute Halloween costume that doesn’t make you look like your costume is last minute. I’ve managed to come up with a few silly costumes over the years that worked out (one year I pinned a bunch of clothes to myself and said that I was a pile of laundry.) It got the job done, but I told myself that I would plan ahead next year so I didn’t have to wear 20 pounds of towels and t-shirts all night again. Then I promptly forgot about it until October 29th of the following year when I had to drag out that heavier-than-it-looks pile of laundry costume again. I guess I’m just not a plan-a-costume-ahead-of-time kind of guy, and based on a lot of people that I saw at the party I wasn’t alone.

Thankfully people like us have a new tool that makes last-minute costumes a lot easier to manage. Thanks to my home 3D printer I have a ton of quick costume options that I can have ready to go in just a few hours. So for my last Halloween column of the month (following some 3D printable decor for your home, 3D printable goodies to pass out for trick or treaters and 3D printable Halloween-y light up things)  I figured I would find some fantastic quickie costume ideas that will make it look like you’ve actually put some thought into them.

Here are Ten Last Minute 3D Printable Halloween Costumes:



Clark Kent Glasses Frames by casualkoru

Found on: Pinshape
Cost: Free

Okay, so this isn’t the most original costume idea in the world, but Clark Kent before he suits up as his alter ego Superman is a great way to dress up as a superhero without having to find a full costume made of colorful spandex. All you need to make this costume work is everyday office wear with a Superman t-shirt on underneath. And of course Clark Kent’s trademark pair of black-rimmed glasses that somehow make it impossible for people to recognize him as Superman.


These simple glasses frames are easy to print, don’t need any support and were made thick enough to be sturdy and durable. They are the perfect prop to sell your Clark Kent mid-change into Superman costume, and you won’t need to wear tights all night long. Obviously these should be 3D printed in black, but if you don’t have black filament then a quick coat of spray paint will get the job done.



Cat nose and Rabbit Nose by UechiMike

Found on: Thingiverse
Cost: Free

Dressing up as an animal is a tradition as old as Halloween costumes, and these simple clip-on noses are a modern way to update a classic. Not only will you not need to use any paint on your face, but the costume can quickly be put on or taken off. And while it may be a little lazy, the fact that they’re 3D printed is going to at least make your costume a nice conversation piece.


Both of these clip-on noses are easy to 3D print and can be made pretty quickly. The model itself prints out without any supports, however there may need to be some rafting on the whiskers to prevent them from peeling up off of the printing bed.



Yup Yup Martian eyes by vmatthews

Found on: Thingiverse
Cost: Free

I’ll admit, it has been a while since I’ve watched Sesame Street, but when I was a kid the Yup Yup aliens were probably one of my favorite characters. The gag was a simple one, the Yup Yups would come across an everyday object like a clock or a telephone and assume that it was human. They would say “yup yup” a lot and generally be pretty goofy.

Here is one of the classic Yup Yup alien skits from Sesame Street:

The Yup Yups were the most simple puppet that Sesame Street has ever put on the air. Each was essentially a fuzzy cloth draped over a hand with some googly eyes glued to the top, which makes it really easy to make a life-sized version. The eyes and antenna can easily be scaled up or down, and the larger versions are split into parts to make them easier to 3D print. Just hunt down a brightly colored blanket, blue or orange for authenticity, and stick these eyes on it. Then all you have to do is move around the party Yup Yupping and Nope Noping all night and pretty much anyone who grew up watching Sesame Street will know exactly who you’re supposed to be.



Dilbert Tie and Glasses by ztuerk

Found on: Thingiverse
Cost: Free

Dilbert is one of the most popular syndicated comic strips in the country, and the character’s floppy tie and giant glasses are instantly recognizable. While it is simple enough to dress up as Dilbert, looking like cartoon or comic characters is always tricky. But the clever designer of this costume idea found a way to really sell the look with this 3D printed tie that curls up on its own and a matching pair of over-sized glasses.


The tie is actually printed in several sections that can be printed in alternating red and black filaments and then glued together. The created included tabs so it’s easy to assemble the tie, and the curl can be achieved by warming up the PLA until its malleable and simply bending it. Then all you’ll need is a short sleeved white button up shirt and some pens for the pocket and you’re all set.



Tom Selleck’s Mustache by custom3dstuff

Found on: Thingiverse
Cost: Free

Okay, so this is a costume idea for when you literally have almost no time to put anything together. Just 3D print out this simple clip-on mustache and you’re off. Of course if you want to dress up as Tom Selleck like the designer intended, then you can probably still do that pretty easily. Although you may have to tell people who you’re supposed to be, even though the designer actually traced Tom Selleck’s facial hair to make this.


The mustache will print in a matter of minutes, so just print it in black or brown and you’ll be on your way to that party in a matter of minutes. You won’t need to use any supports, although it may need a raft if you have bed adhesion issues.



Female mask by Leandro Ferreira

Found on: MyMiniFactory
Cost: Free

If you want a costume that is quick and simple then a mask is definitely the way to go. While there are thousands of masks available to be 3D printed, many of them require a ton of post-processing and finishing work to be wearable. That is inconvenient if you’re supposed to be out the door in a few hours. But this simple masquerade mask is made with a lovely filigree design that looks beautiful and makes it pretty easy to 3D print.


You’ll need a 3D printer with a sizable printing bed, or you’ll need to be willing to break the mask up into parts and glue them together. Once the mask in printed it will need to be heated up and bent into shape, but that is pretty easy if you use a material like PLA. Just add a string to tie in on your face and you’ll be all set. Any color filament will work, but I think the stark white is really nice looking and makes the intricate design pop out off the wearer’s face.



Ye Olde Arrow Through The Head Gag by zheng3

Found on: Thingiverse
Cost: Free

While the “arrow through the head” gag is usually meant as a practical joke, it can also be used to make a great costume. You can either just print out and wear one arrow, or you can print a few and position them all over your body, making it look like you’ve been riddled with arrows.

The actual shaft of the arrow is a #2 pencil, so all that you’ll need to print is the tips of the arrow and the headband. The parts are all very simple to print and shouldn’t need any supports or rating.



Halloween Devil Horns by mohamed soliman

Found on: MyMiniFactory
Cost: Free

Let’s face it, you’re not going to win any creative costume awards for anything that you throw together last minute, and these devil horns aren’t going to change that. But it’s a simple print that can be done fast, and just pair it up with some red clothing and you’ll look devilishly good.


Obviously these should be printed in a red filament, however they can be repurposed as any type of horns really. The horns can be attached to a hat or kept in place with an elastic strap. Provided you’re not follically challenged like me it would also be possible to attach the horns into your hair using a few large hairpins.



Kirby Face Costume and Star Rod Wand! by CarryTheWhat

Found on: Thingiverse
Cost: Free

This is a simple way to dress up as iconic video game character Kirby that won’t take weeks of preparation. In his games, Kirby is a round, pink ball with the power to inhale up his enemies to gain their abilities so he can solve puzzles and navigate through the game’s levels. If you wanted to look exactly like him it would involve a huge, pink costume that would be uncomfortable and difficult to move around in. But this 3D printed version is going to be a lot easier to assemble, not to mention faster.

Just 3D print all of Kirby’s facial features, including his eyes, rosy cheeks and his mouth, and stick them to the front of a pink shirt or jacket. It’s a really easy and adorable last minute costume that is sure to catch the eye of plenty of video game fans.



Shaun’s nametag from Shaun of the Dead by carbon8

Found on: Thingiverse
Cost: Free

The cult classic horror comedy Shaun of the Dead is a sillier version of the classic zombie movies, and a perfect opportunity to put together a quick and easy Halloween costume. Shaun battled the undead wearing his work uniform, and even forget to remove his name tag for most of the movie. This 3D printable name tag was designed to look exactly like the one in the movie and already has his name printed on it.


Just print the name tag out in red filament and use some white paint to color the raised lettering on the tag. Pair it with some black slacks, a white dress shirt and some blood splatters and you’re ready to go. If you don’t have the cricket bat that he used as a weapon then you can take a baseball bat and use some cardboard to give it the flat shape of a cricket bat. It’s not a perfect solution, but you’re the one who waited until the last minute to put your costume together.

Okay, that’s all I have for you this week. I hope I gave some of you costume procrastinators a few ideas for something last minute, and always I would love to see how they came out. Feel free to email me pictures of your costumes or tweet them to me on Twitter @SJGrunewald.

Have a happy and safe Halloween from everyone here at!

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