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Honeybot is Everyone’s New Best Friend, Toy Uses Augmented Reality to Engage Kids

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honeyThe Honeybot Robot is a world in itself, offering children so much educational entertainment that you should never again hear the ever-dreaded, whine of “I’m so booooooooored!” The list of what this pretty adorable and very modern bot can do is long and wonderful. From art and animation to singing and reading stories, bets are that the adults are as enamored as the kids.

Created by HuiYu, which is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the Honeybot is now part of an Indiegogo campaign, just launched, with hopes to raise $30,000 within the next month. Pointing out that this educational companion, controlled with a smartphone, costs less than a textbook, the company makes it clear that their goal with Honeybot is to allow children to play while also learning and establishing good habits, as well as sharing quality time with their mom and dad.

“Honeybot is an educational companion robot that will be loved by both children and parents alike. Entertaining, educational, and also interactive, it’s the best partner for children to grow up happily and healthily, and it connects children with busy parents,” said Zhongliu Chen, Founder & CEO, HuiYu. “The development of science and technology ultimately serves humans. We want a better life where high-tech meets our demands. After more than three year’s preparation and thousands of hours brainstorming, a group of young parents finally made this early educational robot, Honeybot, adopting both high-tech and edutainment.”

The challenge with younger children is always in trying to hold their attention, no matter what the activity. Here, augmented reality is used as an excellent way to keep kids engaged and excited. Certainly not something they’ve seen much of—if at all—the younger set is being exposed to a technology that is able to mix their worlds; for example, if a child draws something and shows it to Honeybot, the screen can show the main part of the drawing becoming the central focus of a cartoon it immediately creates (this is demonstrated in the video below). They can even keep a ‘virtual pet’ with Honeybot that allows them to nurture it and be responsible for its needs when it gets dirty or is hungry or tired.


AR Yolk Park allows for everything to come to life.

Along with teaching good habits and life lessons, the Honeybot is positive as an electronic device for kids as it is meant to draw them closer to their parents as they all interact with the robot. It allows for convenience in daily reminders such as ‘time to go to sleep,’ allowing for parents to send a message via their smartphone which is then translated to the child from Honeybot in a funny voice. It also allows for facetiming with kids when a parent is away.

This one little robot works in all of these roles:

  • Teacher – instructing in areas of common sense, playing games, helping kids to create good habits in general
  • Connector- operating to deepen communication between parent and child
  • Friend – creating a buddy for kids, encouraging learning
  • Inspiration creator – the AR feature helps children understand via animation
  • Storyteller – bringing books to life, encouraging reading
  • Entertainer – learning, playing, and having fun

With AR Yolk Park, both children and parents have access to an early education app that uses AR and image identification technology so that pictures of things kids love (like dinosaurs!) can be shown. The toy operates in both English and Mandarin, and offers an interactive experience.


With AR Aquarium, drawings can be incorporated into animation.

The AR Aquarium app means that kids are able to enjoy educational exercises in early drawing. Honeybot offers much more than simple exercises in art, however, as children’s work is translated into animation. Topics and learning are related to marine animals.

Voice changing live talk is just plain fun. When the parent sends a message to the child, such as “Brush your teeth!” the robot can change the voice into something that gets the kid’s attention in a lighthearted manner, again, strengthening both communication and bonds.

Simulated science offers the electronic pet, with interactive scenes and a timetable, meant to begin teach habits.


If you are interested in backing this campaign, you may want to check out the featured reward for only $229. Paying 34 percent below retail, this special deal offers the 8GB Honeybot with all the basic accessories, plus free shipping. There are other deals available too, from tees to backpacks, to a volume discount when you order multiple Honeybots. Funds from the campaign will be used to put the product into mass-production. Are you backing this campaign on Indiegogo? Discuss further over in the Augmented Reality Honeybot Robot forum at


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