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YSoft Releases SafeQ 6 Software Platform & YSoft be3D eDee 3D Printer Worldwide, Highlights Document Capture & Automated Workflow


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logo (13)Are you a business owner looking for increased productivity while simultaneously shaving dollars off the bottom line? While this might sound very similar to the benefits we often mention regarding bringing 3D printing into your realm, YSoft now offers these elements, along with enhanced security, in a new software release for SafeQ 6. The updated platform has just been formally released by YSoft worldwide—accompanied by one of the first 3D printers to offer print management, a boon to many companies and learning institutions seeking to automate and manage document workflow in the office as they also juggle 2D printers, scanners, and more.

We reported on the YSoft be3D eDee 3D printer and SafeQ 6 software platform back in March, as it was unveiled for their Early Access Release program by a limited number of customers and partners. YSoft, headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, was founded in 2000, and now has offices also in North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East/Africa and the Asian Pacific region. We’ve been following details on be3D printers, such as the DeeRed and DeeGreen, for a few years now, and YSoft and be3D have been tied together since late 2014.

artwork-anime-04-10-staticKnown as an office solutions provider worldwide, with the release of this printer and software platform, YSoft’s obvious goal is comprehensive streamlining and security for the office, and feedback from those participating in the Early Access Release Program showed that 67% found integrated automated workflow to be the most important as a new feature.

While centralized print management was already offered in the original software, YSoft was aware that their client base would benefit greatly if they could also offer automated workflow, all from one application. With the addition of that feature, the design team was also able to integrate it into the YSoft be3D eDee 3D printer, specialized for the educational system. This extremely beneficial as schools and universities begin assembling entire labs, with multiple students working on projects and using printers and materials. And of course, they are completely able to manage their 2D printers as well.

IDC, known as a provider of market intelligence and advisory services around the world, has weighed in on exactly how important a new feature such as document capture and automated workflow is, in one of their recent PlanScapes, which put a focus on exploring important industry topics.

“The opportunity to digitize, automate, and optimize document-intensive workflows is an area that is frequently overlooked by business leaders but is one that can provide both tactical and strategic advantages for organizations,” says Holly Muscolino, research vice president, Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions.


IDC also commented on the YSoft be3D eDee solution:

“IDC believes this announcement demonstrates the changing needs for management of 3D printers, especially as they enter heavily controlled 2D printing environments. eDee represents a way in which the company can help address the demands of accelerator technology by leveraging the knowledge gained from the traditional hardcopy market.”

Other features business clients around the globe will be enjoying include:

  • Client Based Print Roaming (CBPR) – an enhanced version of a roaming feature already in place, this allows complex printing tasks to be completed on the client workstation, and allows users to print from any printer in the environment. This benefit offers greater affordability as fewer, less expensive servers are then required for users, and the system can easily be scaled for new ones.
  • Multitenancy – as the term would imply, this feature uses a shared economy concept allowing print service providers to manage multiple customers using one instance of YSoft SafeQ where total costs for hardware and software are shared amongst several companies. This is extremely important in terms of being able to manage customer flow, and should prove to be a crucial feature.
  • YSoft SafeQ Mobile Terminal – the mobile app that can be used with any multifunction device and is also a cost saving choice for devices without an embedded terminal option.
  • YSoft USB Card Reader 3  – this is the newest and and also the smallest card reader, giving users easy access to YSoft SafeQ functionality embedded in the major brands of multifunction devices. The card reader allows users to swipe their identification card on the reader to quickly and easily authenticate their access to the print device.


“We are inspired by the feedback we received in developing YSoft SafeQ as a platform and in introducing the industry’s first print management solution for 3D printers,” said Václav Muchna, YSoft CEO and co-founder. “It speaks to the need organizations have for enterprise office workflow solutions that help IT bring value not only in keeping costs in check but in improving productivity.”

While the YSoft be3D eDee 3D printer should offer many benefits to schools and universities, this official SafeQ 6 release marks the beginning of greater efficiency for a multitude of businesses, along with a broader level of security, ensuring that fear of any breaches is eliminated. Costs are lowered while productivity rises and employees have access to high-performance machines. Best of all though, users appreciate convenience, streamlining, and over better workflow. Having all of the best features integrated into one application is definitely something businesses seek, and with the progressive SafeQ platform they are able to experience great value on numerous levels, from saving on server costs to hardware and administrative fees as well. Discuss further in the YSoft Releases SafeQ 6 3D Software forum over at

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