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Skip that Learning Curve: Make Learning Easier & 3D Designing Fulfilling with Leopoly App, Now in Your AstroPrint Dashboard

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leopoly-2Often when you start a new project, whether for hobby or work use, there are a multitude of details to consider from the design aspect to actually getting to the stage of 3D printing. Your worry is most likely in seeing a functional 3D model come out of the printer after what might be days spent in design–and we won’t go into how many hours that 3D printer might have been pumping away by the time you see a model in hand!

Aside from bringing your considerable talent and brilliance to the design table, there’s one element that’s necessary as well if you are serious about your work: control. From concept to project management and production, having a sense of control and organization in your work surely makes all the difference in staving off disaster and frustration, which can lead to loss of time and expense in materials. Companies like AstroPrint make it their business to see that you are able to seek excellence in your work—and learn even more along the way—adding to your tool and skill set. Even better—their platform works to make everything simpler by incorporating apps such as Leopoly.

We’ve followed AstroPrint as they’ve created dynamic partnerships, new products, and continued to add and offer helpful new settings and features. Now, their team is bringing us information on how to create and modify .stl files within the Leopoly Software Service app—created by another favored startup from within the industry, hailing from Hungary and on a mission to make life easier for 3D printing enthusiasts as well. These are teams that understand the artistic spirit. The less time you are mired down in technological issues, the more time you have to let that creativity spring forth and shine.

leopoly-1With the Leopoly app, users are granted a tool offering ease in 3D design, and especially if extensive knowledge in CAD software is an issue. The app is a great resource if you have 3D design work to get on with, but don’t want to spend excruciating hours enmeshed in an enormous learning curve—not today, anyway. With the Leopoly app, you can both import and modify .stl files easily right inside your AstroPrint cloud account.

With so many tools and options available from Leopoly, as you are working to simplify processes, you may need to explore and experiment just a bit to see which tools will benefit you most for a specific project. We looked on as AstroPrint, in their comprehensive knowledge of the integrated Leopoly, explained the fastest route to importing .stl files and using the Leopoly tools. According to the AstroPrint team, in using this app, they foresee users as being ‘pleasantly surprised’ regarding the ease in use once you look around a little. The interface, very straightforward, helps make using Leopoly a breeze for the most part.

Everyone likes to know they have the option of using built-in templates, and the AstroPrint team points this out as one of the best parts of the app.

“One of the most useful features of the Leopoly app is its built in templates for 3D design,” states the AstroPrint team in their recent blog regarding the app. “Think of these as a blank template or a canvas that enables you to customize them according to your own needs. It’s a bit like digital clay, in that, you can mold these templates into anything you want. Your final design will also be 3D printable, right out the gate.”

UntitledWhile the drive and motivation to offer up your own innovative and inimitable design from A to Z is probably the norm, often there just isn’t time, and having the convenience of a template can offer surprising ease and fun as some of the load is taken off of you. It’s okay to take a break from reinventing the wheel every now and then! And as the AstroPrint team points out, the templates can also eliminate hours of frustration.

If you are using the Leopoly app with your AstroPrint account, you’ll should be quite pleased to discover that it is actually already there, right on your dashboard; in fact, the AstroPrint team has made this so convenient that you can actually get to all of the Leopoly functions right from your account, as well as importing designs through the file manager. Do you have a design in mind? If so, just choose the ‘open with’ option and then select the app, which launches it along with your .stl file. Now you can edit. Exporting that file afterward is even easier: just choose the ‘export’ button, which you’ll find in the top left corner of your screen. Just save, and your work is complete.

“The Leopoly APP has the potential for being a great utility for making quick modifications to your 3D designs within your AstroPrint account without requiring any professional training in Computer Aided Design,” states the AstroPrint team quite accurately.


Templates make the 3D design process that much easier.

You should find yourself relaxed at the end of the process—rather than stressed—and know that your designs are ready for fabrication without any need to ‘fiddle around with technical modeling details.’ There’s certainly no reason to make things harder when companies like AstroPrint and Leopoly have come along to make 3D printing easier for you. So, enjoy a simpler way to make wonderfully innovative products.

It’s expected that more tutorials will be available in the future from Leopoly as well, offering more tips for ease in design and great results in further, future 3D printing endeavors. Have you tried this app? Tell us about it in the Leopoly 3D Design App forum over at

[Source: AstroPrint Blog / Images via AstroPrint]

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