With Love, from Your 3D Printed Vagina (NSFW?)

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UntitledWere this level of technology around in her heyday, Georgia O’Keefe may have worried about 3d-v-scan putting her out of business. It’s a vagina-friendly world out there today though. From a plethora of articles extolling its virtues and discussing its issues on social media, to women participating in rather um, er, anatomically specific beauty contests or making understated (totally!) items like large yellow 3D printed vagina kayaks for paddling around in proudly or creating personalized personal toys based on them, the vagina is the new It Girl—and there are numerous and unique new ways to celebrate her in tech-savvy style.

The 3D Vagina Scans project is the center of 3d-v-scan, a new company headquartered on the central coast of California. Made up of a team of four software developers and 3D artists, 3d-v-scan came into inception as a bit of ‘a side company’ when the group of designers received an unusual request for objects with an ‘embedded realistic vagina texture.’

“The first object to be made was a rather large (almost two feet wide) coffee table centerpiece, followed by a coffee mug, and then a phone case,” the team told 3DPrint.com. “We were unable to find any quality vagina models online that would work and suggested to the client that we do a 3D scan. She was not interested in doing the scan herself, so a few days later she brought in a volunteer.”

purpleThe team built an adapted version of the freelss.org 3D laser scanner just for capturing images of the client’s brave volunteer. Taking scans of the nether regions may not be as simple as you think, however—and especially in getting quality images. Using the scanner was time-consuming, and meant too that the ‘volunteer’ for the most part had to sit exposed in the lab for a while.

“While we were able to get decent scan results, the process was very slow and there would always be areas in the scan data that needed a lot of manual repair work,” the team told 3DPrint.com.

In a world where people certainly seem all too comfortable sharing nude selfies, the 3d-v-scan team examined that idea further, imagining it would be easier to allow the subjects to provide their own photos which they could then work with from there.

“After some experimenting, we found that photogrammetry software produced the best results,” the 3d-v-scan team told 3DPrint.com. “This also had the added benefit of not needing the volunteer to sit naked in the lab again since she was able to take the photos at home. There are a ton of programs available now that can make the whole process of turning photos into 3D models very easy.”

Untitled3d-v-scan team invites anyone interested to use their free service. It really is as easy–should you be so inclined–as uploading pictures of yourself and then receiving your own free 3D printed model. Here is how the simple process works:

  1. Upload at least ten (30-40 are preferred) photos from different angles, with good lighting.
  2. 3D artists at 3d-v-scan will then employ photogrammetry to turn your photos into a 3D model, using 3D modeling software like ZBrush. The artists fix data, close holes, and make the model ready for printing.
  3. 3d-v-scan prepares the model and sends it to you.
  4. Your identity is never shared with anyone—but the model itself is shared in their collection online.

The 3d-v-scan team can 3D print with ‘most materials,’ and invites you to discuss special requests with them here.

“It was a bit of a surprise to us that there aren’t any other printable 3D vaginas out there made using 3D scans,” 3d-v-scan told 3DPrint.com. “Some limited market research suggested that this type of printable 3D model is highly desired in the community, so we figured we’d spin up a side project to fill the void with anonymous scans.”

While it may be your normal preference to keep the female anatomy under wraps and the kink level under control, if you get the wild urge to make a special gift—or just an interesting new spread for your own coffee tabletop—3d-v-scan is offering you a free and anonymous way to immortalize the beauty and charm of your hoo-ha.  Whether you feel like you need to do that or not is an interesting question—however, just imagine the look of surprise (and hopefully not sheer horror) on your partner’s face upon opening such a generous present. That might just make contorting yourself for those 40 or so gynecological close-ups well worth it! Are you interested in having a model made? Tell us what you think in the 3D Printed Vagina forum over at 3DPB.com.


First concept model for 3d-v-scan

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