Buy or Sell 3D Models and Even Offer Local 3D Printing Services with Treatstock

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3dp_treatstock_logoThere is a new 3D model marketplace on the block, and while there are no shortages of those these days, the Newark, Delaware startup called Treatstock is bringing something new to the table. Not only are artists and designers of 3D models encouraged to upload and even sell their 3D printable designs, but 3D printer owners can also offer prospective customers local 3D printing services. Think of Treatstock as Shapeways mixed with a dash of Thingiverse with some 3D Hubs thrown in for good measure. The company clearly wants to cut out all of the various stops that someone would typically need to take to get a 3D model printed and enable them to do it all under the same roof.

The website was teased back in December, but Treatstock is now open for business and anyone can join for free. The online platform is billing itself as a place where anything that can be made on a 3D printer is now available to their new community, and they want you to stop by and give it a shot. Registering is pretty easy, it only takes a few minutes, and once you’re in you can upload your own 3D models to sell, offer the use of your 3D printer to any local buyers, or just browse and shop through the marketplace. And of course you can offer your services as both a 3D model designer and a local 3D printer service provider, so you can even offer your own 3D model designs expertly printed by you.

The front page of the 3D model marketplace.

The front page of the 3D model marketplace.

Designers are free to give their 3D models away, or offer them for sale with Treatstock only taking a small commission and you will be compensated for every model sold. If you offer your 3D printing services you can be a large services company, or just the experienced owner of a desktop 3D printer looking to make some extra cash. As long as the 3D models that are produced are high quality, then Treatstock is open to everyone. And if you’re new to 3D design, selling 3D models or offering 3D printing services, Treatstock is available to offer assistance and advice every step of the way. The company wants all of their customers and partners to be happy, so they intend to take an active role in helping you start your own business.

3D designer profile.

3D designer profile.

“Our goal is to help our customers receive the highest quality 3D printed object possible, as well as to offer 3D printing for everyone. In order to achieve this, our 3D printing services will need to work closely with our 3D designers to make sure we are creating exactly what our customer wants, which will also entail helping 3D designers correct any design error. Also, our specialists will provide all necessary support to the authors of 3D models. For those who are new to 3D design and 3D printing, Treatstock can provide personal training,” Treatstock founder Tim Arno explained.

The process of getting started with any of the Treatstock services couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve created your profile, simply start adding services that you want to make available to your profile. If you would like to sell your 3D designs, just upload the 3D file along with a picture of a 3D printed example of the model to verify that it is 3D printable. Select either a commercial or a free license so you can easily protect your intellectual property. The model can quickly be shared on social media by you or prospective buyers, and you get paid for each print of your work. Treatstock takes copyrights very seriously, so all 3D models sold are protected from duplication to prevent them from being stolen or mass produced.

The purchasing and 3D printing options for the 3D model for sale.

The purchasing and 3D printing options for the 3D model for sale.

If you’d like to offer 3D printing services, just add the features of your 3D printer, what materials are available in what colors, and what delivery or pick-up options you offer. You will have to fill out some quick tax paperwork in order to get paid, but that is to be expected. Treatstock encourages a fast turnaround, so make sure that you respond to any inquiries quickly and begin printing new orders as soon as possible. Customers can request that you ship models to them, and you control the areas that you are willing to ship to. There is also an options to offer local customers the option to pick orders up rather than ship it. Once the buyer approves of the work you will get paid for your services.

"Modern Fruit Bowl" designed by Mark Zerger.

“Modern Fruit Bowl” designed by Mark Zerger.

And of course, buying a 3D model and having it 3D printed for you really couldn’t be simpler. Typically you would need to purchase a 3D model, download it, find a service provider, contract their services and then resend them the model that you want 3D printed. But because all of those steps can be taken right on Treatstock, it’s going to save you plenty of time and headaches. Just select the 3D model, choose a local 3D printing service and a material to print the model in and submit your request. You have the option to review both the 3D model and the local 3D printer that you worked with, so you can share with the community what you thought of the service.

Treatstock has also developed a unique process of 3D model in-browser viewing that will prevent the file from being copied directly from the browser. Their interface is faster than other 3D model rendering processes and consumes much less bandwidth, so it can even be viewed on devices with limited or low speed internet connections. In fact, the entire design was actually optimized for use on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. You can head on over to Treatstock and get started here. What do you think of this 3D platform? Discuss in the Treatstock Encourages 3D Designers forum over at

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