A Few Questions For: 3D Printing Studios

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3D Printing Studios’ Jason Joo

Here at 3DPrint.com, we love to keep up with the latest buzz in the world of 3D technologies–and that, of course, includes the latest at some of the great trade shows around the world. We’re rolling out a new feature now, A Few Questions For, in which we talk directly with insiders at some of the biggest names in 3D tech, to get a quick glimpse–ten questions or fewer–into their workings and their thoughts on the industry: both in general and as far as their participation in it. With only a few Q&As, we can get some insight into the hearts of companies involved in the 3D printing industry.

To kick off A Few Questions For, I recently had the chance to converse with Jason Joo, Managing Director and Co-Founder for Asia Region at 3D Printing Studios. As Inside 3D Printing Singapore draws ever nearer, we find the excitement becoming palpable. Among those to be present at the event will be 3D Printing Studios–and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss the company’s history and hopes for the future with Jason, all with just a few easy-to-follow questions.

Q: Can you fill us in on the history of 3D Printing Studios? How long has the company been around, and what led to its creation?

3D Printing Studios was established in Sydney, Australia in August 2013 by Howard Wood and Stuart (Stu) Grover who were already industry veteran in the 3D printing world. For both Howard and Stu the technology and its incredible potential is what ignites the passion and drove them to create 3D Printing Studios.
Having both previously owned and ran small 3D printing businesses since 2007 they recognised that the time was right for a new concept, so they joined forces. “Other providers hide the technology away behind factory walls with only a website or phone linking its potential with the customer and what they need, 3D Printing Studios on the other hand is making it accessible to everyone. ” Stu said. By allowing anyone to see it in action, learn about it, play with the parts and emerse themselves in it, ideas are born and ideas are realised. That’s the beauty of 3D Printing Studios, it’s accessible to everyone and with more and more studios opening even more people will benefit from this once in a generation technology shift.
Recognised as Australia’s 1st 3D Printing shop and the worlds 5th, 3D Printing Studios currently operated studios in Sydney, Perth and soon to open Brisbane. For the Asia region and in business partnership with Jason Joo and Paulene Siew, the Singapore studio was open in January 2015 to serve as the Asia Hub for Singapore and the neighboring countries with the objective of making 3D printing technology more accessible and affordable as a one stop shop with end to end offering in 3D printing and services.

LogoWordsOnlyQ: How do you approach the development process for design?

Depends on customer needs, be it they have only ideas, sketches or actual physical parts for improvement, it is important for us to understand customer requirements and advise accordingly to add value to the entire  design experience.  Communication is one of the key successes and continual improvement of the design by having our customer to validate and further endorsement of the design.  As part of the development process for design, we 3D print the design into physical model for our customers to further validate the look and feel of the product and functionality for further design iteration.

Q: What design software do you use?

3D Printing Studios adopts and use only professional design software from leading software and technology providers like Dassault Systems, Autodesk, Materialise and etc to bring the best results and experience to our customers across all our studios. We continue to invest in new technology to specialist further in this field.

3DPartofLogoQ: What initially led you to 3D technology?

I share the same vision and passion with Howard and Stu to help everyone (Companies, Prosumer and Consumer) benefit from this new cutting edge technology. Businesses are encouraged to leverage the use of 3D printing technology in their respective industry so to stay ahead of their competition. The possibilities with 3D printing technology is endless and it gives us as a team great satisfaction to work with our customers to bring their ideas to life everyday.

Q: What sorts of 3D printing hardware do you use?

We own and operate Professional and Industrial 3D printers from major 3D printer manufacturers to serve our customers. We continue to invest in new hardware technology to broader our offerings in terms of different 3D printing technologies and materials.

i3dpconf singaporeQ: What led 3D Printing Studios to become affiliated with Inside 3D Printing?

We believe Inside 3D Printing is the main and major event which sets the trends, direction and creates a strong influence for the whole 3D Printing industry. We are proud to be affiliated with this event to share our insights and experience as a 3D printing service provider.

Q: What do you hope attendees will gain from their presence at Inside 3D Printing Singapore?

I believe attendees will get a better and more personal experience with 3D printing technology in this event. They will be able to get first hand knowledge and understanding on the new updates, news and development in the 3D printing world here at Inside 3D Printing Singapore.
 Q: What are you most looking forward to at Inside 3D Printing Singapore?

We will be unveiling a 2 new high quality industrial desktop printer at Inside 3D Printing Singapore. The models are Cubicon Single and Cubicon Style and we believe the high quality feature and functions offered will be one of the main attraction during the exhibition. Please drop by our booth at D03 for a preview.

Q: What would you like our readers to know?

We look forward to meeting your readers in person and sharing further on our full capability as a 3D printing service provider able to offer the latest 3D printing technology and printing in different types and multiple materials.

jason joo 2With this and other shows coming up quickly, keep an eye out for upcoming editions of A Few Questions For, in which we hope to gain insight into a number of companies involved in 3D printing the world over.

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