A Few Questions For: UCT Additive Manufacturing Center

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Here at 3DPrint.com, we love to keep up with the latest buzz in the world of 3D technologies–and that, of course, includes the latest at some of the great trade shows around the world. We’re rolling out a new feature now, A Few Questions For, in which we talk directly with insiders at some of the biggest names in 3D tech, to get a quick glimpse–ten questions or fewer–into their workings and their thoughts on the industry: both in general and as far as their participation in it. With only a few Q&As, we can get some insight into the hearts of companies involved in the 3D printing industry.

uctWith Inside 3D Printing Singapore rapidly approaching–it kicks off tomorrow!–we’re gearing up to hear more about the latest and greatest in additive manufacturing technologies. I recently had the opportunity to pose A Few Questions For Singapore’s UCT Additive Manufacturing Center, as Project Administrator Angela Tan filled me in on her company’s history and hopes for the future.

uct svp lavi lev

UCT’s SVP, Lavi Lev

Q: Can you fill us in on the history of UCT?

UCT (Nasdaq UCTT) is a global, vertically integrated outsource manufacturing provider of broad-based manufacturing capabilities – from precision components to large scale systems.

Our goal is to deliver technology, manufacturing, and business value to our customers and strive for price performance advantage with fast response times. Our global, vertically integrated facilities align customer needs with local capabilities – offering the responsiveness, flexibility, and agility of a local company combined with the expertise and financial strengths of an experienced global manufacturing solutions provider.

From design assistance and prototype development to production and testing, a partnership with UCT can help you bring products and new product innovations to market faster, improve the efficiency of your supply chain and materials management, and increase your performance.

UCT launched the UCT Additive Manufacturing Center in Singapore on Sep 28th, 2015 allowing its existing customers to take advantage of the forefront of technology and Southeast Asia enterprises to benefit from the largest 3D Printing facility in the region from rapid prototyping to small batch manufacturing.

No matter where you are around the world, UCT can deliver the manufacturing solutions you need to gain a competitive edge.

printed by uctQ: How do you approach the development process for rapid prototyping activities?

UCT AMC  offers multiple Additive Manufacturing solutions, a large choice of materials and finishing as well as Engineering services to support our existing and prospective customers with all their rapid prototyping needs.

UCT is already working on a regular basis with very large multinational companies as well as many SMEs in the region and is now the logical choice for Rapid Prototyping in Southeast Asia.

Q: What design software do you use?uct design

We have access to a very large suite of SW in house and we also developed partnership with major 3D SW suppliers in the region for special projects. To name just a few, we have access to Solid works, Altair, Magics, 3Matics and many others.

Q: What initially led you to 3D technology?

UCT is a technology company and it is important for us to stay on the forefront of manufacturing technologies. We want to offer our customers (new or existing) the best solutions for their success.

Q: What sorts of 3D printing hardware do you use?

UCT has the largest offering in Southeast Asia when it comes to Additive Manufacturing hardware, we wanted to cover all existing technologies and materials available on the market; SLS (Polyamide), DMLS (SST, Al, Ti), SLA (resins), Polyjet (Vero family) FDM (ABS, PC), Multicolor (Sandstone) as well as Wax+Casting. We also have access to additional technologies through our partners.

uct print
Q: What led UCT  to become affiliated with Inside 3D Printing?

UCT AMC wants to let all the professionals know that they now have a one stop solution available in Southeast Asia for all their Additive Manufacturing needs. With our team of experts, researchers, engineers and our unique HW and SW solutions, we are able to support any request from rapid prototyping to small batch manufacturing from multiple industries (Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Semiconductor, FMCG, Consumers, etc.).

Q: What do you hope attendees will gain from their presence at Inside 3D Printing Singapore?

A deeper understanding of how Additive Manufacturing can help them succeed in their business.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at Inside 3D Printing Singapore?

It is always a great experience to see how professionals with many years of experience in their fields are genuinely amazed to discover the new possibilities offered by Additive Manufacturing. UCT AMC wants to take a pivotal role to promote the industry across the region.

With this and other shows coming up quickly, keep an eye out for upcoming editions of A Few Questions For, in which we hope to gain insight into a number of companies involved in 3D printing the world over.

Keep in mind that our readers can save 10% off registration for Inside 3D Printing events by using discount code 3DPRINT at checkout!

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