Inside 3D Printing 2016 Düsseldorf with METAV: Emphasis on Metal 3D Printing


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logo forWhile all of Germany is known for its captivating old world charm and delicious beer, many think Düsseldorf exemplifies that best, even featuring the ‘the longest bar in the world’ in the form of a lengthy drinking district–the Altstadt, in Düsseldorf Old Town. The ancient city, which dates as far back as 1135, is today known as a hub not only for finance and fashion, but also some of the most exciting trade shows held in the world. And those attending Inside 3D Printing 2016 this year in the famous city may want to hold off on hoisting the ale as long as possible in order to focus on the exciting exhibits and wide range of topics being discussed, with a strong emphasis on metal printing.

Inside 3D Printing 2016 will be held on February 24th and 25th at the Düsseldorf trade fair grounds. The event is being held in cooperation with METAV, the international trade fair for technologies in metal processing–and all METAV attendees will also have access to Inside 3D Printing and the new ‘Additive Manufacturing Area,’ an exhibition area, including a forum on additive manufacturing processes.

The idea of 3D printing simply in metal rather than casting, machining, or rolling will be a central topic at this international trade show, targeting industries such as automotive and aerospace, tool manufacturing, and medical technology. While metal in 3D printing will rule, those attending can also bet on seeing and hearing much regarding wearable devices and the Internet of Things.

“The factory of the future will be much more networked than today and additive manufacturing will be an increasingly important method of manufacture. It will facilitate the integration of an unimaginable intelligence even into the smallest of components,” says Dr. Eric Klemp, Commercial Director of the Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) of the Universität Paderborn and program coordinator of the conference. “Thanks to 3D printing, even ‘smart’ products–from fashionable accessories, to technical tools and aids for the workplace or nursing care–can be created with a degree of individualization and personalization never before possible. We are presenting fascinating, technical presentations and application examples.”

metavDue to the integration with METAV, exhibitors and sponsors of Inside 3D Printing can expect an even greater number of professional visitors, as well the opportunity to gain additional attention in the metal-processing industry. METAV 2016 is celebrating its 19th year. The international trade show for technologies in the metal processing industry will be taking place from February 23 – 27, and is responsible for highlighting the entire spectrum of manufacturing technology, showing off machine tools, manufacturing systems, precision tools, automated material flow, computer technologies, industrial electronics and accessories.

The target audience of the METAV includes professionals from all branches of industry who work with metal, in particular from the mechanical and plant engineering industry, automobile and supplier industry, aerospace, electronics industry, energy and medical technology, tool and mold-making, as well as metalworking and craft industries.

Inside 3D Printing will not only offer numerous educational synergies to go along with METAV, but should also be responsible for adding substantial numbers of visitors to their exhibition overall. Everyone can look forward to learning about new business opportunities though 3D printing, case examples from companies, and the current state of research on the technology.

Dr. Eric Klemp

Dr. Eric Klemp

“Visitors to Inside 3D Printing are users of additive manufacturing processes, who no longer need an explanation of the basics. Rather, they want to explore both the technical and commercial possibilities that the 3D printing methods have to offer,” continued Dr. Klemp. “As the leading technical conference, we are also offering in-depth information on strategies, the latest developments and application of the leading companies and prestigious national and international experts.”

Scheduled topics for the show are:

  • Metallic processes/hybrid processes – Those attending can look forward to fascinating demonstrations and case studies by suppliers of additive manufacturing machines as well as the so-called hybrid machines. Examples from technologies already in use and on the market will be shown alongside some of the major innovations in the field. Some of the most promising emerging machines suppliers will provide know-how about all-in-one additive/subtractive manufacturing machines, presenting a number of new techniques in the world of 3D printing.
  • New Technologies – New techniques and experts’ expectations will be one of the key aspects of the conference, offering a conversation regarding a wide selection of possibilities. Two of the most popular are: the combination of additive manufacturing and sheet metal removal; the use of carbon fibers to enable a new kind of design in components production.
  • Applications – Offering a presentation of the best practices in 3D printing is another core goal of this event, discussing sectors like aerospace, consumer products, food processing, and automotive applications.
  • Market and industrial future of AM – Top speakers will share knowledge about the future of additive manufacturing in different branches, such as aviation and automotive, along with discussion regarding the market for investors.
  • Research and development – Research and development in research institutes and universities is fostering many studies related to additive manufacturing. A variety of research topics examples will be shown, but the main focus will be on polymer laser sintering, laser melting and FDM.
  • Funding/funded projects – Publicly funded projects guarantee the execution of new fields of research while expenses and results are shared. Some of the most important funding sources are the European Commission and the National Ministry of Education and Research. Top experts in this field will provide their point of view.
  • Standards and regulations – To guarantee high quality projects and gain trust, meeting national and international standards and getting recommendation is essential. One purpose of the show is to draw attention to these aspects so as to give an overview on what has to be taken into account to fulfill the end-users’ demand.
  • Related Topics – Many other topics will be raised regarding current industry buzzwords, along with an overview about the ongoing worldwide activities in additive manufacturing.

UntitledInside 3D Printing was created by MecklerMedia and Rising Media to serve as a forum for professional exchange on a range of topics about additive manufacturing and drew over 3,000 visitors at its premier in 2013 in New York. Since then, the event has been held in nine different cities including New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Santa Clara, Mumbai, and Shanghai.

Tickets for the Inside 3D Printing 2016 in Düsseldorf are available now, and visitors who register before October 2, 2015 will have the opportunity to enjoy greatly discounted prices. For more information and the registration form, please visit Inside 3D Printing. Our readers can save 15% off registration by using discount code ‘3DPRINT’ at checkout. Are you planning to attend the show? Discuss in the Inside 3D Printing Düsseldorf forum over at

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