Mockingjay Part 2: What 3D Printed Accoutrements Will You Don for the 76th Hunger Games?


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MV5BNjQzNDI2NTU1Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTAyMDQ5NjE@._V1_SX214_AL_In a calm stealth so precise, so quiet that you could hear the morning dew drop from the tip of a pointed leaf to the ground, Katniss draws back her bow in an enviable display of both survival instinct and graceful marksmanship. She’s beautiful. She’s inspiring. She’s a total badass. And she and her cohorts are all over the 3D printing paradigm today as Mockingjay: Part 2 hits the theaters.

While we won’t be able to grab our wallets and coats and head out until evening to catch this new flick (and oh, we will), while holding onto our seats–and a fat tub of buttery popcorn–what we’ve heard we will see in the latest installment of The Hunger Games is more emotion, and a whole lot more violence. You should expect a dramatic, turbulent ride–and plenty of bang for your buck, as is usually the case with these movies.

While the game may be coming to its end, the making fun is only just beginning. Hopefully you will be able to make your way to the 3D printing universe for some fun this weekend without having to sidestep any booby traps or dodge deadly arrows from desperate and murderous teens. President Snow has his hands full, so in the meantime you can lurk about and enjoy checking out some relevant printables within the innovative community of makers, where we shall not be turned against each other–but work together for the common good of creativity!

The first order of the day for all the girls is to make sure get into character with a Katniss braid. And while it may not be a 3D print, it is a classy way to get in the spirit, with styling directions featured by Instructables member Hannah Hudson, who leads us through five easy steps. The results are a pretty amazing and intricate looking ‘do.’

mockingjay_pin_preview_featuredAnd should you be in the market for a Hunger Games pin and badge as accoutrements for your stylin’ look, check out these two items:

The Mockingay Pin – Thingiverse member Brian Baker shows you how to fabricate this elegant pin. It’s easy to make, and everyone will be checking out the lapel of your warm winter coat while you are ordering popcorn.

The District 13 Badge — This badge, by Thingiverse member Firas Kamal of Ontario, should be the perfect accent to your Hunger Games look–and again, easy and quick to 3D print.

D13_badge_preview_featuredThe Mockingjay Pendant Extrudy has designed a cool pendant that you should be able to make in only five minutes. Check out the Instructable which includes a tutorial and instructions on how to get the free Extrudy software. You’ll just need to download an image for the pendant as well.

Once you’ve got that part of the look going, it’s time for a weapon. How about going off the beaten path a little, straying from the classic Katniss bow and arrow, and carrying an axe instead? That should attract some attention. Shapeways offers the ‘Hunger Games Survival Axe’ 3D printed just for you in white nylon with a matte finish. (And if you are in the mood for a bow–or a humorous take on one, how about exploring the chance to aim a few Q-tips at your fellow moviegoers while waiting for the movie to start?)

Screen_Shot_2014-03-30_at_12.03.24_AM_preview_featuredFor those who enjoy characters, you can make your own recurve bow and bracer, perfect for a Katniss character. Created by DesignMakeTeach on Thingiverse, this tiny weapon is 3D printed easily, and includes a loop area for tiny arrows. This is one of those ideas that would be perfect attached to a Christmas gift…and while we’re at it…how about making a Hunger Games ornament? You can check out the Mockingjay ornament ‘remix’ on Thingiverse, designed by David Russell. This is unique as a gyroscope shape, easy to make, and offers a great pop culture spin for the tree this year.

If figurines and 3D printed architecture are your thing, you might enjoy actually making a part of The Hunger Games universe, with entry into the Victor’s Village through Thingiverse, via EdisonM, who made the ornamental edifice on a MakerBot Replicator 2. This would look great on the desk or bookshelf as a reminder of that pretty fancy neighborhood where all the past victors reside from The Hunger Games.

And for those looking for more ideas, Shapeways has a good list of 3D printed Hunger Games items, such as coins, cool earrings, iPhone cases, and another variation on the popular mockingjay pin.


Mockingjay earrings from Shapeways

As everyone heads out for the premiere tonight, it will certainly be interesting to check out the creative fans in character as they enjoy what some predict will be the last in the line of this series of popular movies. The Hunger Games and all its success in the cinema (second only to Harry Potter) actually stem from a series of three adventure novels written by Suzanne Collins, who hails from the US. As the latest movie opens today, certainly you will have an anticipatory chill run down your spine as you hear the words: “Ladies and gentlemen–welcome to the 76th Hunger Games!”

Will you be 3D printing any of these designs?  Let us know in the 3D Printing The Hunger Games forum thread on

morgans_castle__1__preview_featured (1)

Make your own 3D print from the Victor’s Village.

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