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Azul 3D’s CEO Churn Sees 3D Printing Vet John Hartner Takeover

After spinning a promising technology out of a Northwestern University lab, Azul 3D, Inc was poised to conquer the world of vat photopolymerization (VP). Its high area rapid printing (HARP)…

Rapidia Re-emerges with Sub-$100K Bound Metal 3D Printing

In the lead up to their merger, there was an interesting bout of competition between Desktop Metal (NYSE: DM) and ExOne. In the process, the latter company made a unique…

Five 2023 Predictions for 3D Printing Businesses

At the recent Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing Alliance executive meeting, I spoke about the additive market cycle and how, despite the bleak trend over the last few months, we’re actually about to…

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