Range of Motion Project

Non-Profits Make Affordable Prosthetic Liners in Ecuador with 3D Printed Molds

Two non-profits are making prosthetic care more sustainable and accessible in Ecuador. Operation Namaste and the Range of Motion Project (ROMP) partnered to establish in-country fabrication of prosthetic silicone liners…

Aether 1 Bioprinter Beta Units to Be Involved in Massive Research Project Collaboration, Released Later in Year at $9K

In a marketplace that grows more fierce by the day, most 3D printing manufacturers have one typical—and important—focus: sales. From Kickstarter campaigns to unveilings at trade shows all over the…

Range of Motion Project (ROMP) Establishes Prosthetics Maker Labs with 3D Printers in Ecuador and Guatemela

Many of us who frequently follow 3D printing news would say that perhaps one of its most effective immediate medical applications is the ability to 3D print customized prosthetics and orthotics….