Online event and one-week workshop

June 25, 2019   •   11:00am–12:30pm ET


Course Description

Stay ahead of the curve with this crash course in 3D printing with metal. We’ll teach you how to manipulate metal and transform your work with this next big thing in manufacturing. You’ll learn what it takes to 3D print in metal, from design through execution, and how you can apply this cutting-edge technology to your work, starting now.

Each session in this one-week intensive course features a deep dive into design & printing principles with metal, including applying what you’ve learned to different tools, with assignment prompts to help you create a unique design in just a few days.

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Program Outline

June 25, 2019
Session 1
11:00am–11:45pm ET
Session 2
11:45am–12:30pm ET


Speaker: Tim Ruffner, Vice-President of Enterprise Solutions, Dynamism Inc

Session 1: An Introduction to Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing is poised to transform the manufacturing industry by making it easier than ever to produce metal parts and pieces. In this opening session of the course, you’ll be taken through an overview of the process from start to finish, including its benefits, uses, and diverse applications.



Speaker: David Dietrich, Ph.D., Additive Mfg Design Engineering Fellow, Honeywell – Aerospace

Session 2: Key Design and Materials Considerations for 3D Printing in Metal

Standard 3D printing and 3D printing in metal may stem from the same concept, but there are brand new considerations at play when materials change. In this practical and information-packed session, you’ll learn about current technologies and materials at use in 3D printing in metal; processing factors that impact resolution, potential flaws, and porosity; and methods to achieve desired surface finish, durability, and reliability in service environments from an industry expert. Get in all your questions in the Q+A that follows.

3D Printing Weekly Crash Courses

Available Courses

1. Beginner Design for 3D Printing
2. Advanced Design for 3D Printing
3. Essentials of 3D Printing with Metal

Each Course Includes

Two Live Guest-Speaker Sessions + Online Workshop

Guest Speaker Sessions:

90 minutes of key principles, case studies, and lessons, presented in two livestream sessions with Q&A. All live sessions will be recorded and posted in the online classroom for on-demand access.

Online Workshop:

A hands-on assignment to apply what you learn, shared in a small group workshop with one-on-one feedback from an industry expert.

All live content will be recorded and posted in the online classroom for on-demand access.

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