FabZat to Accelerate In-App Merchandising & 3D Printing for Video Game Brands Via $800,000 in Series A Funding

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644274_143701049124017_937527103_nThe toy and gaming market, traditionally known as a difficult multi-billion dollar industry to break into, is seeing some transformation as new companies are creating different ways to create revenue–and toys and gaming accessories.

With the advent of 3D printing, many aspects of the toy and gaming industry are either changing or being accentuated–and that’s of great benefit not only to entrepreneurs, toy makers, and video game designers, but also to individuals of all ages who are seeing a new world opened to them. Innovative and exciting opportunities are available to order personalized and customized 3D printed accessories that are truly of interest and often serve as pieces for growing collections.

UntitledAs 3D printing technology and innovative branding ideas spread to the marketplace, everyone involved enjoys greater affordability, customization options–and most of all–the ability to have fun and indulge our imaginations.

FabZat, headquartered in France and founded in 2013, has a specific niche in both 3D printing and the gaming industry. Comprised of an innovative team ranging from technogeeks to researchers, developers, and 3D artists, they are dedicated to offering high-quality 3D prints and in-app merchandising to the gaming industry. Now, it’s obviously going to be even easier to follow through on their goals and commitment to a growing customer base with an $800,000 Series A investment led by Alderville Holding, along with Kima Ventures, Nestadio Capital, Crédit Agricole Aquitaine Expansion, and Expanso Capital. The funds will be designated for further expansion in Europe as well as the US, and for gaining a strong foothold in the smart toys market.

Alderville Holding, with a focus on the digital industry, has a portfolio strong in the mobile, video game, software, and telecom industries, to include companies such as Sparrow, Qwant, and Rapportive.

10570326_413154848845301_116498962106047515_nAs most of us are well aware, gamers are (ahem!) usually a rather dedicated bunch, and are generally avid collectors of paraphernalia related to whatever games they are involved in playing (often for years), whether from the console or PC.

Offering gaming companies a turnkey system for expanding their products, ranging from merchandise like figurines to t-shirts and more, FabZat creates brand awareness as well as another dedicated stream of revenue in connection with specific games.

“Interactive toys, also called phygital toys, are the new frontier of gaming. According to The NPD Group, 40% of U.S. parents already own at least one interactive gaming toy franchise in the home, and 65% plan to make purchase in the next six months,” said Florent Pitoun, FabZat CEO and co-founder. “Our goal is to increase market adoption globally through our 3D printing and merchandising capabilities, as well as assist game developers on successfully entering and growing their business within this relatively new, untapped market. Our investor partnerships will further enable us to achieve this goal.”

A11256570_435039313323521_7965916174135325945_nt the forefront of the in-app merchandising ‘revolution,’ FabZat explains how easy it is to plug in to the app, choose merchandise, and receive personalized items for 3D printing like characters, vehicles, trophies, and more. Offering their services for Facebook games, as well as web and PC, their shop plug-in is compatible with iOS, Android, and Unity (a video game engine).

The company is already the leader for their niche industry and they’ve delivered more than 15,000 gaming objects in no fewer than 70 countries. As the opportunity to order FabZat becomes available through more and more brands throughout the world, gamers can look forward to ordering their favorite heroes and accessories in 3D print–not to mention the accompanied revenue that will result from giftshopping as well. Gamers can order directly from the plug-in, and gaming companies can boost their brands exponentially.

CEO Florent Pitoun will be speaking at the PocketGamer Connects Conference on Tuesday, July 7th at 3:00 pm. The conference is being held in San Francisco at the Village on Market Street, and Pitoun will be discussing the bright future of in-app merchandising with attendees.

Discuss FabZat’s innovative branding services for video game companies, as well as their substantial receipt of venture capital in the FabZat In-App Merchandising & 3D Printing forum thread over at



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