Pinshape & 3DPrinterOS Partner for Click & Stream to 3D Print & More


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pinshape - horizontalThe simplicity–and ramifications–of what a new partnership between Pinshape and 3DPrinterOS offers are absolute genius. With this partnership, they are setting not only the tone for the future of 3D printing in the marketplace, but also drawing the map for navigating legal issues in terms of digital design ownership.

Take note. This is a pretty big deal.

Pinshape and 3DPrinterOs have just announced their plans for changing the 3D printing marketplace world further—and now, together. It’s all about bringing more power to the people. The 3D printing people, that is—as well as the designers. The two companies are already propelling their users into the next generation of innovation, redefining how they are able to get the most out of their digital design and 3D printing experiences, and this morning they’ve announced a partnership that will offer Pinshape users a unique ability.

3DPrinterOS-LogoNow, users are actually able to stream designs from the Pinshape marketplace directly to print on virtually any desktop 3D printer. This means that the user streaming the print never touches the design source file.

“This brings unprecedented compatibility to the 3D printing community and simplifies the direct print experience for consumers,” Lucas Matheson, CEO and co-founder of Pinshape, told “The 3DPrinterOS API also relieves intellectual property risks for designers, brands, and companies in unparalleled ways by providing a seamless browser-to-printer experience without the need to access the design source file.”

As Pinshape continues their dedicated efforts on the legal front regarding protecting intellectual property as well as offering inspirational 3D designs to their customers, this is a genius way to allow everyone to get what they want, without any threat to designers over ownership. The customer is offered an incredibly streamlined process, only having to click to 3D print. For a vast number of designers who certainly want to ‘share,’ but have the worry of losing their source files, the game changes today. That worry is simply removed, and replaced by a more efficient and profitable experience.

“3DPrinterOS was able to provide the missing link to streamline the printing experience for our users,” said Matheson. “This integration is an important and much needed step in expanding the value of printable models on our platform. Now, companies and brands can market 3D models securely, at the same time, we can deliver a simple print experience straight from the cloud to the 3D printer.”

Pinshape - 3DPrinterOS3DPrinterOS offers the most powerful operating system available for 3D printing, along with allowing users to manage, edit, fix, slice, share, and print objects from any web-capable device. Since its launch in March, the operating system has been used for more than 4,500 hours of printing on 1,300+ printers in 68 different countries–and obviously that’s about to increase exponentially, on the heels of their new partnership with Pinshape.

“This partnership is a great step forward as designers are now able to finally unleash their incredible work to the world in a secure and compatible way across multiple platforms”, said John Dogru, 3DPrinterOS CEO. “Our goal is to radically increase adoption of 3D Printing and this means a future where 3D Printing simply means clicking print for any type of printer.”

The two companies will be making a formal announcement regarding their new partnership today at Collision, at the World Market Center Pavilions, Las Vegas. Pinshape will be one of the top 60 startups competing in the PITCH competition at the event. Among 600 applicants selected, they are the only 3D printing marketplace startup competing.

“Collision showcases some of the best innovative companies and ideas,” said Matheson. “We’re glad to be a part of that, and to be able to feature the latest in consumer 3D printing. As a hardware and software agnostic marketplace, working with 3DPrinterOS allows us to not only improve the user experience on our site, but effectively manage intellectual property concerns from brands and companies who are ready to enter this market.”

Touted as a “grand conclave of high-tech priests,” the show, which is sold out, offers a magnificent way for those involved in running tech companies to get together for a conference that attracts more than 20,000 attendees from all corners of the world.

As the Pinshape team points out, “someone is going to create something beautiful every day.” Now they can do that and share it with the world through the Pinshape marketplace, carefree.

Does this news interest you from the consumer or designer standpoint, or both? How do you think this will affect access to source files in the maker community in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the Click & Stream to 3D Print forum thread over at


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