Dog Receives a 3D Printed Prosthetic Venomous Stinger & Other 3D Printing Jokes From the Past Year


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Day in and day out, we are all checking to see what types of new innovations are coming about thanks to 3D printing technology. Over the past year, we have covered some really incredible stories where lives have been saved, controversies have arisen, and political leaders have gotten involved. It is really great to be able to turn on your computers and see dozens of unique news stories concerning this wonderful technology, each and every day. At the same time though, once in a while, we all just need a good laugh. has put together a list of some jokes, cartoons, comics, memes and more, that we have seen come about within the 3D printing space over the past year. Check them out below.

The Prosthetic Dog Stinger
Thanks to our good friends at Clickhole for writing this bogus, yet hilarious story about a prosthetic stinger which was 3D printed for a dog.

“Sadly, the 2-year-old dog was born without any venom glands, so he had no way to inject deadly toxins into people and animals. It was heartbreaking to see Wilbur struggle, completely unable to immobilize prey with paralyzing agents.”

“Enter Kevin Piers of the Caring Paws Society. His organization heard Wilbur’s tragic story and decided to help out by 3D-printing a mechanical stinger capable of delivering a fatal dose of neurotoxins with a single prick.”

MacDonalds to 3D Print Big Macs and Happy Meals
Last April Fools, ITProportal tried to fool us all with a bogus news story reporting that McDonalds would be 3D printing their Big Macs and Happy Meals.

“McDonald’s is currently drawing up secret plans to begin 3D printing burgers,” they wrote. “It is believed that flagship artery cloggers the Happy Meal and Big Mac will be first in line to receive the upgrade.”

Jimmy Fallon Jokes About Home Depot’s 3D Printers

3D Printed Humans!!
Ever wonder what 3D printed humans would look like? Well, one Dezeen reader certainly did, with the following comment made in respect to an article about this strange fashion statement.

“This is how 3D-printed humans would turn out”

Hopefully this isn’t what had in mind when he said that one day we will be 3D printing human beings.


Some One Liners!

“Moses comes down w/the Ten commandments & says ‘Thou shalt not’. He didn’t say sh*t about 3D printing.” –

“Janet, a bit tipsy from the champagne, didn’t realize the new office photocopier was a 3D photocopier, so Steve got a nice bust for his bookshelf for Christmas.” – Buback (

“The Reprap Says ‘I’ll print the shot glasses, but hang on I just need to get level’. The Ultimaker says ‘I’ll sit at the end of the Bar and look really sexy’, and they both convince the Makerbot to talk nicely to the bar tender to give them free drinks (and a power socket)…. Then the other 500 different types of 3D printers come in and join them for a drink….fight…brawl.. and much declaring of drunken love for each other.” – RichRap (

“A Mendel, an Ultimaker and a Makerbot walk into a bar. The Ultimaker says to the Makerbot ‘Why do our kids look like him?'” – murrayd (

The Most Interesting Man in the World
You know, the Dos Equis man, right?. He always has a clever comment. Thanks to MyMiniFactory, who made this meme about 3D printing, the most interesting man in the world doesn’t appreciate 3D printing with support material.


The 3D Printed Save Button
For those of you who don’t remember the good-ole 3.5″ floppy disks, this might actually be your initial thoughts… Is this a 3D printed ‘save button’? After all, to the younger generations a floppy disk is only seen in apps and software as the “save” icon.

A USB 3D Printer for Save Icons?
And following in the same footsteps as the joke above, Wwitter user Hagalaz posted the following photo with another similar joke.

“Look! It’s a USB 3D printer for “save” icons!


The RepRap Adventures
Our friends at RepRapRip have made a ton of RepRap related comics, and this is one that we really enjoyed.

The 3D Printed Bachelor Thesis
Hopefully if you are a college student, you actually take time to create a good bachelor thesis, but some students don’t. They merely hand in a “piece of cr*p paper”. If 3d printed, it might just look like this.

The 3D Printed Future
Thanks to our friends at for creating this very entertaining and comical little video about the potential future of 3D printing.

The 3D Printing Comic Book
This video from 3DPrintingChannel is both informative and comical at the same time.

Which of these jokes was your favorite?  Do you have one you think should be added here?  Discuss in the 3D Printing Jokes forum thread on

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