Creality Presents K2 Plus Multi-color 3D Printer Amidst New Tech at RAPID+TCT, Followed by Fresh LA User Event

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Creality, a global leader in the 3D printing industry, successfully concluded its presence at RAPID+TCT 2024, held from June 25 to 27 in Los Angeles, California. Renowned for showcasing cutting-edge 3D technologies, this event featured groundbreaking product launches and insights from industry experts. Creality unveiled its latest innovations, captivating attendees with pioneering products designed to elevate user experience and manufacturing efficiency.

Creality’s Showcase of Innovations

Creality unveiled its latest consumer products at the event, captivating attendees with a series of pioneering products designed to elevate user experience and manufacturing efficiency.

K2 Plus CFS Combo: Multi-Color Mastery

The K2 Plus, the newest member of Creality’s K Series, made a stunning debut with its expansive 350mm cubed build volume and high-speed multi-filament 3D printing capabilities. Powered by the advanced Creality Filament System (CFS), the K2 Plus supports up to four 1kg filament rolls per box, enabling 16-color prints with RFID-enabled automatic filament management. This innovative system ensures precise material pairing, enhancing print quality and efficiency.

K1C: The Flagship Redefined

Building on the success of its predecessors, the K1C flagship printer impressed with its remarkable 600mm/s printing speed and a robust all-metal extruder capable of handling diverse filaments, including carbon fiber. The K1C offers an out-of-the-box experience with auto-calibration, AI camera error alerts, silent mode, and integration with Creality OS, setting a new standard for user-friendly 3D printing.

Ender-3 V3 Plus: Next-Level Performance

Continuing the legacy of the Ender-3 series, the Ender-3 V3 Plus features a substantial 300x300x330mm build volume, CoreXZ technology for speeds up to 600mm/s, and a durable all-metal frame. Enhanced with dual Y-axis motors, direct extrusion, and a tri-metal nozzle, it delivers clog-free, precise prints. Auto-calibration, dual part cooling fans, and Creality OS compatibility make the Ender-3 V3 Plus a powerhouse for large-scale 3D printing.

HALOT-Mage S: Precision and Speed

The HALOT-Mage S 14K 3D printer boasts a 10.1″ 14K mono LCD for ultra-precise prints at 150mm/h with “Dynax+” mode. Its uniform integral light source and 0.02-0.09mm accuracy produce sharp, detailed results. Equipped with Speed-intended “Pictor” film, Smart HALOT OS for remote printing, and a built-in air purifier, it ensures a seamless and odor-free printing experience.

Ecosystem Products and Accessories

Creality also showcased the Falcon2 Pro 60W laser engraver, capable of batch engraving and cutting with a cleaner surface finish and 270% boosted efficiency. The CR-Scan Raptor and CR-Scan Otter 3D scanners offer metrology-grade accuracy and innovative scanning capabilities, highlighting Creality’s commitment to advancing scanning technology.

PioCreat 3D: Advanced Industrial Solutions

PioCreat 3D, Creality’s industrial arm, showcased cutting-edge solutions at RAPID+TCT 2024. The G12 Pellet 3D Printer, with a 1200*1000*1000mm build size, features a 450°C nozzle, 120°C rapid hot bed heating, high flow screw extrusion, and a powerful servo motor. The G5Ultra Pellet 3D Printer, a desktop model with a 500*500*400mm build size, offers a 400°C nozzle, 120°C rapid hot bed heating, and high-speed printing for diverse materials. Both models use low-cost pellet feedstocks, reducing material costs by over 60%. The DJ89PLUS resin 3D printer, designed for dental applications, features an integral light source that results in 90% light uniformity. It also includes an 8K 10.3″ LCD, 29μm pixel size, heating chamber, automatic feeding, and a stable Z-axis for precise and cost-effective production.

For the Users, for the Future

Reflecting on the event, Mr. Huilin Liu, Executive Director of Creality, expressed optimism about the future: “Our participation in RAPID+TCT 2024 reaffirms Creality’s dedication to innovation and excellence. As we move forward, we aim to continue pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology, offering solutions that meet the evolving needs of our users and contribute to a sustainable future.”

Following the exhibition, Creality hosted a user meetup on June 28 in downtown Los Angeles. This event, the third in the series after successful gatherings in Goshen and Maryland, aimed to promote brand value, listen to user feedback, and provide a relaxed platform for 3D printing enthusiasts to connect. The meetup featured brand partner Sam Prentice as the host, with special guests David Merel discussing the use of 3D printers in school makerspaces, and Andres Castro sharing his journey from chef to entrepreneur using the Falcon engraver.

To enhance the event’s excitement, Creality included a 3D model competition and added a team competition user game segment. The meetup aimed to foster connections among makers, allowing participants to share stories and experiences, and encouraging more people to join the Creality maker community.

Creality’s impressive display at RAPID+TCT 2024 and the LA user event underscore its position as a leader in the 3D printing industry, committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and unmatched user experiences. With a forward-looking and user-centered vision, Creality is poised to continue shaping the future of 3D printing.

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