Creality Begins Selling HALOT-MAGE S: Setting New Standards in Precision 3D Printing


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Creality, a leading innovator in consumer-grade 3D printing technology, proudly introduces the HALOT-MAGE S, the latest breakthrough in high-resolution 3D printing. With its cutting-edge features and user-centric design, the HALOT-MAGE S promises to revolutionize the way professionals and enthusiasts bring their ideas to life.

Leading Features for Outstanding Resin Printing

Unprecedented Precision

The HALOT-MAGE S features a groundbreaking 14K ultra-high-definition printing screen with a pixel size of just 16.8*24.8μm. With an impressive resolution of 13320*5120 pixels, this advanced screen meticulously reproduces every intricate detail of models, whether crafting lifelike figurines or intricate jewelry pieces. Additionally, its expansive 10.1-inch size allows for printing models with dimensions up to 223*126*230mm, providing ample space for creative projects.

Third-Generation Curing Technology

Embracing cutting-edge technology, the HALOT-MAGE S incorporates an exclusive third-generation integral light source. This innovation ensures uniform and precise resin curing layer by layer, resulting in impeccably smooth surfaces and crystal-clear structural details in the final printed models. The advanced light source technology enhances print quality to unprecedented levels.

Enhanced Speed

With its revolutionary “Dynax+” ultra-high-speed mode, the HALOT-MAGE S redefines the pace of 3D printing. Capable of producing models up to 15cm in height in just 1 hour*, this mode accelerates printing speeds by 3 to 4 times compared to conventional methods. Leveraging the proprietary “Dynax” motion system, this printer achieves a remarkable balance between speed and stability. Each layer is precisely printed with minimal downtime, thanks to the swift 1.2-second interval between layer transitions.

Upgraded Build Platform

The HALOT-MAGE S features a meticulously engineered build platform designed to optimize print quality and user experience. Crafted from CNC aluminum alloy and complemented by a laser-etched sandblasting platform plate, this platform ensures secure adhesion of models throughout the printing process. Carefully selected from numerous designs, the unique laser-etched pattern on the resin contact surface enhances adhesion while preventing model detachment. Additionally, the platform’s transfer plate, utilizing wire drawing technology, enhances friction resistance and stability, ensuring precise leveling and secure model fixation.

Intelligent HALOT OS

Equipped with the intelligent HALOT OS operating system, the HALOT-MAGE S delivers unparalleled convenience and connectivity. Seamlessly compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers, this innovative system facilitates remote printing and collaboration across multiple devices. Furthermore, integration with Creality Cloud enables direct access to a vast repository of model slice files, streamlining the printing workflow. Complemented by the HALOT BOX slicing software, renowned for its high adaptability and user-friendly interface, the HALOT-MAGE S offers an intuitive and efficient printing experience.

Accessories Upgrade

Committed to enhancing user satisfaction, the HALOT-MAGE S incorporates several accessory upgrades. The built-in air purification unit automatically operates based on printing status, ensuring a clean and odor-free printing environment. With a new formula activated carbon filter, resin odors are efficiently neutralized, further enhancing user comfort. Additionally, the optional intelligent resin feeding system simplifies resin replenishment and recycling, minimizing interruptions during printing. The improved design of the leveling system and feeding mechanism ensures seamless operation and maximum convenience for users. Better yet, this upgrade also applies to the HALOT-MAGE PRO.

With its comprehensive suite of advanced features and user-centric design, the HALOT-MAGE S sets a new standard for precision, speed, and reliability in 3D printing. Whether for professional applications or creative projects, this cutting-edge printer empowers users to unleash their creativity with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Limited-Time User Privileges

The HALOT-MAGE S empowers users to unleash their creativity with unprecedented precision and speed. By combining advanced features with intuitive design, the HALOT-MAGE S simplifies the printing process and allows users to bring their ideas to life with ease. Additionally, each purchase of the HALOT-MAGE S includes a complimentary FEP release film and a three-month CHITUBOX Pro VIP membership (worth $45.99), providing added value and convenience to users.

HALOT-MAGE S Now Available

Representing the pinnacle of Creality’s commitment to innovation and excellence in resin printing technology, the HALOT-MAGE S is set to launch soon, with a retail price of $459 USD. For more information and updates, visit the Creality HALOT-MAGE S product page. Take advantage of this rare offer by Creality today!

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