Spanish Clothing Company Mango Backs Ziknes 3D Printed Furniture Made with Recycled Materials


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With its trendy and affordable designs that resonate globally—and €2.3 in annual revenues—Mango is boldly stepping into the realm of innovation and technology. Through its Mango StartUp Studio accelerator, the brand has invested in Ziknes, a startup that’s shaking up the manufacturing world with its sustainable 3D printing.

Mango’s investment in Ziknes, through a convertible participation loan, is more than just financial support; it represents a partnership aimed at driving forward sustainable manufacturing. The project Mango is supporting uses advanced robotic 3D printing technology to create furniture and other products out of recycled materials. Within Mango’s accelerator, Ziknes will receive funding to advance its robotic 3D printing platform. This effort not only advances sustainable production methods but also establishes a new benchmark for reusing materials effectively.

Empowering entrepreneurs

A dynamic startup from Valencia, Ziknes created proprietary software to print large-scale parts using industrial robots. Established in June 2021 by mechanical design expert Diego Cabañas and robotic programmer Nacho León, Ziknes specializes in metal additive manufacturing, offering customers an end-to-end solution to create parts easily, quickly, and flexibly with low material waste. Their solution allows clients to effortlessly transition from a sketch to designing and creating their own large-scale pieces, using a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, resins, and fibers, without needing any specialized knowledge in robotics. Currently a small company with very few employees, Ziknes’ partnership with Mango could elevate its brand name in the Spanish additive sector.

León remarked: “When you have a disruptive idea in mind that is going to create a total revolution in the world of manufacturing, breaking with established methods, you realize that you have to teach and try to get the rest to want to join the wave of innovation. We couldn’t be happier that Mango is joining this wave and doing it with Ziknes. Today we take a few minutes of rest to enjoy this achievement; tomorrow, full on to continue growing and showing the world what 3D printing with robots is.”

The collaboration between Mango and Ziknes extends beyond financial investment. Ziknes entrepreneurs will gain invaluable insights into the operations of a large company and scale up their business model. This opportunity is key for Ziknes, allowing them to tap into Mango’s wealth of knowledge in product design and market strategies, particularly in furniture design. As part of the Mango StartUp Studio’s acceleration program, the Ziknes team will also receive mentoring sessions and advice from Mango professionals in areas such as product design, specifically furniture design.

Mango store. Image courtesy of Mango

The partnership will benefit from Mango’s robust market position, as evidenced by its impressive performance in 2022, where it closed with a net profit of €81 million, up 20.9 percent from 2021. Furthermore, Mango’s global footprint of roughly 2,600 stores highlights the scale and reach that Ziknes can potentially leverage through this collaboration.

Commenting on Mango’s investment, Ziknes posted on LinkedIn: “At Ziknes, we deeply value this partnership and the opportunity to participate in the MANGO StartUp Studio acceleration program. Our mission is to continue innovating in the development of software and 3D printing systems for sustainable components in sectors such as architecture and design. This step represents an open door to a valuable exchange of knowledge and specialized mentoring by Mango professionals.”

Catalyst for Innovation

Mango’s StartUp Studio investment in Ziknes is it’s fifth since its launch in 2022, reflecting a broader commitment to innovation and technology within the retail sector. Prior investments include Union Avatars, a startup specializing in digital identity and avatar development; La Más Mona, a platform for renting party dresses and accessories; Payflow, an on-demand salary and flexible remuneration business; and Recovo, a sustainability startup focusing on the resale of textile waste.

Mango store. Image courtesy of Mango

Created to promote innovation and detect new growth opportunities within Mango, the StartUp Studio plays a crucial role in this partnership. The studio aims to collaborate with startups and tech companies, developing new technologies and solutions applicable to the fashion industry. The focus areas for these investments span the entire value chain of the fashion industry, emphasizing the importance of technology and sustainability.

Mango StartUp Studio’s Head of Innovation, Belen Rallo Del Olmo, says the accelerator “actively seeks the most promising startups within the fashion industry.” Rallo Del Olmo suggests fostering ventures like Ziknes, which “is our passion,” and urges other startups should join the accelerator’s program.

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