Revolutionizing Precision & Productivity in Industrial Pellets 3D Printing with Pulsar™ Atom


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Dyze Design, a leader in cutting-edge 3D printing extruder technology, is proud to introduce Pulsar™ Atom, a revolutionary high-flow, yet compact, precision pellets extruder. The Atom pellet extruder will be unveiled for the first time at the Paris 3D PRINT Exhibition on October 11, 2023. This eagerly awaited innovation promises to redefine high-flow industrial pellets 3D printing, setting new standards for performance and precision.

Simon Duchaine, Chief Commercial Officer at Dyze, shares his excitement about this development, saying, “Our customers have been eagerly anticipating the launch of this compact and lightweight pellet extruder. We believe it will revolutionize 3D printing by offering another alternative to traditional 1.75mm filament-based extrusion systems. Our commitment to precision, quality, and performance in industrial 3D printing is embodied in Pulsar™ Atom.”

Dyze Design’s track record of excellence in extrusion technology is well-known, and the Pulsar™ Atom continues this tradition. Capable of reaching temperatures up to 450 °C, it opens up new possibilities for working with high-temperature and engineering materials. Additionally, with its impressive heat resistance, enduring temperatures up to 150 °C, it guarantees reliable performance even in the most demanding industrial and heated environments.

The extruder maintains a consistent mass flow rate with variations of less than 5% and boasts a compression ratio of 1.5, specifically tailored for 3D printing, ensuring dependable and uniform extrusion across a wide range of thermoplastics.

The Power of Flow Rate

In the world of industrial 3D printing, time is key. Pulsar™ Atom, equipped with nozzles ranging from 0.4 mm to 2.5 mm optimized for high-precision work, manages to deliver an impressive output flow of approximately 1 kg per hour. This not only maximizes productivity but also upholds quality and accuracy.

Adaptability at Its Core

What sets Pulsar™ Atom apart is its incredible flexibility, with 45 degrees of freedom around the nozzle. This feature makes it an ideal choice for robotic applications and non-planar 3D printing. For those seeking seamless printing experiences, an automated material feeding system is available to supply pellets directly from the material source to the extruder.

Despite its high-flow capabilities, the new printhead remains compact and lightweight, weighing less than 1.5 kg and standing at under 245 mm in height. In terms of material compatibility, the extruder accommodates smaller granular pellets with a dimension of 2.75mm to 3mm, in a wide range of materials, from general-purpose options like PLA or PETG to flexible materials such as TPU or TPE, and even high-temperature materials like PEEK.

Seamless Integration

The pellet extruder seamlessly integrates with open-source firmware and popular 3D printer controller boards like Duet3D and BTT SKR. It is equally at home in the hands of robotic arms, ensuring versatility across various industrial applications.

Pre-Order Now

Dyze Design is thrilled to announce that pre-orders for Pulsar™ Atom are officially open, with order fulfillment scheduled to commence in early 2024.

To secure this cutting-edge pellet extruder, visit Dyze Design’s website or reach out to their sales team at

About Dyze Design Inc.

Montréal-based company Dyze Design has been in the 3D printing industry since 2015 developing and manufacturing cutting-edge high performance, reliable, and innovative extrusion

systems and 3D printer components for professional and industrial 3d printers. They are renowned for their Typhoon™ high-flow extruder, Pulsar™ pellet extruder, DyzeXtruder GT and

DyzeXtruder Pro extruder line, their SENTINEL™ filament detector or Tungsten Carbide Nozzles. Today, many 3D printer brands such as Roboze, Sharebot, Blackbelt, PodoPrinter,

AON3D, Trideo, 3DPlatform, Filament Innovations, and Kuka have chosen their hotends, extruders, or nozzles as OEM parts for their industrial or high-end 3D printers.

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