CyBe Construction: Faster, Affordable and Sustainable Housing – AMS Speaker Spotlight


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CyBe Construction is a company that specialises in developing 3D concrete printers and constructing buildings using 3D concrete printing technology. The company, founded in 2013, is based in the Netherlands and aims to change the construction industry through the use of this innovative technology. CyBe is one of the first companies that specialised in 3D concrete printing and is one of the world leaders in the market.

CyBe RC Robotic Crawler 3D printer

Revolutionising Construction with 3D Concrete Printing

In today’s fast-paced world, people are always looking for ways to save time and money. This is especially true in the construction industry, where projects often face delays and budget overruns. One advantage of 3D concrete printing is that it is a much faster way to construct buildings than traditional construction methods. Because there is no need to use moulds and the structure can be printed directly from concrete, a building can be completed much faster.

CyBe RT Robot on track to create large printable objects

Global Partnership Leads to Innovative Construction Projects

CyBe sells 3D concrete printers worldwide and prints projects in their home country, the Netherlands as general contractor. They work with their partners across the globe, from Hawaii to New Zealand, and these partners use the 3D concrete printers for various projects such as printing homes and street furniture, as well as creating artificial reefs and other structures. CyBe is actively involved in their global community and collaborates with universities to develop CO2-friendly materials. Furthermore, the company is working towards creating a CO2-free material.

3D printed artificial reef

Bringing sustainable, efficient building to the forefront

The company uses 3D printing technology to create high-quality, sustainable buildings that are built faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. CyBe handles everything from design and planning to construction and finishing, working closely with clients to ensure their building project meets their specific needs and requirements.

3D printed Robust Villa in Curacao

Modular building: faster, efficient, and sustainable

CyBe offers an all-in-one solution and is a one-stop shop in the construction industry. In addition to offering a wide variety of 3D concrete printers, the company also offers advanced proprietary tools. These tools, such as our slicing tool Chysel and robot software Artysan, CyBe Mortar, CyBe Lybrary and in-house design & engineering department, are all designed to ensure that the company’s projects are carried out to the highest quality and precision standards. This makes it possible to offer solutions to simplify complex construction processes and collaborate more efficiently around 3D concrete printing, with major benefits being faster and more sustainable construction production.

CyBe software Chysel to create a printable toolpath

One type of printer offered by CyBe is the gantry printer, which can print anywhere within an established three-dimensional zone. This printer can be set up on-site, but is best suited for printing large modules, such as finished apartments, in an off-site factory environment. This system is ideal for creating the patented construction method, where modular units are 3D printed. This allows modular elements to be printed quickly and efficiently and finished in a factory environment. These modules are fitted with insulation, stucco, floor, kitchen, bathroom and other customer wishes and needs.

3D printed house in Milan during the Salone del Mobile

World’s first 3D printed four-story apartment complex

One of CyBe Construction’s latest projects is the construction of the four-story apartment building in the Netherlands. The building will be 3D concrete printed which CyBe will execute using the CyBe G, a portal system, on behalf of their own CyBe housing corporation called Lyve. Built using 3D concrete printing technology, the building will consist of six apartments. The apartment building is sustainably designed, will meet the latest energy conservation requirements and meet the United Nations social development goals.

The project is a good example of how 3D concrete printing technology can contribute to faster and more efficient construction of buildings. It is also a good example of how the technology can be used to build sustainable and energy-efficient buildings.

CyBe Construction is participating at Additive Manufacturing Strategies, taking place in New York City from February 7-9, 2023. Berry Hendriks, CEO and Founder of CyBe Construction, will be taking part in Session 2, Panel 3: Large Format Machines in Construction, on February 7. Register for your ticket to attend here

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