AME-3D Taps AMFG Automation Software to Strengthen 3D Printing & Vacuum Casting

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According to SmarTech Analysis in its “Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing Software Markets 2023” report, this market is expected to grow faster than previous projections showed, as it’s “evolving at a pace now consistent with the printer segment of the last two years.” The top trend behind the growth is connecting main elements of the AM software workflow into end-to-end platforms.

London-based startup AMFG develops manufacturing execution systems (MES) and workflow automation software to help additive manufacturing companies streamline and manage their production workflows. Now the company has announced a new partnership with fellow UK company AME-3D in order to shore up both its AM and vacuum casting production. AME-3D has been a top product development, design, and prototyping business for over two decades, and will use AMFG’s MES and workflow automation software in order to reinforce its main production operations.

AME-3D offers several 3D printing services, including SLS and SLA technologies for low volume production and rapid prototyping, and recently purchased three additional 3D printers. Besides additive, the company also has expertise in RIM and vacuum casting for production. By implementing AMFG’s solutions, it will be able to further scale up production on a more secure foundation.

“At AMFG, we take great pride in aligning with high-growth organisations who are carving the path forward in additive,” said Matt Martin, VP EMEA at AMFG. “AME Group’s ambitions and demands for a solution were ambitious and well thought-out, but it’s great to observe the clear demonstration of value that AME-3D have derived from AMFG in both their customer-facing improvements and back office process efficiency.”

AME-3D’s SLS 3D printing

AME-3D works with a variety of clients, from large enterprises down to small startups, and works to adapt the services it offers to each client’s use-case. Over the last two years, the company has received some sizable financial investments, which allowed it to begin a period of development and plan for expansion. As a way to grow and scale its manufacturing processes, AME-3D determined that MES and workflow software would be a logical investment. The company was looking to increase efficiency by decreasing manual input to make its quotation speed faster, thus enabling employees to speed up their quotation throughput and manage higher RFQ volumes. Looking for software that coordinated with its own goals for improved operation, AME-3D found AMFG.

“AMFG has a lot of capability packed into the software. I was specifically looking for a solution that enabled faster quoting, an online quoting platform and production management, and AMFG has all of these. I have benefitted a lot from the speed at which the support team at AMFG reply to queries,” stated Rich Proctor, Managing Director of AME Group. “There is more that we can do with the software as we get further into the integrations with other parts of our business too. Strategically, I could see that growing AME-3D would be an easier task when we were building on a platform that offers clarity, control, and consistency.”

AMFG’s order management software

Using AMFG’s quotation automation feature in its software, AME-3D reported decreased labor time, as well as more control over the quality of its order quotations. In addition, AME-3D’s customers enjoyed the use of AMFG’s digital catalog functionality, which gave them the freedom to order from a list of preconfigured CAD files. This not only lowered the need for client input, but also made for a much simpler purchasing journey.

Now that the partnership between the two is official, AME-3D has been working with AMFG on software implementation, so that it can accelerate its continuing growth. The two collaborated on an intensive process of studying AME-3D’s business framework, so that AMFG’s software can be configured to increase the benefits and fit AME-3D’s needs; the company has already noticed some operational improvements.

In addition to SLS and SLA 3D printing, AME-3D has also incorporated its vacuum casting capability into its solution from AMFG in order to scale this manufacturing method smoothly as well.

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