DWS Addresses Dental, Consumer, and More with Novel 3D Printers and Materials – AMS Speaker Spotlight


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DWS is an expanding Italian company, globally active in the design and production of professional 3D printing systems in the dental, manufacturing, jewelry, and fashion design industries.

DWS’ mission is to develop 3D printers and materials to produce parts of unrivaled quality and performance, enabling businesses to embrace digitalization and become increasingly innovative and competitive.

Quality and continuous innovation are the distinguishing features of a company that has filed more than 250 industrial, technological, and design patents since 2007. DWS exports 80% of its production to more than 60 countries worldwide, helping its customers become more competitive by reducing their development times for new products.

Join the DFAB world: open the doors to the digital dentistry revolution

In the dental field, DWS develops processes to help dental clinics and laboratories undertake or complete digitalization, effectively deploying resources, reducing costs, and increasing competitiveness.

DWS holds ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications, which attests to its compliance with all regulatory and quality requirements in the medical device industry.

DWS’s main dental offering is the DFAB technology that helps the dentist by completing digital workflow through integration with intraoral scanning systems and CAD software, allowing the printing of 3D permanent or provisional restorations, in just one appointment.

The advantage of this novel workflow lies in the consistent realistic and esthetic reproduction of the patient’s natural teeth, both in shape and color gradient, thanks to its certified and biocompatible materials. The secret of DFAB’s speed lies in its TSLA (tilted stereolithography) technology, which allows viscous materials such as hybrid ceramics and composites to continuously re-circulate and flow combined with the unrivaled precision of SLA blue-laser photopolymerization. This is why the entire chairside printing steps can take as little as 30 minutes and less than an hour from preparation to cementation, within a minimally invasive procedure.

Photoshade technology for truly natural restorations:

DFAB operates with .stl CAD restoration files and its novel Photoshade technology allows complete control over prosthesis color and shade gradient and achieve the most natural and esthetic result.

The operator selects the required shade range within the A1 to A3.5 boundaries followed by the desired position and width of the color gradient, in the apical, middle and cervical thirds of the restoration.

The wide range of biocompatible medical devices certified in class II a allows the production of long-term provisional restorations with Temporis and permanent restorations with Irix Max or Irix Plus.

The unique disposable cartridges, are studies for the operatory environment (no dirt, no mess) and incorporate the vat and are an important element of the speed factor. Accessory materials for quadrant sized dental models and surgical guides are also available.

A new way of thinking about the industrial process

From now on, DWS 3D printing meets all production needs, from the sketch to the final product.

Invicta Digital Sketch is the resin that fulfills the tests done on the first sketch, answering the market need (e.g. in the footwear industry),  for a convenient material to rapidly test the executive design.

Flexa Digital TPU is the answer to the needs of a constantly evolving market, (particularly in the fashion world, where trends are ever-changing) and where production has to match tight timing. Flexa Digital TPU is a functional material, ready for fit tests, fashion shows, and printing runs ranging from pre-series to full production.

Besides the footwear industry, Flexa Digital TPU is offered for automotive, gaskets, racing, fashion accessories and for different industrial applications.

What are the advantages in DWS’s proposal?

  1. It is possible to create geometries that could not be obtained with traditional processing
  2. Even large solid sections can be printed while maintaining high surface quality and dimensional respect.
  3. Drastically reduces time-to-market
  4. DWS 3D printers significantly reduce power consumption, which is only 500W

The laser precision of the DWS XPRO SL 3D printer combined with the new Flexa Digital TPU material allows an attitude change towards the industrial process, because it is now possible to go straight to production even with functional parts.

For more information, visit: https://flexadigitaltpu.dwssystems.com

2023 Events

Do you want to find out more about all our new 2023 products?

Visit us at the following exhibitions (stay connected for updates):

  • February 07th – 09th Additive Manufacturing Strategies NY – Speech appointments:
    • February 07th, 04:40 PM The Future of Composites and Polymers in AM
    • February 08th, 12:45 AM Keynote: 3D Printing in Dentistry
  • February 23rd – 25th Chicago Dental Society – MidWinter Meeting, Chicago, USA – Booth #5234
  • February 24th – 25th LMT Lab Day Chicago, USA
  • March 14th – 18th IDS Cologne, Germany – Stand A069, Hall 4.1
  • March 29th – 31st MECSPE Bologna, Italy
  • May 18th-20th EXPODENTAL Meeting Rimini, Italy
  • November 14th – 17th Formnext, Frankfurt, Germany

DWS is the vertical sponsor for Session 2: 3D Printing in Dentistry at Additive Manufacturing Strategies, taking place in New York City from February 7-9, 2023. DWS CTO Maurizio Costabeber will participate in a panel on “The Future of Composites and Polymers in AM” on February 7 before providing the Keynote: 3D Printing in Dentistry on February 8. Register for your ticket to attend here

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