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3D Printing News Unpeeled: AddUp 1M Tall Build Chamber, Casts and John Deere


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John Deere has ordered 4000 stainless steel valve components made by GKN. The binder jet parts are made on HP´s MetalJet solution. Through being optimized for flow the parts have better performance than conventional parts at less mass. This is a huge win for both GKN and HP and points to them repeating this success at dozens of firms. Also, valves are super important and often overlooked. They’ve also very prevalent.

St. Luke’s Hospital in Pennsylvania is using ActivArmor casts that are based on phone scans, 3D printed using desktop FDM systems, finished by hand with Dremel’s and 3D printing pens, vapor smoothed and then sent to customers. They are said to be more comfortable and you can wash beneath the cast. I was very skeptical of 3D printed casts but it seems that they are indeed growing as an application.

AddUp releases a FormUp 350 Evolution LPBF machine that has a 350 by 350 by 1000mm build volume. Built for production these machines have a removable build chamber that leads to fast turnaround times. Now with a taller build volume AddUp customers can print the warheads, missile components and rocket combustion chambers that are all the rage.

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