3D Printing for the Holidays: Celebrating Easter, Passover, & Ramadan

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It’s a busy holiday season around the world, as Easter is this Sunday, Passover begins tomorrow, April 15th, and Ramadan started on April 2nd. As always, if you want to use 3D printing to help you celebrate, I’m here for you! To save you some time, I went to my go-to 3D printable model websites and picked a selection of 3D prints for the holidays.

Minimalistic Rabbit, Cults3D

First up, Cults3D user DAJANKA3D made this Minimalistic Rabbit when she was having trouble finding exactly what she wanted to decorate for Easter—showcasing once again the ability of 3D printing to make custom goods.

“I was searching for a minimalistic bunny as an easter decoration, but I couldn’t find one. So I quickly created it by myself, I hope you will like it.”

This model measures 48 × 36.2 × 85.8 mm, and can be 3D printed without any supports or infill. I especially like the shiny colors she used as well.

R Stands for Rabbit – Decoration, Cults3D

Another cute Easter decoration is this R Stands for Rabbit model by Cults3D user MRMBMRMB, who also sells a wooden version on Etsy. In addition to a 3D printer, you’ll need a short M3 screw, foam rubber or something similar for the ears, an M3 insert like this one, and an optional M3 nut if your screw is too long, or you’d like your rabbit to have a longer nose.

Self-Opening Easter Bunny, Cults3D

This PLA bunny “springs” to life and opens itself back up each time it’s closed, according to Cults3D user BYUCMR, which stands for Brigham Young University Compliant Mechanisms Research Group and is made up of faculty and students looking to “make an impact by creating compliant mechanism theories and applications that are novel, used by others, and make a difference for good.”

“This print does require some assembly but should be relatively simple for those familiar with 3D printing. It is important to note that in order for this design to work, you must use tape along the folding side shown below.”

The group notes that spinnaker tape is the best option for folding, but that duct tape will also work.

Star of David Card Holder, Cults3D

On to Passover, as Cults3D user HOM3D shared this simple place card holder with a Star of David cutout. It can also work double duty as a place card holder for Hanukkah dinner as well!

“Show your favorite holiday greetings a whole latke love with the Star of David Card Holder.”

Easter Bunny Napkin Ring, MyMiniFactory

Speaking of holiday dinners, MyMiniFactory user Enginerd19 posted this adorable napkin ring holder for Easter. It’s in the shape of an Easter Bunny, with its nose, mouth, and eyes “all extruded out from the main body.”

“I printed this using blue PLA from Tianse, but this could be printed in any filament. I’d recommend using an Easter color if you have one. The printer I used was a Creality CR-6 SE.”

Locking Egg with Key, MyMiniFactory

I think this locking Easter egg, complete with key, by MyMiniFactory user tonyyoungblood, is so cool! Perfect for a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt, or even a geocaching expedition, this model comes in three different lock shapes—Square, Triangle, and Pentagon—with corresponding keys. Once you’ve placed the candy and keys in the eggs, lock them up with the other key and hide them, and then give participants the keys you used to lock the eggs. The goal is to find the egg that matches their key.

“The locking mechanism uses a hidden barrel cam to move a pin up and down. I tried 10 or so various locking methods before I settled on the barrel cam.”

tonyyoungblood included detailed printing and assembly instructions, along with a YouTube demonstration:

Flexi Rabbit Keychain, MyMiniFactory

If you’re on your way to an Easter egg hunt, or just to your parents’ house for a holiday meal, you can use this adorable bunny keychain, with a hidden loop, by MyMiniFactory user mrmbmrmb for your car keys. Noting that he got the original design from Thingiverse, he included a link for the keychain he used, as well as his Etsy shop if you’d rather just purchase one instead of printing it.

“With a layer height of 0.2mm you should set up a pause at layer 38 and put the ring in.”

No supports are needed to print this cute keychain.

Ramadan Embossers Polymer Stamps, MyMiniFactory

If you observe Ramadan and are into arts and crafts, BlanaFactory on MyMiniFactory created these 3D printable polymer stamps for clay and other hobbies just for you. Printed without supports, these embossers have cutters with a depth of 4 mm, and are meant to be used with clay.

“This pack contain regular version as well as a threaded version to be used with our embosser handles.”

Bunny Easter Egg Holder, Thingiverse

Thingiverse user Code_and_Make shared this cute bunny model for holding those little foil-wrapped chocolate Easter eggs everyone loves. You can customize the holder using OpenSCAD, as the design offers a variety of Customizer options. You won’t need a raft unless you have adhesion issues, and you should print the holder at a 0.1-0.2 mm resolution, with an infill of ~10 – 20%. It’s meant to be printed out of PLA, PETG, or ABS filament.

“If you do not have any small confectionery eggs, consider 3D printing an egg by setting Part to Egg. If you will be wrapping the egg in tin foil, consider making it slightly smaller to compensate for the thickness of the foil.”

Peeps Bunny Figure, Thingiverse

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to eat Peeps, but I do think they’re adorable. That’s why I like these 3D printed Peeps! As Thingiverse user nerdyviews says, they are “cute and won’t rot your teeth!” Printed on a Prusa I3 MK3S with no rafts or supports, a 15% infill, and .20 mm resolution, you can print these Peeps out of brightly colored PLA; nerdyviews used Solutech.

Easter Egg, Osterei, Thingiverse

Printed on an Artillery Sidewinder X2, with a raft but no supports and 20% infill, Thingiverse user Thopei says this “Easter surprise provides fun for young and old.” You can add your own text to the base as well to personalize the egg.

“The base can be removed with a small twist. The egg can be filled through the opening on the bottom (28 mm).”

Museum of the Future with Ramadan Theme, Thingiverse

This beautiful design by Thingiverse user Merg 1234 features a Ramadan inscription, and a moon crescent that can be hung with a small piece of wire.

“You can print the Arabic lettering for Ramadan Kareem in TPU and glue it onto the model so it curves around the structure.”

Check out the YouTube video to see the design process:

Assassins teapot – makos/makat dam demonstration, Thingiverse

Finally, this Passover print by Thingiverse user confuded has an intimidating name but a meaningful purpose. During the Seder meal, this 3D printed teapot can be used to better explain the history to children, and demonstrate how blood (dam) and water (based off midroshim) can be poured from the same vessel.

“For those unaware of the assassin’s teapot: it has 2 chambers, where by closing the inlet hole of one only 1 liquid pours; when closing the other hole the liquid in the second chamber pours. Slice it in a slicer and you will see the separating wall (including the spout).”

The teapot was printed on a Creality Ender 3 Pro, with no rafts but supports for the handle and bottom of spout, 0.2 mm resolution, and 15% infill. PLA+ from eSun was used for this print, which was mostly designed using Tinkercad.

Happy holidays, and as always, happy 3D printing!

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