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Turn IPA Waste Into Clean, Reusable IPA On Site

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3D print businesses that use IPA in post-production can easily accumulate gallons of used IPA. Which will create a new task of proper disposal of these chemicals. Used IPA cannot simply be washed down the drain or thrown into the garbage.

Regardless of the size of your 3-D printing operation, laws must be followed to avoid being fined or even possibly incarcerated. The process of solvent recycling allows businesses to follow Federal laws and regulations all while producing crystal, clean reusable IPA on site.

A Greener Way to Save with Solvent Recycling

Solvent recycling is a process that reclaims used solvent. It works by means of distillation, which involves boiling a mixture to extract pure solvent vapors. The vapors are then condensed and converted back into a liquid, ready for reuse.

Many industries are choosing to implement solvent recycling due to the fact that most of the solvent is reclaimed, thus making the process cheaper than purchasing brand-new solvents and its disposal costs.

Compact by Design, but Fully Loaded with Savings

The Sidewinder Model M-2 is a Refrigeration Machine Distiller-Reclaimer, it processes 5 gallons or less per batch. A standard 5-gallon metal bucket of used IPA is placed in the chamber. Waste solvents are vaporized and re-condensed, making the IPA reusable. The vapors expand in the chamber, displacing air. The vapors, being heavier than air, then fall through a refrigerated heat exchanger,

condense and gravity flow out into the clean solvent receiving vessel. The waste stays behind in the cooking bucket within the chamber.

The vaporizing chamber is built to pressure cooker specifications. Although the unit operates at atmospheric pressure a safety pressure relief valve is installed in the lid. Metal to metal machined surfaces seal the chamber and its’ lid, which is held fast during processing with 6 Bakelite wing nut assemblies.

The vapor tubes and the outlet tubes are of TFE Teflon. The evaporator (condensing chamber) is stainless steel. The lightweight aluminum stand has floor mount capabilities. The Sidewinder Model M-2 is covered by a one-year limited warranty.

Health and Environmental Considerations

Recycling and waste minimization is one of the few areas where national environmental goals, industries economic interests and public health and safety issues clearly coincide. For waste generators, the benefits include reduced costs, liabilities, and regulatory burdens associated with hazardous waste management. For the general public, waste minimization pays off in our improved environment.

Our nation has interests in minimizing the overall amounts of hazardous waste being transported on our highways and stored at hazardous waste sites. The EPA tailors rules and regulations to encourage on site recycling and reuse.

The Sidewinder Model M-2 reduces the volume of hazardous materials on site and all but eliminates the need to transport liquid hazardous waste on our streets and highways.

The Sidewinder Model M-2 Is the Perfect Addition to Any 3D Print Shop

The Sidewinder’s sleek, efficient and compact design only requires a small footprint (appx. 4 sq ft) in your 3D Print Shop. No need to install any extra water hookups, piping or ductwork. All you have to do is connect it to a standard 120- volt circuit.

The Sidewinder Model M-2 is for use in commercial and industrial applications only by trained personnel. Strict adherence to cautious handling of hazardous materials must be maintained always. For more information refer to the owners’ manual.

Easy To Use

Load the unit with used IPA. Latch the lid securely. Press the button.

Self-Monitoring & Safety

The process is continuously monitored by an electronic logic printed circuit board. Automatic shutdown is commenced in the unlikely event of an overheat situation. These safeguards not only shut off the unit but disable it until a service representative can evaluate the problem and help with repairs.


The Sidewinder Model M-2 has been investigated for use in normal, non- hazardous locations and Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. as compliant with UL 2208 Standard for Solvent Distillation Units.


Follow the simple maintenance routine, for years of trouble-free operation. We have many units in the field having completed their twentieth year and more.

Made In The USA

Return on Investment

When it comes to saving money, recycling always makes more sense than paying for disposal and purchasing brand-new IPA for every project. The return on investment for one Sidewinder Model M-2 unit is around 3 to 4 months for a 3D Print Shop using 20 to 30 gallons of IPA per week. How much will your business save when you recycle used IPA on site?

Use our savings calculator tool to find out.

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