Formnext: Lumi Industries to Present Unique Resin Printer, the Lumi³ (LumiCube)

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Lumi Industries has been a trendsetter within the 3D realm for years. If you have been following their progress, then you know their 3D printers are not just performers, but also accessible, affordable, and to top it off: stylishly sleek and compact. And they have no intentions of disappointing now, as Formnext 2019 approaches. Held in Frankfurt Germany from November 19-22, the Lumi team will be there mixing with hundreds of other manufacturers, and many thousands of visitors looking forward to overdosing on the wonders of new technology.

Presenting the Lumi³ (LumiCube), the Lumi Industries team brings forth another user-friendly 3D printer that also offers precision and reliability. Promising to save users both time and money, the Lumi team informs us that with their latest innovation they have integrated new solutions as well as ‘smart little tricks’ that come with the territory after years of experience in research, development, and manufacturing.

Their Easy FEP VAT (EFV) is a patent-pending vat that is both disposable and thermoformed—making life much easy during loading and unloading, and cleaning. Without having to change the FEP film, users can spend more time innovating—and less time dealing with mess, inconvenience, and contamination. The cover of the Lumi³ is designed specifically so that users can look in and oversee the process, viewing the building platform—and taking control quickly if there is a problem.

Post curing is also easier, more streamlined, and more affordable due to the HUT (Hinged Mask for UV Transforming) unit placed over the UV array, with its glass bottom preventing an debris from entering the printer. Parts are then cured from each side, fixed and rotating in a plexiglass basket under UV light.

“I asked myself, since we are using UV LEDs to 3D print, why not to use the same LEDs for post curing?” said Davide Marin, Lumi Industries CEO. “Thus, the patent-pending HUT system was designed.

“We are aware that many LCD 3D printers are currently in the market, but we found that our patent pending solutions and smart improvements actually make users’ life a lot easier,” says Marin.


Lumi³ (LumiCube) also comes with a modular tray system that prevents the nightmare so often associated with removing prints. Provided for resins that are either medium or low viscosity, one module allows for the plate to be bent slightly and the part removed easily. A different module is provided for high viscosity materials that may have the potential to stick:

“For high viscosity materials with a typically difficult adhesion to the building plate, like our LumiReact Flexible , or ceramic filled resins, we provide a module in which the surface in contact with the resin is made of machined glass, to ensure perfect adherence and a smooth 3D printing process,” explains the Lumi team in their recent press release sent to

A seven-inch touch screen accompanies the software, giving comprehensive user control, and Lumi plans to provide added features soon such as a camera for remote, live monitoring.  Currently, the following software features are provided:

  • Pre-loaded video tutorial and guides
  • Real-time notification
  • Printing process reports to include diagnostics

HUT post processing

“Our latest project LumiPocket LT came into market in late 2017. In the past two years we have been involved into a quite big project for a multinational company, in which we have been providing our R&D services. This absorbed much of our time and slowed down our own 3D printing projects. Now that work is almost finished and we can complete all the ideas we have in pipeline, LumiCube being the first one,” explains Marin.

“At the beginning of this year we were also initially commissioned for the development of an LCD 3D printer, a technology we have been exploring already in 2015. Afterwards we carried this project forward independently.”

Smart building platform

The new 3D printer also includes the following support:

  • State-of-the-art hardware
  • High-resolution LCD screen
  • Parallel UV system
  • HEPA and carbon active air filter
  • Precision THK linear motion system

“We even added some cool extra features, such as a passive heating system that keeps resin an ideal temperature of 35-40°C, and force sensing sensors to preserve the screen from receiving excessive pressure during the 3d printing process,” said Marin.

Showcasing the Lumi³ (LumiCube), the Lumi Industries team will welcome visitors at Hall 11.1, Stand F18, along with a formal press conference to be held at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 19th.

Lumi Industries has been a continued presence in the 3D printing market, with ongoing development and new releases, other innovative software—even in Braille, and so much more. What do you think of this news? Let us know your thoughts! Join the discussion of this and other 3D printing topics at


Technology MSLA – UV LCD
Building area 120.96*68.04*100 mm
Resolution XY axis 47.3*47.3 µm (2K)
Layer Thickness (Z) 20/30/50/100 µm
Av. Building Speed 30mm/hour
Lighting System Parallel UV LED system
Resin Wavelength 405 nm
Resin Vat Patent Pending Easy Fep Tray.
Printer Control Integrated PC, 7″ Color Touchscreen
Printer Operating System Windows 10 with original Lumisoftware
Software Formware / Chitubox
Building Platform Patent pending interchangeable Modular Tray System
Post Processing Patent Pending HTU, Integrated Post Processing Chamber
Input Format STL
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB
Dimensions 30*30*50 cm
Weight 13,50 kg
AC Input 100-240v
Safety feature Ventilation system with HEPA + active carbon filter
Operating temperature External 18-30°C
Internal automatic control at 35-40°C


[Source / Images: Lumi Industries]

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