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New 3D Printing Facilities: atum3D Moves to New Headquarters, Sharebot Opens Showroom in California

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Headquarters and international locations offer companies a home base (or home-away-from-home base) from which to operate, serving as the centers for their business operations. Opening new facilities represents a major investment, and recently two more companies have announced big moves as atum3D opens a new headquarters and Italy-based Sharebot comes to the US.

Dutch digital light processing (DLP) specialist and 3D manufacturing leader atum3D introduced its DLP Station 4 3D printer at formnext 2016, followed up by three new products at formnext 2017. Things have been going well for the company, which announced new partnerships and resellers in 2017 – so well, in fact, that atum3D is moving into a new headquarters to accommodate its fast growth and new staff.

“Due to increasing global interest in atum3D products and new and expanding partnerships, we were running out of space at our previous location,” explained atum3D’s CEO Tristram Budel. “We find it important to welcome our guests at a location that’s on par with the quality we value in our products. With this new headquarters, we can.”

atum3D is well known for its fast, accurate, and open platform DLP solutions, along with aiming to make life easier for its customers. So it should come as no surprise that more partnerships are in the works for the company at its new location.

“Let’s just say atum3D is on the radar of many different parties involved in the 3D printing industry,” Budel said. “For example, we’re experiencing a lot of interest from international distributors. They’re triggered by the DLP Station 5, which offers accuracy, speed and an open resin platform. atum3D fills the gap in their portfolio between prosumer and high-end additive manufacturing solutions.”

The company has picked up and moved to Gouda, a city in the Netherlands already world renowned for its delicious cheese. But now, atum3D is hoping to make Gouda famous for something else – 3D printing.

Budel said, “This new office location allows us to further expand our operation in support of our 3-fold excellence mission, moving forward with our proprietary software, hardware and open resin platform. Our recently introduced Industry Excellence Packs include specific combinations of everything product designers, industrial manufacturing parties, dental laboratories or jewellers need to reap the benefits of state-of-the-art additive manufacturing from the get-go.

“That’s why these integral solutions, which are based on our industrial-grade DLP Station 5, go beyond the mere shipment of boxes and include full training and services options. Our new headquarters will include much better facilities to support both our customers, partners and staff alike.

“We believe additive manufacturing will lead to the next industrial revolution. Plastic parts are everywhere and can now be cost-effectively produced just-in-time, straight after R&D, without high investments, lead times or stock risks. Furthermore, design improvements can be implemented on the fly.”


The company makes all of its products so they can be easily integrated to fit customers’ needs.

“We designed both our hardware and software from the ground up because not a single DLP-based printer combined an open resin platform philosophy with high accuracy levels. We decided to create a mid-priced 3D printer with those properties for professional use and serial manufacturing ourselves,” Budel explained.

“Judging from where we are today, atum3D fulfills a need; our industrial-grade DLP Station 5, which forms the basis of our integral Industry Excellence Packs, adds value for many of our customers.”

atum3D can now be reached at its new address of Marconistraat 66a, 2809 PE in Gouda, the Netherlands.

But it’s not the only company moving onward and upward. Italy-based Sharebot, which manufactures professional 3D printers, is opening its first showroom in the US inside the Ventura, California offices of XponentialWorks, founded and led by Avi Reichental. XponentialWorks also houses Customer Experience Centers for Nano Dimension and DWS.

Thanks to this important partnership, not only is Sharebot opening a US showroom, but it’s launching a new company division, Sharebot USA, which is dedicated to introducing the company’s 3D printers to the American market.

According to a Sharebot release, “With this move, Sharebot plans to leverage the deep expertise, strong presence and access of XponentialWorks and immediately expand its customer reach and reseller network. As part of this expansion, the company invested in a state-of-the-art facility and is ready to immediately provide local sales and marketing coverage throughout North America.”

Sharebot USA will be operating in North America, providing an exclusive place where its future customers, resellers, and professionals can get a firsthand look at what the company’s technology is capable of building. Additionally, the showroom will offer a place for possible partners to get in touch with the company, and for customers to receive commercial support.

The Sharebot XXL Plus at work in Techniplas Digital’s Ventura, California offices.

The company’s main goal is to provide its customers with reliable, ready-to-use 3D printers, which can be installed in any laboratory or professional environment. So Sharebot has decided to install its large 3D printers with the best filament deposition system in the new showroom:

  • Sharebot QXXL
  • Sharebot Q
  • Sharebot XXL Plus

On top of opening the showroom and its new company division, Sharebot has also activated a direct line for professionals and potential customers wanting to contact Sharebot USA. To acquire information, or to set up an appointment with a team member inside the new Ventura showroom, simply email [email protected].

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[Images via atum3D and Sharebot, respectively]


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