Wolfbite NITRO Adhesive Removes Headache in Nylon 3D Printing, Excellent with AXIOM 3D Printers

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UntitledIt’s more than a brave new world out there for makers—it’s a darned exciting one. Along with the wide range of 3D printers we can choose from today, whether you are a novice or a pro, from the workshop to the business, many other options are available in helping us innovate as we choose textures and different processes to take our projects from prototype to actual products.

As the long list of options for materials, and numerous alternative ones grows, so does an almost infinite opportunity for innovation—and that was completely unforeseen not long ago at all. From your basic filaments to much more advanced materials and accessories, you can now loll away hours and days choosing and shopping for 3D printing equipment and supplies. And while ABS and PLA are still in the forefront as to what most users choose, many other favorites are emerging due to added versatility, biocompatibility, low-warp, and options for using color.


Wolfbite NITRO is recommended for use with the AXIOM 3D printer.

Enter nylon, which is a great material to try out—and perhaps now is a good time to do so with a new product arriving on the scene from Airwolf 3D in the form of Wolfbite NITRO adhesive. If the name alone doesn’t make you curious enough to try the stuff, the fact that this 3D printing nylon adhesive allows you to bond nylon and nylon alloy/polymer blend parts straight to glass 3D printer build plates without lifting probably will. It doesn’t matter what your level of expertise is—everyone is interested in solving the headache of adhesion and warping.

If you are currently using a 3D printer equipped with a heated bed that uses glass or ceramic printing surfaces, you may find this new product attractive indeed for helping to avoid warpage and allowing those nylon 3D prints to bond fully to your glass build plate. Wolfbite NITRO follows on the successful heels of its predecessors, Wolfbite and Wolfbite MEGA.

”For the first time, 3D printer users can directly print Nylon on glass substrates. We’re extremely proud to have developed the first solution capable of effectively bonding Nylon to glass and ceramic build surfaces,” said Erick Wolf, co-founder, Airwolf 3D. ”The result is that users will see substantial improvement in the output of their Nylon 3D printed projects when using Wolfbite NITRO.”

Wolfbite NITRO was created to eliminate inconvenient but common methods for adhesion issues like using PET film and loads of glue—obviously a messy and expensive proposition, along with limiting users to fabricating small nylon parts as they deal with bonding concerns.

”As a leading manufacturer of high-temperature 3D printers that excel at producing large 3D printed parts in Nylon and Nylon-based materials, we are aware of the frustrations that users have with the bed adhesion of their Nylon parts,” said Erick Wolf, co-founder, Airwolf 3D. ”After months of research and development we are pleased to offer a 3D Printing Nylon Adhesive solution that will benefit nearly all desktop 3D printer users.”

3d_printing_nylon_adhesive_1Wolfbite NITRO was developed through a collaboration with Professor Miodrag ‘Mickey’ Micic, ScD, PhD, MTM, Department Chairman at Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA, a well known polymer chemist and additive manufacturing expert. With its ‘advanced surface chemistry,’ this new adhesive is really able to solve many of the common issues with nylon 3D printing because as the build plate is cooling down, the adhesion bond becomes relaxed. The user is then able to remove their print easily.

Retailing at $19.95, it’s packaged in two-ounce containters with a foam applicator, and will be on display at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing, ATX West, Electronics West, WestPack, PLASTEC West, MD&M West, and Quality Expo in Anaheim, CA from February 9-11th.

And in case we need to point this out, Airwolf 3D is also very well-known as a 3D printing manufacturer—and one that we follow often, including a recent story on the release of their AXIOM 2 printer. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, all of their hardware is produced in their 12,000 sq. ft. facility there. They definitely recommend usage of the Wolfbite adhesive with their lineup of AXIOM 3D printers, which offer a four print bed leveling system and automatic calibration. Users will find it’s a winning combination also with their AstroPrint software, which is a cloud-based slicing and printer management system.axiom_2

”The AXIOM’s full enclosure provides a stable printing environment that protects the 3D print from fluctuations in temperature that can ruin large prints,” says Dr. Micic. “When combined with the AXIOM’s fully enclosed print chamber, Wolfbite NITRO enables users to print large parts in nylon that were previously only possible in some of the most expensive industrial 3D printers on the market.”

And if you needed further encouragement to check out the AXIOM, some exciting news was just released today they have just been selected as a finalist for the Golden Mousetrap Award in the category of Materials & Assembly, 3D-Printing & Rapid Prototyping, Materials, Tools & Services.

“We are humbled by this award and for the AXIOM to be honored by our professional peers,” said Wolf. “We took a clean sheet of paper and set out to solve the issues that users have in operating desktop 3D printers. The conceptualization, design and testing took us almost two years to get perfect and we could not be more pleased with the results.”

“AXIOM offers higher resolution, more material capabilities and better ease-of-use than printers costing more than three times the price. We are grateful the committee recognizes all the hard work, energy and innovation that went into making the AXIOM a success.”

The Golden Mousetrap Awards are sponsored by UBM Canon. Winners will be revealed in a live ceremony on February 9, 2016, in conjunction with Pacific Design & Manufacturing, ATX West, Electronics West, WestPack, PLASTEC West, MD&M West, and Quality Expo in Anaheim. Is the new adhesive a product that would help you? Discuss in the Wolfbite NITRO 3D Printing Adhesive forum over at 3DPB.com.

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