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Nexa3D, a startup established in 2016, is a Ventura, CA-based manufacturer of ultrafast polymer 3D printers. Its CEO is former 3D Systems’ CEO and president Avi Reichental, who, along with board member Andrea Denaro, is also a Nexa3D co-founder. More recently, the company has also started to focus on other aspects of additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing technology, including software (the NexaX platform). In addition, aside from its lines of 3D printers, Nexa3D sells post-processing machines, as well as a wide variety of materials used in the 3D printing process, such as photopolymer resins, which the company produces by combining its own in-house resins with materials from other major producers like Henkel.

Their first product, the high-speed Nexa3D NXE400 3D printer, utilizes the company’s signature lubricant sublayer photo-curing (LSPc) light engine. Aside from far greater print speed than the average industrial 3D printer, Nexa3D also touts the significantly higher build volume of the NXE400 in comparison to its competitors, as well as a resolution of 76 microns. This means that parts made with Nexa3d printers achieve a surface finish close to that of injection molding right off the build plate. This makes it an ideal large-format machine for anything from product development to rapid prototyping and series production of end-use parts in industries requiring components with durability and high tensile elongation at break, like the automotive and aerospace sectors.

In 2020, the company acquired NXT Factory, a manufacturer of selective laser sintering (SLS) machines. With NXT’s version of SLS, dubbed Quantum Laser Sintering, the firm was able to expand its ecosystem of Nexa3d printers from photopolymer plastics to also include thermoplastics.

Nexa3D’s other main stereolithography (SLA) industrial printer is the NXD200, specifically designed for the high throughput requirements and multifaceted design iterations involved in dental workflows. Finally, at Formnext in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2021, the company debuted the next-generation XiP, its initial entry into the desktop 3D printer market. Compatible with Ethernet, USB, and WiFi, the XiP allows the individual user to enjoy the Nexa3D industrial-grade photoplastic printing experience. Making its mark not by doing anything fancy so much as by doing what many other companies do better, Nexa3D exemplifies the power of automation inherent in 3D printing, and displays a keen grasp of the increasing trend of supply chains toward digital manufacturing.


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