Design Essentials for 3D Printing

Online event and one-week workshop

October 23, 2019   •   11:00am–12:30pm ET



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Course Description

Do you have an idea for a 3D printed object but don’t know where to start? Unlock the world of 3D design and bring your vision to life with this crash course in foundational 3D printing and design. You’ll learn the essentials of CAD, the industry standard in 3D design software, and how to apply it to create your own unique design in just one week!

Access our curriculum of 3D printing design essentials and join live, online demonstrations with leading practitioners. All sessions are recorded for archival access after they take place.


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Program Outline

October 23, 2019
Session 1
11:00am–11:45pm ET

Jordan Pelovitz, Senior 3D Artist, Wayfair

Session 1: Intro to 3D Printing Design

No experience required. Learn to think like a designer in this session, which includes an in-depth overview of ways to approach designing basic shapes for 3D printing, followed by a demonstration of Tinkercad, an easy-to-use 3D modeling program that allows you to turn your idea into a design for a 3D printer.

October 23, 2019
Session 2
11:45am–12:30pm ET

Aaron Breuer, founder and CTO of SelfCAD

Session 2: Developing Real Modeling Skills in 3D Print Design

Take the next step in 3D print design from basic shapes to real modeling. During this interactive, real-time demo, we’ll dive into the newest features of SelfCAD, a browser-based fully-featured 3D modeling and slicing software, that make designing shapes fast, easy, and fun. You’ll learn best practices on how to create an object from scratch with

  • 3D sketching
  • basic shapes
  • shape generator
  • and more!

We will guide you through a whole design-to-print flow within the lesson with SelfCAD.