3Denovo: Win the 3D Printed Model That You Vote For – Baymax, The Flash, Bad Banana & More

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logoAm I the only one whose holidays always somehow revolve around action figures?  One time my mom accidentally labeled a present intended for my brother to me.  It was a small Evil Kneivel doll, which came with a motorcycle, and I played with it blissfully while my brother looked on in scorn…  These days, it’s less about me and more about the children in my life.  Where there’s a pile of holiday gifts, and kids, there are likely to be some action figures and Superheroes in there.

3Denovo, the online 3D printables marketplace, may make your gift list shorter, and get you more into the spirit, with its Christmas Vote Contest.  If you plan to participate, just be warned that you’ll have to make a tough choice in some stiff competition.  (The good news is you have until December 24, 2014, to vote.)  And if you vote, you are one of six people who could win a copy of the model you voted for!

The first model is Leonardo, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Frequently depicted as the oldest and calmest of the Ninja Turtles, this model grows Leo up and gives him a mature and muscular Superhero status.  He’s wearing his usual blueleo bandanas around his eyes, carrying his two signature swords–“ninjati”– and in this model not only does he look like he’s ready for everything, he also seems like he’s already done everything.  This model is perfect for the adult fan of the Turtles, or for a child who needs a new take on an endearing classic.

The next choice is a 3Denovo model of DC Comics Superhero “The Flash” — which has a vintage feel to it.  This makes sense since there are so many version of The Flash to inspire designs: he’s been around since 1940, after all.  The model seems intentionally designed to look like an antique, with a base tarnished with yellow faded paint, that makes it look wooden.  A flashSuperhero with the ability to essentially defy the laws of physics, The Flash embodies pure speed.  Since his earliest incarnation he has alternately been depicted from a burgundy/brown color to a rich red, and this design favors almost a brown color for his Superhero duds.  This model has lots of retro appeal for the aged collector, who prefers the old school Superhero looks, or it can be a history lesson for a young collector who would appreciate a less modern depiction on this iconic figure.

While the Leo and The Flash designs use artistic license to offer creative interpretations of well known figures, the next entry is an exact replication of the Iron Man helmet seen in the recent films: you know, the menacing slitted eyes, surrounded by angular red and gold features.  This model is for the Iron Man purist, the one who knows every angle of this figure and will accept no substitutes.iron man

While people are more familiar with Leo, The Flash, and Iron Man–they may not be quite as familiar with the relatively new on the scene Baymax from Big Hero 6.   Baymax is a robot invented by Hiro to be a servant, but when Hiro’s father dies, Hiro transfers his father’s thoughts and emotions into Baymax.  This renders Baymax much more than a robot: he’s Hiro’s great protector.  The contest version features the “Superhero” side of Baymax, wearing his red battle gear with his marshmallow puff stomach.  This is an essential item for Baymax fans. bay

It wouldn’t shock me if the Daryl Dixon model wins this contest, considering how “die-hard” Walking Dead fans are.  This model captures Dixon (played by actor Norman Reedus) at his most determined.  He’s carrying his hunting bow slung over his back (the main reason they tolerate this man is for his tremendous hunting skills), with a knife in the other hand, and he’s got his usual gritty, greasy complexion–including stubble.  Who has time to shave when you’re hunting walkers?  A twenty-first century twist on the Superhero theme that predominates in this contest–the inclusion of the Dixon model offers a reinterpretation of the Superhero for the all-things-zombie era. We spoke in detail to Judy Tang from 3Denovo last week about this piece.


For the final model, I have to admit, while I think Bad Banana is hilarious — I really don’t know much about his origin story, where he came from, what moves him…  well, I think I figured out what moves him! I found out that he’s an anime action figure who has captured people’s attention largely due to his blatantly perverse demeanor.  What more can I say?  Vote for this one if you are a Bad Banana freak, if you love the banana fruit, or if you just want to make someone laugh when they open up that small gift bearing a huge grin (and something else really large) this holiday season.ban

If you want to join the fun and win one of these models, you can vote by going to the 3Denovo Facebook page and clicking on the Contest link, here. Good luck.  May the best 3D printed model win.  Let us know which you voted for, in the 3Denovo 3D Model Contest forum thread on 3DPB.com.

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