Shaping Success: Dynamism’s Dynamic 3D Printing Collaborations


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Dynamism redefines success in 3D printing, extending beyond delivering products to provide expert advice and reliable post-sale support. Partnering with top manufacturers, Dynamism creates dynamic collaborations that support both customers and manufacturers. Dynamism’s partnership commitment shines in the collaboration with the University of New Mexico and BigRep, creating a compelling case study in the art and exhibition industry.

Collaboration Process:

We initiated the collaboration by reaching out to the university and requesting for them to share any success stories with their BigRep printer that could be shared as a resource. We were introduced to Welly Fletcher and her lion-head Sculpture that was due to be exhibited. She needed additional materials and support to finish her sculpture. We promptly connected with BigRep to assist with materials and document the project for future marketing resources. BigRep worked closely with Welly to capture project intricacies, resulting in a tailored case study for the art and exhibition industry.

About the Case Study:

Welly Fletcher, Professor of Sculpture at the University of New Mexico was preparing to exhibit her groundbreaking sculpture as part of the upcoming solo show, “SLANT,” at the Richard Levy Gallery in Albuquerque, NM.

She drew her inspiration from a prehistoric cave-lion carving discovered near Ulm, Germany, during a research trip last summer. This ancient masterpiece, dated at 40,000 BCE, catalyzed Welly’s latest creation, a 70″ long Lion head sculpture just under life-size. Welly states that her “practice involves a work-flow that weaves digital and analog tools and techniques.” She explains that she “harnesses the benefits of working digitally; easy scale shifts, repeatable forms, and flexibility to generate an object in multiple materials all the while remaining rooted in the hand-made.”

What sets this project apart is the integration of technology. The Lion’s head component of the sculpture underwent a meticulous process, from clay modeling to 3D scanning with an Artec Leo, and finally, the generation produced on the BigRep, showcasing the seamless combination of traditional sculpting techniques with state-of-the-art 3D printing technology.

Benefits of the Collaboration:

The collaboration not only supported Welly’s project with essential materials, printer parts, and technical support but also contributed to a meaningful marketing piece for BigRep. Dynamism’s proactive involvement showcases our commitment to nurturing relationships with our partnered manufacturers and customers.

This case study illustrates how Dynamism’s commitment to support, innovation, and partnership redefines success in 3D printing. By connecting with customers and manufacturers, Dynamism continues to shape the industry’s boundaries, showcasing the real-world impact of collaborative efforts.

Dynamism is a Silver Sponsor of the upcoming Additive Manufacturing Strategies business summit in New York, February 6 to 8, 2024. Dynamism is sponsoring the Wi3DP Happy Hour.

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